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Alternative metal band Days Of Jupiter formed in 2010. Winning 2nd place at Sweden’s biggest unsigned band competition, the achievements have continued, ever since.

Their debut 2012 album, ‘Secrets Brought To Life’ features ‘Bleed’, their most successful hit yet, which won them 2.3 million streams. The accompanying 2 music videos bagged 10,000+ hits. Following on from this, D.O.J secured slots at several high-profile festivals, within Sweden, including Sweden Rock Fest, Live At Heart, Nordic Rock Fest and Rock Out Wild.

2015 saw the launch of their follow-up album, ‘Only Ashes Remain’. Winning them international airplay, the track ‘Follow’, tagged amongst their top 5 tracks, features. Their 3rd and most powerful album so far came out in 2017. Entitled ‘New Awakening’, it was well received, to critical acclaim, landing a place on the top 50 US metal charts. A European tour followed.

The 4th album, ‘Panoptical’, is due for release on October 26th, 2018. The track ‘We All Die Young’ is featured.

We All Die Young – Great chunky intro, going for gold, with battle-esque drums, fabulous axe work and true metal vocals, loaded with feeling. A massive sound, with a real catchy hook to it. It’s plain to see why this band has been such a hit. Filled with meaty riffs, addictive vocals and classic metal expression. Nothing here to fault at all. Just chock full of top level, high octane metallic flare. Infectious choruses, full volume impact and zest aplenty. Everything about this track screams instant contagion. Press play and hit repeat.

10/10 **********

For fans of Kyrbgrinder, Line Of Fire, Gun. – ‘Broken Halo’ official video.

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