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Self released on November 30th, ‘Procreate//Annihilate’ is the new EP from Stoke-on-Trent trio I Am Pariah. Intended as a balm for today’s life and all its ills, a meditation on society’s position and how it can improve, ‘P//A’ combines the heavy atmospherics of metal, with the nuances of rock and the perspective of punk, delivering the result with sharp edged drive.

Self produced, it consists of 4 tracks, narrating the harsh realities of many individuals in current society and the ways in which both nature and nurture contribute to the destructive ends to which people are driven.

A Place To Belong – Gradual, focused, contemplative intro, soon building up, into an explosion of sound, with a strong lyrical message. There’s a powerful melodic drive to this, stemming from clear emotion provoking events. It’s a big sound, conveying palpable anger, through tints of rocky metallic colour. Memorable lyrics and a form which’ll fit many genres, from alt rock to melodic metal.

Big Shot – Booming, compelling intro. Rising up, into a deathy tinge, with plenty of melody. Hope resonates through it, while the vocals swing between blackened and rockily melodic. It’s just a very powerful song, likely to appeal to many. Ending as it began, leaving that same empowering feel.

Cult Society – Razzmatazz opens, fizzling with energy and intent. More of a pop rock track, with a heavy basis. Very colourful blast of encouraging sounds crackling through it. Definitely uplifting, if nothing else, packed with soaring atmosphere. Brief, but effective.

Heavy In Japan – Banging intro, heavier in weight and production. Solid sound, well equalised and highly enthused performance. Consistently synchronised, retaining the power throughout. Just a really rocked up track, with a punchy delivery, from start to finish.

Overall – So ‘Procreate//Annihilate’ may not have done much for me or tapped into anything significant, on a personal level, but it’s undeniably pertinent in its message(s) and prominent in its sound. Fizzing with life, it’s a well produced, powerful piece of work, confidently delivered, capably balanced and versatile enough for mass appeal and categorisation within many diverse genres (of rock).

7/10 *******

For fans of Death Blooms, INXS.



Official Stream – ‘Heavy In Japan’ – https://youtu.be/3jCI_N_zCaY

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2YzjT7PucP1v8WxK2GdMeA?si=qB5DsPalTHG1QHer9DZSzg

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