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A thrash band from North Colorado, Draghoria are a 5 piece metal machine, with a line-up to stun and a sound to destroy. Boasting members from Sault, One Eyed Doll and ex-members of Arcanium, Internal Bleeding and Mandrake, Draghoria are poised for global attack. With 2 EP’s under their belts so far, their heightened aggression should soon secure them the high-profile attention they seek. ‘Thrash A.D.’ is their current release.

Dethroned – Straight in there, with a full-scale, searing thrash attack! Sharpened, razor edged vocals, with a blackened undertone. As blistering as promised, the accompaniments keep it heavy enough to do it justice. Tantamount to face shredding, via cheese grater. Thrash energy lives and breathes.

Taste Of The Serpent – Banging intro, heavy as hell and just as hot. Vocal acuity resembling Gollum, on speed, whilst the Prince of Darkness (the real one, not Ozzy), materialises behind you and scares the life out of you, with pure satanic intent. Proper hard house, thunderous drumming and some great melodic riffage gets a chance to shine. Moving from jagged intensity, to feel good metal melody, the vocals show their potential for song-craft. Fiery excitement smokes from its flames.

Thrash A.D. – An even heavier blast of metal hits you in the face. This is full on thrash, with the energy to prove it. A mosher’s paradise. Grinding your ear drums and blasting your senses, with total thrash intent, it’s a monster of metallic madness, rolling towards you and crushing you, under its weight.

Overall – ‘Thrash A.D.’ is a mutinous monster of mayhem and carnage. Eating your face and spitting it out. It works and it thrashes hard. Nothing more to say.

10/10 **********



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  1. Thank You for this.

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