PROCESSOR began life in 2014, under another name. Commencing practice and performance immediately, they initially sealed their reputation locally to them, in Munich, Bavaria and surrounding areas, starting small and as support for established bands, such as Entrails.

Constructing an approach combining the best of death and thrash, that sound has remained.

Later, changing vocalist, the PROCESSOR name was established and they then produced an EP split, with death metal band EGOIST, during early 2018. ‘HELIOPOLIS’ is their debut album, recorded at WALZWERK studios, mixed and mastered at IGUANA studios. They’ve been promoting it live, ever since.

RIP TV – Instant thrash hit intro. This has got it all from the start. The rhythm’s there, along with the classic thrash riffing, drumming and the throat destroying vocals, added to the thrash melody. It makes a great impression.

Vaporized Space – Great effortless drumming intro. Gets straight into it, offering up what starts out as a looser rhythm, growing tighter, as the track continues. Decent anthemic vocal sections, burning thrashy riffs and vocal cord shredding. All the time, the pace is truly thrash. Faultless, really. Especially since the melody’s always there and very much present. This band’s in accomplished hands and it shows.

Fodder For The Grinder – Easily conveyed cymbal hits intro, followed by heavy riffing, thrash rhythms and death vocals intermingle with melodic thrash ones. Always a successful combo. Speed heating up, throwing in a trad classic thrash sound, handling the few experimental pace alternations expertly. At that point, the riffs get ultra melodic, a spin which’ll always do the trick for this reviewer. Good solid bass line, providing a strong driving foundation. Impressive.

Phyresis – Drums opening, with immediacy and thrash thrills. Again, that reassuringly old school rhythm hits. Some great tight fretwork shows itself and everything has its moment in here. A few more group vocals return, momentarily. Death style roars more prominent here, though. Bringing extremity to the table and mixing it up with melody, standard heavy-metal stuff and thrash/death medley styles, this is one skilled band. Even introing some classic rock melody, towards the end, they’re certainly inventive, that’s for sure.

Heliopolis – Solid riff and bass line intro. Drums settling in comfortably and working to fit around them, with absolute intuitive ease. Vocals becoming screamier and growlier now. Great strong rhythms and drum rolls in there. This one just races along, picking up every note with total professionalism. Ending abruptly, but competently and definitively.

Pest Generator – Nice heavy thunderous drumming intro’s, depicting an approaching storm. Very screamy vocals again, but still some group backing anthems, in places. Lots of roary growls in here. Frenetic pace, weaving in and out of melodic, eastern edged riffs. Moving intelligently, towards a profound, slower paced ending, just making that final fret slide audibly enjoyable.

Sentenced To A Lifetime – Echoic intro, through steel strings, performing an eerie, sinister melody, with an air of omen. Building that into a faster, aggressive section, then slowing it down and mellowing it out, to a mid-paced speed. A notable classic background to this, whilst alternating constantly, between that and a fresh, modern thrash sound. Curious lyrics! It’s just such evident ease of delivery, throughout. Clever use of creeping bass and riffs at the end and a vocal finale, much like that at the close of Pantera’s ‘The Badge’.

Phosphor – Tasty heavy riff and drum roll opens, along with a shout of ‘WAR’, instantly echoing Exodus’s ‘War Is My Shepherd’. Also reminiscent of Slayer’s ‘War Ensemble’. Intriguingly segueing, from there, into an almost folky vocal section, before squeezing more screams out, for all they’re worth. A gorgeous riff melody comes next, portraying a very classic metal stance, which my fellow Metallica fans’ll enjoy. Dredging up the most extreme, blackened vocals, from the depths of below. Gradually slowing the pace down, till the end, in expert fashion and closing on the sound of a burning fire, this is what you call going out with a bang – although, ironically, it’s more of a smoulder, but the point’s made.

Overall – Beyond impressive, ‘HELIOPOLIS’ is a flawlessly crafted album, comprising every aspect of thrash imaginable. Each track’s a storehouse of intrigue and variety, deftly delivered, guaranteeing quality listening and zero boredom rating. Whether your preference is old school or modern thrash, this’ll work, as it’s got it all. Spectacular.

9/10 *********

For fans of Exodus, Carcass, Pantera, Testament, Slayer,  Bullriff Stampede, Taint, Zeit.


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