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Formed in Chicago, in 1985, Aftermath launched their 4 track demo in 1986. Another demo, ‘Killing The Future’, came in 1987.

Developing their own signature brand of speed tech thrash led to them being hailed as a groundbreaking thrash crossover band. This reputation was cemented by the appearance of 2 of their tracks, ‘War For Freedom’ and ‘When Will You Die’, on Metal Force Magazine’s ‘Demolition: Scream Your Brains Out’ compilation, in 1988.

During that same year, there were some additions to the line-up, with some continuing line-up changes through 1989. By then, the band’s sound and techniques had also changed. This was demonstrated by the launch of their new renowned demo, ‘Words That Echo Fear’. Another line-up change followed. From this point, Aftermath became a cutting-edge prog tech thrash band.

Following on from that, 1990 saw Aftermath in talks with Roadracer Records, ending in a live 4 track demo, before transferring to New York’s Big Chief Records. However, BCR folded mid-way through recording sessions, prolonging the release’s completion. Four years later, an album begun in 1990 was self released, with managerial support, via Zoid Recordings.

Some stark alterations to the scene had taken place between 1990 and 1994. By that time, ‘Eyes Of Tomorrow’ had been re-released, via Thermometer Sound Surface/Zoid and then re-re-released in 1998, as a remastered format, through Black Lotus Records.

In a well-publicised legal battle, Aftermath prosecuted world-famous millionaire rap star Dr Dre, for ownership rights to the Aftermath name. The defendant, Interscope Records, signed Aftermath, who soon after, revealed a new release, under the band name, Mother God Moviestar. The electro-metal debut launched in 1998. The case has become infamous, throughout American law schools, in relation to trademark dilution.

Aftermath have gone on to successful acclaim, as a main genre inspiration. Their success has brought them a book feature, (‘A-Z of Thrash Metal’), various high-profile gigs, including California’s Ragnarokr Metal Apocalypse, Hamburg’s ‘Headbangers Open Air, etc, the release of a box set (2011’s ’25 YEARS OF CHAOS’), on Area Death Productions, a vinyl format, ‘When Will You Die’, on F.O.A.D. and a 2015 reissue of ‘EOT’. Launched on Shadow Kingdom Records, featuring bonus contents and an extended booklet, it was re-mastered by Paul Logas (Pantera, Steel Panther), as was their next release, ‘Killing The Future’, re-issued on Divebomb Records. This marked their 30th anniversary.

2017 highlighted a new beginning for Aftermath, as work began on their current 11 track album, ‘There’s Something Wrong’. An original concept album, featuring a traditional crossover thrash, tech/prog combo, ‘TISW’ is a social comment on the faults of modern society. A philosophical call to arms, with an associated lyric video, ‘Smash Reset Control’, accentuated, thematically, by the artistry and chosen colours. A return to form for the band, ‘TISW’ is more thrash and speed based, generally.

The first single, ‘Diethenasia’, is a powerful testament to its themes, with all the drive and merciless aggression to show for it. The linked video (directed by Davo Paul) matches the song’s chaos. Aftermath are a breed apart. Here’s the audio version of ‘Smash Reset Control’.

Smash Reset Control – Unusual space rock style intro, followed by heavy thrashy riffs and a light touch on the drums and cymbals, with a vivid visual pace, creating imagery of some kind of athletic exercise. Morphing into a mainly electro track, with repetitious thrash riffs, which taken alone, with a bit of melody thrown in, might have done the song more justice. The hardly audible lyrics are equally repetitive and add no flavour. The drums actually seem to be struggling to keep up with the pace and it’s all a bit dull, really. Main issue? Obscure, unsuited genres trying to merge with the thrash. It just doesn’t work.

4/10 ****

For fans of space rock, electro, sci-fi metal.


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