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Presenting ‘Panoptical’, Days Of Jupiter’s 4th album, released October 26th, 2018.

Swallow – Gentle, but sinister intro, via an eerie riff  and whisper, then exploding into life, with aggressively melodic vocals. Great catchy beat. Keeps the momentum flowing well. A highly capable steady stream of quality metal plays out till the end. This has got that crunch to it, in the vein of Kyrbgrinder, Boltthrower and the likes. Line Of Fire fans will dig this too.

We All Die Young – Standout single. Ace in and out sensation intro’s, before bursting into metallic flames of passion. This is just so catchily, classically melodic, it’s easier to get carried away by it than to analyse it. Something very Gun-esque about it’s sound just hits the spot, time and again. Riffs, vocals, grit, melody and heavy drum beats. What more could you want?

I Am Fuel – Tasty easy loose intro. Rhythmic, laid-back and slightly bluesy, in a mid-paced arrangement. Still, those yummy gravelly vocals give it that sexy signature. Delicious. Perfect for relaxing into and discarding all your cares.

Why – Heavy, forceful intro, with even more of a Kyrbgrinder-esque edge. Confident performance, pulling you in, like a magnet. Absolutely top-notch material here, with a sensual attraction. Impossibly catchy and impressively passionate closing lyrics, shouted with utter conviction.

Panoptical – Banging intro, bringing the drums to the forefront and lining them up with the edgy, hardened riffs. Again, the catch just reels you in. A slightly more thought-provoking angle to this one, but it never detracts from the melodic hooks, for a moment. Growing heavier and heavier, like a concrete boulder being rolled towards you, to the end. Superb. Ideal title track.

Black Hole – Opening on a much more sombre note now, beautifully acoustically performed, in a style verging on flamenco. Poignantly palpable lyrics, so emotionally performed. Such beauty and purity in those melting, fret bending riffs. Safe to say, versatility card wins, hands down and is well placed here. A briefer, but fulsome track, loaded with feeling.

Sons Of War – Brilliantly fluid flow of movement echoes through this intro. A sensitive and gradually hardening opening, following up nicely from ‘Black Hole’. A joyful heaviness characterises this melody and still, there are short, contemplative moments, adding more to the mood. Rocking up the aggression, towards the end, then closing with that same sensation of in and out movement through the speakers, creating a perfect end.

The End Will Begin Again – Majorly heavy drum and riff intro, giving way to deep, thoughtful vocals. A real physicality to the drums, whilst still demonstrating an ability to parallel simultaneous profundity of meaning, both lyrically and instrumentally. More of a food for thought strand to this, though still no less heavy or involving.

Edge Of Everything – Gorgeous intro, you could sink into, like a warm, relaxing bath, at the end of a hard day. That takes nothing from the ensuing heaviness, though. It’s still as strong as ever and every bit as magnetic. A darker thread may have entered, but it only adds to their metallic presence. Pure charisma. Slightly shorter track, but a booming drum hit ends, completing its message.

Shallow Side – Opening slowly, with a sombre piano section, accompanied by soul penetrating riffs and even more vocal grit. Here, the emotion really comes across. Blowing it up, into a heavily involving chorus, conveying such sincerity through the verses. Those beautifully soulful riffs will reach into your heart and imprison you. Almost too beautiful for words.

Nine Tons Of Lies – Bang! The only way to describe that hammering intro). Moving right into an addictively catchy heavy chorus, taking you straight to metal heaven. Hard, pumping, pounding sounds, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face). You will love this, as there’s no other option.

Thieves And Legends – Another hard and heavy instant hitter right here. Immediately accessible, it’s got it all, from the start. Hugely catchy rhythm pulses throughout, enhanced by that hook laden melody. Ending on a definitive drum hit, this is just pure metal perfection.

Overall – Magnetic metal therapy, at its finest. If you’re looking for high octane, enthusiastic, exhilarating metal, with an explosive edge, ‘Panoptical’ fits the bill, perfectly.

10/10 **********

For fans of Kyrbgrinder, Boltthrower, Line Of Fire, Gun, Iron Maiden’s ‘Brave New World’ era. (‘Broken Halo’ official video).

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