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Imagine a heavier, rocked up Sade, with male vocals. That’s Kikamora.

Second EP, from Kikamora, ‘Masquerade’, is released on 16th November 2018. A hard rock band, combining new and traditional influences and throwing in a tasty blues thread, Kikamora launched their debut EP, ‘In The Henhouse’, back in 2016. That launched their careers instantly, attracting coverage from BBC Introducing, Glastonbury FM, etc. It also led to support slots for Phil Campbell (Motorhead) And The Bastard Sons, LA Guns, Skinny Molly and a run of headline gigs throughout the UK. Added to that were performances at Hard Rock Hell, Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Bristol finals, SOS Fest, Giants Of Rock, Rock & Roll Circus Charity Christmas show, alongside Trucker Diablo and the list goes on!

‘Masquerade’ was recorded and engineered by Simon Jackman and produced by John Mitchell, at Outhouse Studios (Alter Bridge, Inglorious, Don Bronco).

Alibi – Delicious intro, smooth and instantaneous. Very 90’s rock feel to it straight away, making good use of the well-placed combo of solo and group vocals and the tastefully heavy drumming and riffs, so effortlessly performed. It’s immediately clear that these guys know the score and they’ve cracked it, totally. Everything’s there – the melody, the timing, the rhythm and pace and every aspect flows in perfect sync. This is gonna catch you, from the off.

Wrong Place, Right Time – Very sexy riff and harmonica intro! Got to love that vibe! Really heavily bluesy and bound to hook you in, with its full on, yummy sound. Gorgeous sax section in there aswell. It works brilliantly, for the track and here, the drums really go for it and the vocals just carry that edge). This has pulled me in, for certain. Perfect Friday night therapy. Turn it up loud.

Sat Around Living – A darker feel now, pouring all the available emotion into it, in a darkly delicious hard blues number that rocks so hard. Absolute masters of naturally sensual rock. It’s a very highly visual track, depicting ‘Ghost’-esque imagery, making you want to climb inside it and ride right up to the top. This is one track destined to drive you right to the edge. Pure magic. Turn on territory, from start to finish. Sensational.

Off The Cuff – Rocking it back up again, to a very G’N’R’, ‘UYI’-esque point. An almost jungle edge to those drums and the riffs just fly up and down the fretboard. Vocals taking on a very slight AIC tone, now and then, though they’re so well suited to the kind of hard blues rock performed here. Just born for rocking. Sheer, precise delivery and not a thing out of place anywhere. A fabulously natural way, making the track the success it deserves to be.

Said And Done (Feels) – Beautiful intro, bringing a sense of palpable pathos and still keeping it up and rocking all the way. It’s just a velvet smooth feel throughout and there’s really no way to praise their musicality and skill of emotional delivery highly enough. A track that moves, so fluidly, in and out, like waves on a shoreline, while infusing such passionate atmosphere into the sound. Making you feel every note and just want more, ‘Said And Done”s a masterpiece of human emotion.

Overall – ‘Masquerade’ may be said to contradict its contents, in titular terms, given the raw passion screaming so blatantly, throughout it. All I know is it’s a thunderously real and powerful portrayal of sensuous and fierce love…… and I love it. To the very depths of my soul, which is where it’ll take you. Throbbing with feeling and drenched in sincerity, ‘Masquerade’ is the most natural force of hard blues rock I’ve heard all year.

10/10 **********

For fans of Diamond Lil, 90’s rock, especially G’N’R’s ‘UYI’ era, Little Angels, Emeralds, Over The Under, Slash’s Snakepit, AIC, Devilfire, Hell’s Gazelles, The Raz, Overhung, The Quireboys’ ‘Twisted Love’ album.


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