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Two piece Polish thrash metal outfit Necro now present their new independently released 3 track EP, ‘No Mercy For Motherfuckers’.
Brainchild of Piotr Sobaszek, formerly of Necrophobic, Free Man, SOS I, Different World or THD,  Necro launched their debut single, ‘Time Is Coming’, in September 2017, in digipack format. A solo effort, it was produced in Piotr’s home studio. Different World vocalist Leszek Ganiek joined in January 2018, when a new 3 track EP, ‘Chwalcie potege pieniadza’ was recorded. Following that, a full-length 12 track album, ‘Toothless Zombie’ hit the scene in April 2018. The title track was also released on Portuguese magazine Ultraje‘s ‘Cosmic Sounds 8’ compilation. Polish Musick magazine then featured ‘Chamy i zlodzieje’, from ‘TZ’, on their ‘Waking The Dead’/’Budzac umarlych’ compilation. June 2018 saw a new vocalist, Bartek Plaszewski (Herezis), who features on this current release, ‘NMFM’. Released in July, it previewed some of the newer material, launched in September 2018.

No Mercy – Interestingly misleading steady bass line gently introing, before the explosive thrash metal bursts into life. It’s actually a really impressive combo of fresh, lively vocal lines and rising instrumental melodies. Sophisticated tones, verging on sludge interweave with palpable retches and sharp, edgy screams. Something inexplicably refreshing hits hard with this sound and a real originality breathes through it.

Fight Against GMO – Hard, pumping, active riff and drum intro gets straight into it, with real immediacy. A slightly darker accent to this. Quite melodic, in places, but still reassuringly thrashy. Shorter track, with a direct message, pointedly conveyed.

Toothless Zombie – Instant hard hitter! Heaviness rules here. Some nice snazzy guitar riffs fire it up, as the zesty vocals combine with the monster death roars. It’s a noticeably fresh, alive take on thrash, throwing a lot of disparate elements together and making them work surprisingly well. Hard to compare, leaving a coruscating, yet uplifting effect, it ends on a clearly defined drum roll.

Overall – A pleasantly surprising electrifying shock of genuinely original thrash metal, featuring a lively, fresh combination of sounds, creating a burst of energy, grounded with solid bass lines and thrash atmospherics. Recommended.

9/10 *********

For fans of NWOTM.


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