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Introducing Trey Lunabomber’s new solo track, ‘Brown Noser’. Returning to his punk roots, for this track, it emulates his previous band, Freedom Club, in sound and substance. FC was a family concern, in which he and brother Brandon, (current Electric Vengeance guitarist, Trey’s other project) participated.

For anyone wanting to dig deeper into Trey’s stage name, it was adopted in relation to certain aspects of his dramatic stage performance, whilst in Freedom Club. This current solo track, ‘BN’, was recorded on the same analogue equipment used for FC, so as to recreate that same punky, lo-fi sound.

Brown Noser – Instantly punky sound hits you hard, much in the style of The Sex Pistols. Still, there’s a light-hearted aspect to this, keeping it fun and easily accessible. Short track, in keeping with the punk ethos, ending on a drum roll and a buzzy guitar riff. It’ll work well for short attention spans. A complete diversion from the heaviness of EV, it’s a short, sharp message, with a touch of feedback on the final riff. A good choice for a punk party piece.

6/10 ******

For fans of The Sex Pistols, The Courtesans.



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