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Death By Disco, from South Wales, UK, are a 5 piece melodic rock band. Their style has grown, through standard line-up changes, though the main basis of the band has remained static. Since 2015, they’ve released a debut EP, ‘The Story Of Pain And Glory’ and this current 6 track release, ‘Runaways’. Filled with hooks and scattered with (debatably) upbeat melodies, ‘Runaways’ is prepped for impact.

Runaways – Smooth intro, steady rhythm and a very soft rock ballad feel to it. Actually, the catchiness of this catches you unawares and it’s quite a pleasant sound. Gentler than expected, but I can’t fault the delivery, the production or the audio quality. Well constructed, it’s a relaxed arrangement, which just glides along.

You Know Me – Good follow-up to the intro, this retains that same gentle, emotional thread. Again, you do find yourself being carried along by the melody. It may not be what you’d call exciting and it is slightly monotone, samey and lacking in oomph, but it’s a pleasant enough listen, for laid-back frames of mind.

State Of The Art – Rocking it up a bit now, with some upbeat drum hits and a faster pace, lyrically incongruent with the sound, but it’s definitely rockier. More uplifting vibes throughout this, but it’s a bit too brief to make much of an impact.

Brand New – Opening on a bit of a melancholy note, there’s obviously a depth to it, in a very Rembrandts-esque, ‘I’ll Be There For You’ way, echoing that sound. This one moves through different moods, throwing in some powerful drum work and some very well performed, perfectly pitched, melodic vocals. Quite a strong feel to this track, though still a candidate for the softer end of rock.

Save Me – A tad repetitive in its intro, seeming to echo the previous track. As before, it can’t be faulted on a musical level, in terms of song-craft and delivery, even if it does sound a bit bland. On a positive note, this’ll doubtlessly prove helpful in a cathartic sense, to those experiencing the kind of lows and sadnesses spoken of in the lyrics, so in that sense, it’s purposeful and obviously meaningful. Just doesn’t do it for me.

Into The Night – Opening on a pained, poignant vocal, backed by equally morose accompaniments. Contrary to the last track, definitely don’t listen to this in a low mood. It has to be said, the lyrics are moving towards stalker territory now, which can’t be a good thing. It just gets sadder and sadder, till I feel my mood lowering, to plummeting depths. The musicality’s great, the performance fully plausible, a bit too plausible, in fact, going beyond emotionally effective, to downright depressing.

Overall – Well titled, as run away is exactly what it makes you want to do. More so, throughout the latter half. Musicianship and sound and production quality are well observed throughout and vocal delivery’s flawless. Instrumental performance, the same. Just not recommended unless you want to wallow in misery.

4/10 ****

For fans of The Ramones, The Rembrandts, The Calling.

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