2018 Album Of The Year – ‘March In Arms’, by March In Arms   3 comments

‘MIA’ wins the accolade of 2018 Album Of The Year for so many reasons. Going way beyond impressive, it’s 10 tracks of absolute metal gold, with an added twist of meaning resonating throughout. It isn’t just the meaning in itself, but the purity of empathy and accessibility with which it’s been conveyed.

To deal with such unimaginably dark themes in such a real, poignant, yet uplifting way pays genuine tribute to those for whom ‘MIA’ was created. The sheer passion, precision and perfection inherent within its sound shows true, reverential respect for the soldiers on all sides, their loved ones and all those affected by the aftermath of war.

‘MIA’ not only expresses these dark realities so vividly, but even within the painfully palpable portrayal of such atrocities, it still succeeds in making the entire album impossibly and irresistibly infectious. Never a note out of place and loaded with major catch, ‘MIA’ is compulsively addictive listening.

Metal power, at its best, ‘MIA’ is a solidly unforgettable thrash extravaganza, fully deserving of the award of 2018 Album Of The Year.

10/10 **********

For fans of Soldierfield, Ozzy Osbourne, Powervice, Farseer, Anthrax, Saxon, Dan Trigger, Fahran, Motorhead.

For closer comparisons, ‘MIA’ has the ritual drumming, darkness and depth of Satarial and Venom, the speed metal power riffs of Enforcer, the melodic vocalisation of Disturbed and lyrical profundity like no other. Even with all these comparisons combined, it stands alone, as a unique force of nature.

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Having dedicated ‘MIA’ , in their own words, “to those who gave life, limb and service in the cause of liberty”, I would like to join with MIA in also dedicating this special feature to the same.

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3 responses to “2018 Album Of The Year – ‘March In Arms’, by March In Arms

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  1. Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thanks .

  2. Very efficiently written story. It will be useful to anybody who employess it, including me. Keep up the good work – can’r wait to read more posts.

    • Firstly thank you, though it’s a review, rather than a story, as I think is clear. Second, I trust that no one will be ’employing it’, without direct permission from myself and credits back to myself. Thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

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