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PRIMAL is a pure and visceral sound, formed from the grassroots of metal. A 5 piece band, composed of high-profile performers, formerly from a number of well-known bands, including V8, (previously Zamarbide), Logos, Hirax, Heretic, Vengeance Rising, Deliverance, Steel Vengeance, Bloodlust, Deathriders, (Neil Turbin’s Anthrax).

In early 2015, PRIMAL began releasing material, comprising a demo of 2 singles – ‘Afflictions’ and ‘Someone Is Coming’, a debut album and a South American tour, in September 2016. Dave Watson, Rutless guitarist, stepped in early in the tour rehearsals, as a temporary substitute for Glenn Rogers, due to him having sustained a hand injury. This substitution continued for 2 tours.

During September 2016, 2 associated videos came to light, for the debut album’s intro track (‘Disorder’) and another track, ‘Wisdom’. These were produced by Sylvia Loren, (L Prod Director). The album was produced by Iggy Elisavetsky – Grammy award winner, producer and recording engineer, at D-Organisation Studios, Sherman Oaks, California.

PRIMAL’s debut is a 12 track, self titled album, of classic heavy metal, based around powerful melodies and rhythms. It features Rudy Sarzo, on bass, playing his own interpretation of V8 anthem, ‘Cautivos del Sistema’ (‘Captives In A System’).

Disorder – Jazzy upbeat drum vibe introing, with a snazzy, accomplished riff. I’m immediately struck by the unusual vocals. A noticeably unique sound, with a slightly sombre tone. One thing’s for sure, the accompaniments know exactly what they’re doing. Those are the hands of experience. A strangely melancholic track and probably all the more memorable for that.

The Gates – That’s more like it. A really traditional riff intro, though it does retain that downbeat vocal. A bit like a rockier Sting. It’s definitely a voice that stands out. Great riffs, played so loosely, yet so proficiently. It’s a very melodic number, even with that hard to identify thread of morosity. Skilled workmanship, well conveyed.

Wisdom – Banging instant intro there. There’s a very free, relaxed performance style here. The kind that comes from many years of honing and perfecting. Enjoying the song-craft in those riffs. Nice bit of wah wah, strategically positioned. Those vocals really are highly unusual. Hard to pinpoint the sound, but it’s just different and somehow, softer than your average metal vocals. Competently pushing the song forward, it rolls into a drum finale.

The King – Nice heavy intro, throwing in a slight stoner vibe, easing into it and demoing some confident, but laid-back riffs. Quite a narrative thread in here, capturing your attention and working it well with those riffs. There’s something about that voice and it just heads in a different direction to most metal vocals. A slight deathy aspect at the end.

On Burns The Fire – Powerful attack intro’s. Faster pace now. The melody picks up and invades the vocals. Good catchy beat. This is going to be the standout popular track. Decent bit of well played bass. Liking the upward inflections of the pitch, thrusting the track forwards. You’ll get into that chorus, whether you want to or not and probably find yourself air drumming your way to the end.

Demolition – Bang! That’s the way to make an intro surge! Still, those gentle vocals differentiate themselves from most others. Another catchy pace. Here is a sound which fits both hard rock and heavy metal criterion. Always a bonus. Immaculately timed cymbal work. Nicely done riff section. Just let it’s flow of magic wash over you).

Freedom – Now that’s one gorgeously performed steel string intro, with an inherent beauty within its tones. A multi-skilled band at work here. Those drum hits are perfection itself. Imagine a modern version of Whitesnake’s ‘Is This Love’ and you’re there. The answer to all your woes lies right here. A truly therapeutic and beautiful track. Speeding up at the end, combining classic rock with power metal. Just immense.

Cautivos del sistema – Banging, booming intro, flaring up into a wildly free and abandoned sound. Loving the colourful riff tones and audible enthusiasm. On it rocks, into the night, taking your mood up with it, as those riffs rattle your senses. It’s got a very continental sound to it and just a really lively buzz. Love it.

Nitro – Blaring into life again, with the seeds of metallic life energy. This album just gets better and better, as it goes on. Get the speed of those riffs. A very brief, but incredibly masterful grasp of this track takes hold and it just does something to you. Purely instrumental and addictive as hell!

Borderline – Ooh, got to love that ‘Trash’-esque intro! Alice Cooper, eat your heart out. Rolling forward, like a road roller, propelling a metal snowball forwards. Helicopter rotor blade riffs add even more emphasis, as it rolls into a ‘Sick’-esque chorus, Mckagan himself would be proud of. Some tasty vibrato in there, speeding up some more, as it reaches its cataclysmic end.

Afflictions (bonus track) – Banging into life, with a party mood, explosive and assertive. Such relatable lyrics and bound to be cathartic for many. It hit me immediately and it’s got a fabulous melody. Mixing up heavy and light arrangements and always consistently rhythmic and lyrically reassuring. That’s an ace and it’ll save a lot of people.

Someone Is Coming (bonus) – Bursting forth, with a no-nonsense verse, ably conveyed, vocally and instrumentally. Playing to a marching beat, it rocks along, so intuitively and engagingly. Clear vocals, cohesively connected accompaniments, in complete sync with each other. A really likeable tune, plausibly and lovingly delivered. Sinister as the lyrics may be, the music’s assuring and enjoyable.

Overall – Wow! Impacting and progressively thrilling. Okay, so the first couple of tracks may be a bit hit and miss, but stick with it and it’s honestly worth it. It just gets better and better, as the mood lifts and your own mood lifts with it. Track 5 onwards brings the magic, offering up a bridge to a higher plane. If you feel the connection, there’s a lot of magic and catharsis within this album. Ultimately, it rocks hard.

From a would-be 8/10, to a final 10/10. **********

For fans of Devilfire, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, Danzig.


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