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Venice May, from Paris, have just released their debut album, ‘Illusion Is Inevitable’. Dark alt rock, with influences such as, The Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Sigur Ros and Radiohead, their music is digitally available, on both the band website and on YouTube. VM are Natalia Samofalova and Vincent Bedfert.

A Mouse And A Snake – Unusually plucky intro, with a breathy feel about it and quite beautiful feminine vocals. Like a lighter Sinead O’Connor. Slightly solemn, contemplative tone, easily performed, in a mid-paced rhythm, through a wistful, mysterious flow.

Only I Will Remain – A slightly lower tone intro’s, with a brief oration, before those thoughtful, ethereal vocals take over again. It’s quite symphonic, reminiscent of Within Temptation and Nightwish. Similar themes aswell. Very much mood music, with meditative qualities.

Hiding Place – Such a smooth intro, you can find yourself sinking into and getting lost in it. Some pointier notes in here, there’s a real fragility conveyed within it. Verging on Kate Bush style vocals, in places, as the emotion rises. Sliding, intuitively, into a gorgeous fade-out, the haunting atmospherics leave a real impression.

Thinning Ice – Opening on another plucky intro, those vocals come in so easily, demonstrating true accomplished, intuitive skill. Piercing your emotions, with consummate ability, there’s real beauty in this. Its mystery and flow just pulls you in. More riff involvement approximately 3/4 in, some piano work in there too, providing just the right level of impact. Fading out gradually, but sharply.

Mr & Misadventure – Very suitable intro for the title, injecting instant intrigue, in much the same vein as Andy Martin’s ‘Gent’, bordering on a more metallic ‘Abracadabra’ style. Gentle, yet affecting. Leaning into a darker strand, at one point, the vocals really are stretching themselves well, to their full potential. Echoing into the distance, it’s a perfect fade-out.

Limerence – Now, it hits a very Cranberries-esque area, with that definite edge to its sound. A real catchy vocal tone in there. You could get swept away by this, for sure. Heating up the energy, as the emotion grows, taking the whole thing up, to the skies. Ending on a jagged riff, defining the intensity of the emotion further.

Disequilibrium – A more gradual, introspective fade-in this time, the piano makes a stronger appearance, with some fluid, wave-like sounds surrounding it. Once more, those vocals soar, taking flight in the most vibrant way. Showcasing some real edgy vibes, through the range of tones and such power within them. Instrumentally, it’s almost like a simulation of whale sounds, around you, in an ocean. Amazing.

Down That Alley – A more nostalgic thread creeps into this intro, from the start. Like a dream of days gone by, it’s swimming in powerful atmospherics. Lots more melodic riffing in here and generally, a looser feel to the whole track. Reflecting release, it’s a real exercise in letting go.

One Way Out – Tighter riffs intro again, plucking their way into this next story. This time, the vocals combine the sounds of the late Dolores O’ Riordan, Sinead O’Connor and Sharon Den Adel, quite spectacularly. It’s quite a dreamy song altogether.

Devils Lap – This is real Sinead O’Connor-esque stuff. Like a waking dream, it recounts the divisions and dichotomy within religion, for some, whilst symbolising an apparent desire to shroud the whole thing in purity, till you can envision a cloak of whitest white, covering every word. A real whirlwind of emotions is represented through these vocals, with such strength.

The Nerve – Exciting racing riffage intro’s. Slightly lower toned vocals follow. Again, that depth of emotion enters, taking you with it. As the pitch heightens, it ends, quicker than the rest, but no less powerfully.

XYZ – A definite catchy flavour to this one. Always profound and contemplative, it just flows, in one constant, perfected rhythm, in complete rightness and synchronicity.

In The Presence Of A Ghost – There’s something very complete, whole and consolidating about this. Following a lovely rhythm throughout, each section connects beautifully. Portrayed in such a way that enables you to see an individual, surrounded by a cacophony of sound and thought all around and within them. The quietening of the sound and mood variations are also well represented, in a near perfect cycle of stages. Fading out on a buzz of remaining sounds, it’s hugely and yet, so sensitively emotive.

Overall – Similar to a magical procession of sounds and shades of colour, tapping directly into your emotions, ‘III’ is a spectacular portrayal of all it aims to say. Almost mirroring its own delicate variety of emotions, as if through a reflective surface, the title suits it well and it’s both visual and auditory, with an almost tactile edge thrown in. ‘III’ is a piece of magic, encased within 13 tracks of mystery and intrigue. At once, dreamy and real. Even its artwork reflects its sound and feel. A highly imaginative album, softly, yet powerfully constructed.

9/10 *********

For fans of Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Delain, Sinead O’Connor, Kate Bush, The Cranberries.  (debut video for ‘Hiding Place’).

All songs by Vincent and Natalia. Mixed and Mastered by Alexey Stetsyuk, @ Grave Town Productions. Bass recorded by Rafael Leroy. Drums, by Simon Lemonnier. Photography and Artwork by Eleanne Grey 2018.

Artwork to follow.

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