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Introducing Daniel Trigger’s current album, ‘Right Turn’. All proceeds from the sales of which are being donated to the mental health charity MIND.

Penitence – Huge soaring intro! Straight into it, in Dan’s inimitable way. Massively powered vocals and accompaniments to match. Thoroughly infused with that catchy, accessible style that all fans of Dan’s work will recognise and shot through with 100% sincere plausibility. Drumming as wonderfully upbeat as it is heavy and always, that vocal signature shining through, adding to the mood lifting atmosphere. Flawless, impeccable delivery and the sound values are equally faultless. Just a great big radiant sound, guaranteed to pep you up.

Rock N  Roll Party – Gorgeously smooth strummed intro, drums rapidly following, with true party rock vocals. Lyrics any rock fan’ll identify with, adeptly performed, with sheer rabid enthusiasm. One to lose yourself in completely, a fact reinforced by the closing applause. That’s gonna be a firm fan favourite.

Drive – Well perfected intro riff, joined by softer vocals and a gentler, but no less effective melody. A very emotional one, this. Very moving lyrics, carrying echoes of The Quireboys’ ‘Pretty Girls’ and even, a rockier ‘Runaway Train’ reverberates through it. Just throwing out so much power, in every note. Impossibly impressive, in its sheer life force and energy alone, even without all the rest. Classic rock incarnate.

Running Into The Wind – Massive drum hits introing, flowing right into precisely timed vocals. Just so plausibly and eagerly performed, with nothing less than 100% drive. Hugely rhythmic and melodically fulsome, chunky sounds and upbeat vibes, all the way. Nothing to hate and everything to love.

Hold Back The Night – Very full drum sound intro’s here  and a gorgeously deep vocal follows. Lyrically cathartic, in a very nostalgic sense. There’s such a pure feeling about this and it’s just so real and believable, at the most primal level. A sense ably assisted by the ingrained beauty of the guitar parts. Some tracks just ring with absolute truth and sincerity and this is one of them.

Heavy Heart – Vocal solo intro, quickly joined by strong riffs, with a slightly electrified sound built-in. The palpable daggers to the heart shoot right out of this track, as does the release and relief following them. If there’s one thing Dan’s a master of, it’s conveying powerful emotions, through his music and that reflects so strongly, through this track.

Alive – Beautifully strummed chords open. Another emotional one, with healing rays of hope shining out of it. Some artists are known for healing with their voices and Dan has that ability, for certain. Again, there’s a real catchiness about it and it’s very much an intuitive track. Genuine feeling resonates throughout, saturating every moment and it’s just a great sound. Something of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ seems to sing through this aswell and it’s bound to touch many.

There In Your Heart – Loving that intro melody! An enormously hopeful song, right from the off. Prime rock ballad territory right here. This is a real wowser. Just so deeply entrenched with the very heart within the title. Slick, smooth, perfected delivery and truly, the love just screams from it.

Days Gone By – Ooh, brilliantly performed intro riff, bringing that deliciously hardened edge. Liking the lyrics, too). This just taps into something innately recognisable and brings it out of the shadows and into the light. In fact, it is a massively light filled track and that’s what resonates and impresses most. A highly therapeutic number, full of catch, which’ll no doubt hook you in, from the start.

Wheels In Motion – Yummy heavy intro, echoing The Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’. Ace pace and rhythm and a well chosen closer. Also something Bon Jovi-esque in the sound of Dan’s vocals, holding that same level of enthusiasm. Vibrant and life affirming throughout and ending on a mood enhancing shout. A really sunny track, through which, you can almost see the sun itself.

Overall – ‘Right Turn’ is something really special. As with all Dan’s previous work, his total professionalism, dedication and commitment to his art shines through it, like a beacon and it is, as always, flawless in its delivery and immaculate in sound production. With ‘RT’, though, he’s really hit the nail on the head, in the sense of the complete integration of pure and absolute plausible emotion. That’s what stands out most of all. ‘RT’ is not only consistently catchy and chock full of rocky hooks, but the wholeness of human experience pulses through it, bringing healing vibes with it. ‘RT’, for an instant hitter.

10/10 **********

For fans of Journey, Bon Jovi, Devilfire, The Quireboys, Heaven’s Basement, Shinedown, Alter Bridge.


Audio mixing and mastering by http://www.audio-mastering-mixing.com
Artwork by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art http://www.verymetal.co.uk

All tracks written, edited, mixed and produced by Daniel Trigger.

All proceeds from album sales will be donated to the mental health charity MIND at www.mind.org.uk

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