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Self released on 1st March 2019, the new album, ‘Cargo Cult’, from Outright Resistance, has already met with acclaim from Metal Hammer and Terrorizer magazines. Having played live at Bloodstock Open Air, on tour with Arch Enemy, OR are carving out a name for themselves early on in the scene. ‘CC’ was produced, mixed and mastered by Justin Hill, of Sikth.

Based in Stevenage, UK, OR play metalcore and have recently taken on a new lead vocalist, James Jest and launched a music video for the lead song, ‘Fang And Bone’. This track ponders the seemingly negative influence of social media, in today’s climate.

The recording of the album itself was split between Whitehouse Studios, Reading and Unit 2 Studio, Wembley. OR’s sound has evolved significantly, thanks to their openness to experimentation and change. ‘CC’ looks not only at the issues of the digital world, but also, more personal topics, eg, the social experience of mental health issues and war. Within ‘CC’, the band wanted to examine the evolution of the music industry, as a whole and that of current media platforms, as opposed to previous formats. Considering, in addition, the struggles of getting ahead, as a musician, in today’s world.

From OR’s songwriting style came a determination to create heavy, catchy songs, with plenty of moshing potential. In short, ‘moshability’. A 5 piece, formed in 2011, they’ve taken inspiration from the founding fathers of classic metal. So far, there’ve been two EP’s, several tours, including a slot at B.O.A. and headlining Friday night at Beermageddon 2017. Lately, touring Russia, playing main support to Arch Enemy, along with 2 headline UK tours. ‘CC’ is their debut album. ‘Fang And Bone’ is the 1st single from ‘CC’, delivered with the aggression reflecting the rest of the album. Looking forward to a new chapter in their careers, ‘CC’ is principally about exactly that – looking forward, rather than back.

Gently – That’s one startling intro! Incredible power in the level of that volume. Deathy vocals, very growly, but some audible lyrics are present. It paints a very black lyrical picture, with plenty of creepy imagery. It’s quite a sinister tone and tends to evoke images of a gothic, freak show circus of old. Almost bordering on traumatic. Not for the easily shocked.

Scripture – Relief, as a lighter riff melody opens, but though it’s an easy listen, it’s still unarguably heavy. Just more melodically so. Very riff-based, with plenty of drum input. Same blackened vocals, but just taken down slightly, to a marginally less aggressive volume. Ending on a vacuum of air, as if being sucked back into itself, it makes its point.

Fang And Bone – Introing on a gradual fade in, this one’s a monster, in vocal terms. There’s intermittent melody, but those roars are relentless. Power packed drumming closes it, leaving an echo, like the acoustics of a lone, bouncing baseball, in an empty gym room.

The Wretched One – Another gradual fade in, but more of a catchy, action basis to this. Decent rhythm, but incorporating some slight melody into the vocals, breaking it up a bit. Now the riffage hots up a little, adding a bit more colour. Fast-paced drum rolls, well timed, add just the right backbone. It’s becoming clear that OR are strong fans of the vacuum intro/outro sound, which is how this closes aswell.

Lone Wolf – Coming in on a drum fest, at a frenetic pace, apoplectic vocals follow. More melodic quality to the riffs again. Vocally, it’s almost like an aural representation of Teen Wolf, as you imagine the werewolf breaking out of his human skin. It’s just a continuation of rage. All the way through.

Cargo Cult – Another fit of aggression, with all the violent drumming to show for it. A complete sensory assault. Yep it’s getting a bit repetitive now.

Parthenocarpy – Slightly more promising. Something of a film soundtrack sense to this, along with a hint of Linkin Park-esque atmosphere. There’s an audible edge of punk/protest mood here. Liking the more rhythmic, melodic slant to this. Something slightly Pantera-esque about it too. At least it does seem to reflect some kind of point. The lyrical focus serves this track better.

Anger Dulls The Blade – Heavy loaded intro, setting the scene straight away. A clear fighting theme characterises this, but that’s unsurprising, given its title. A power punching drum roll accompanies the constant outpouring of vocal venom. Just seeing red throughout.

Holocene Epoch – Again, that familiar vacuum intro, this time, rapidly overtaken by a Van Halen-esque riff fest. Active drumming and Ghost/Slipknot-esque vocals intermingle with now very slightly looser fretwork. Impressive rate of rhythm. Ending on a faster fade-out.

Error Incarnate – Opening on an obscure graveyard image evoking dark breeze. One last hurrah of vocal rage and now, a brief Ghost-esque keyboard section enters the fray. Increasing lyrical clarity, in places, interlaced with monster growls and roars. Fading out for the final time, on a keyboard outro, adding extra atmosphere.

Overall – A lesson in aggression is probably the best summary of ‘CC’. It’s really just an album of pure rage and little else. Though tricky to counterbalance that with anything else, there are some tracks with more musical quality and melody and at times, the lyrics are briefly audible. No real issues, production-wise. Just a bit too angry and growly for me.

6/10 ******

For fans of Ghost, Slipknot, Amon Amarth.



Buy/stream/hear ‘Fang And Bone’ on: http://smarturl.it/FangAndBone

Official music video for ‘Fang And Bone’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abLeieO3fFq

outright resistance - 'cargo cult'


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