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A Stockholm-based melo-death band, The Overthrone are heavily influenced by bands such as Trivium, In Flames, At The Gates, Sylosis and more. Positive acclaim earned from their EP singles led to their inclusion in some Spotify playlists, under New Blood and New Metal tracks, alongside such Titans as Slipknot, Architects and Revocation.

T0 now present their debut EP, ‘The Plague’, ahead of their full length album, due for release in 2019.

Intro – Deep, bubble like intro, quickly growing into a dichotomy of rolling boulders and windchimes, overridden by what sound like starting bats, rhythmically deployed, in a gradual build-up to an almighty explosion……. ending abruptly.

Inferno – Slight delay, before it kicks in, but then,…… bang! Unhesitant, remorseless, straight-out aggression. Some tasty Slayer licks engage with death style vocals and a rapid-fire flurry of drumming. Audio quality top-notch. Definitely leaning further towards the black metal area. Straight out, focused attack. Throat tearing vocals surround a gory atmosphere. There, the melody begins, backed up by increasingly heavy, pounding drums. It’s a great interplay of metallic sounds, fading out gradually on a bed of song.

Dusk – Opening with a wide-mouthed tunnel effect, employing a good bit of wah wah, moving into another blackened sound, with a slightly earlier melody, this time. Still, those same pounding drum rolls flavour it with heavy power. The rhythm speeds up, to a frenetic chase, ending on a definitive drum finale.

The Plague – Banging explosive intro! Full on dark metal assault, with a strong thread of blackness. Throwing in some plausible growls to go with it. Here, those Slayer-esque riffs kick in again. Momentarily, moving into quiescence, till the darkness and gore returns. It’s just very deathy. Closing on an angry roar, there’s a lot of power in here. The Trivium influence is audible at this point.

Downfall – Another explosive bang of an intro. Drums making their claim for dominance and dominion. Speed riffs join them and once more, the pace hots up. This time, it’s edging towards Viking metal territory, with that warrior feel about it. Almost a ritual beat to it, then melting back into melodic zone. It’s a very assertive track. Becoming more melodic, towards the end, the death growls still persist, though. Fading out, onto a more profound and sombre outro, there’s definitely some kick to this.

Overall – Good quality production, with a lot of passion within it. Hard to fault, really, though death vocals can grate, after a while. The only minor criticism I’d make is it needs more melody, to balance it out, but it is melo-death and as such, needs to represent both melodic and death metal, as it does. On the whole, it’s clear to see why ‘TP’ has won the acclaim it has. It’s a strong sound, confidently delivered, with plenty of volume.

9/10 *********

For fans of Skreamer, Trivium, Mortad.

Links to follow.

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