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Thrash metal from Israel, formed in 2004, Strident spent 4 years creating original music, altered the line-up and then independently launched a limited edition demo CD, entitled ‘Insanity’.

2010 saw the launch of a debut album, named ‘On The Aim’. A crucial fixture in Israeli thrash metal history, ‘OTA’ was the 1st full-length thrash album in the scene, back then. Extensively reviewed internationally, both digitally and in print.

Key shows include opening for Overkill, in Tel Aviv, in 2015, 2016 appearances overseas, in Ukraine, at Annual Metal Fest and opening for Nervosa.

Following ‘On The Aim’, a new single was released, entitled ‘Final Warhead Blast’ and in 2018, this current album, ‘March Of Plague’.

No Faith No War – Instant thrash drum roll intro’s, brooking no argument. Classic sounding thrash riffs and rhythm combine with gore style vocals. This has got a real new wave slant to it, closing with everything in complete harmony and a well-placed cymbal hit. Fresh and driven.

March Of Plague – Opening on a fairly G’N’R’ style riff, with a traditionally Israeli melody, before blasting into a heavily metallic section. Death/thrash vocals and some great Slayer-esque riffs in there. Blackened sounds accompany the final anthemic, united effort, for the closing line, ‘March Of Plague’, as in the title. Very well crafted, politicised song, with a good point to make.

Be Metal – Thrashy from the start, this one gets right into its stride immediately. Even more blackened sounding vocals dredge up the motto behind the track title, spewing it out, in a near approaching repetitive chant. Drumming to kill, with relentless energy drives on, till the end. Just pure thrash.

Dirty Blood – Very tasty riffing intro’s, gently, yet meaningfully. Slower pace, lower tone, performed with flawless technique. Livid lyrics vomit incensed range, through to the rapid close. Brief, but full on aggression.

Final Warhead Blast – Tighter slide riffs open, assisting the drums to hammer the message home. Faster raging pace, some definitive, intense, assertive drums and a decent bit of whammy and vibrato. It’s just very capable and performed with complete ease. Unarguably tight performance.

Nuclear Winter – Bomb blast intro. Always reliably effective. More deathy vocals scream out the lyrics, in this short, but angry blast of rage.

Spit Fire – Sinister riff intro, with a very traditional melody to it. The monster returns, to roar its’ guts up, but an anthemic backing chorus accompanies it now. That anthemic strand works well for this band, adding a certain edge. There’s a good groove to the rhythm in here, giving the track that extra hit and it ends on the same indefinable drive.

Face To Face – Energetic drum roll opens, setting the scene for more of that same energy. This is just relentless, unrepentant speed and menace. A full on attack of thrash intent, with all the irrepressible rage and stamina to prove it.

Fallen One – Wow, that steel string intro just hits you instantly. Segueing, with fluid motion, into electric power, the thrash/death vocals follow. Mid-paced rhythm here, it just sort of rocks and rolls along, on a thread of ease. Great riffs always add the melody and keep it metal. Fun rhythm keeps it going, fading out on another eerie riff, bringing it full circle.

Thrash Till Death – Opening gradually, on a riff much like that on Alice Cooper’s ‘Poison’. Truly thrash, from the start, it just races along, in that classically party metal way. Proper riff heavy moshing material here, making you long for the pit. You could call this one a metal motto and one that stands up to it well. Another one taking you back to thrash metal riffs you can’t place, so have to find and play, till they’re out of your head. That’s the power of Strident.

Overall – Consistent, effortless and truly thrashy, ‘MOP’ is probably one for the collections of all die hard thrash enthusiasts. Keeps up the rhythmic momentum, throughout, demonstrates effective handling of riffs and powerful drums, a little bit more lyrical melody may have added more, but there’s definitely strength in those vocals and collectively, it fits together well. Would play well alongside most other thrash bands, as decent metallic filler. The jewel in its crown is its anthemic vocal sections, combined with the thrash riffs. They give it the lift and the signature.

8/10 ********

For fans of Testament, Slayer, Carcass, Skreamer, Hammerstroke, Taint, Demonik.  (Official Channel).   (‘March Of Plague’ – 2018).   (‘Final Warhead Blast’ – 2016).   (‘On The Aim’ – 2010).


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