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Founded June 1999, Motive now has a new line-up, enhancing the new wave, decimating sound with which they identify.
Their current album, ‘Fight The World’, was launched on December 1st, 2018 and is universally available, through all digital platforms. Presently on tour in America, they’re 6 shows down, with 14 more to go and plans to add to that figure.

Thrash Priest – Blistering intro, making an immediate indelible impression. That really is a full force metal attack. The steam roller effect here’ll go down well with fans of Spreading The Disease. It’s a sound edging towards blackness, but with more of a thrash focus, leaning heavily on the heaviness itself. One thing that can definitely be said for this is that it’s intense and immensely so. Picture a gigantic boulder coming towards you, in slow motion, then gathering speed and add a heavy metal soundtrack. Now you’re there.

One With The Water – Now the riffs take centre stage, with the heavily thrashy vocals, carrying a hint of death. There’s actually a Viking-esque sound to this, along with some great exciting fretwork and it’s played at breakneck speed. This is one of those indefinably catchy tracks, with that something unique and special about it. Heavy’s an understatement and it’s just delightfully forceful and ferocious.

Boycott Your Boycott – Another blistering opening, like a metallic aperture, tearing itself to shreds. Lively, lethal and energising. Magnificent shredding, melodic and crushing, in equal measure. Loaded with power and Lamb Of God echoes, this should come with a ‘warning – risk of exploding eardrums’ label.

Evil In The Devil – Change of tack now, moving down a gear, with some gentle acoustic tones, still sinister, but revealing a lighter side, at least initially, till it bursts back into life again, with menacing aggression. The level of power within this is quite awesome. Liking the vocal changes, from low-down masculine depth, to blackened, full frontal anger. It really does depict its title well.

Grass Ain’t Greener – Drumming hitting the nail right on the head, with instant rhythm and earsplitting all-round sound. The driven rhythm leads the way here, ably assisted by catchy tones and a deadly and increasingly blackened vocal. Alternating, at the mid-section, with a briefly slower pace, then the aggression hits again. Like coming face-to-face with a rabid, slavering beast.

An Act Of God – Drumming blitz intro’s, with a catchy melody and memorable pace. Some fabulous bass work, laying down a solid foundation and an exhilarating rhythm speeds it along. A real headbanger, with undeniable mosh appeal.

Goodbye Again – Very stop start, Metallica-esque style to this one, but with even more thrash and tasty heaviness. Again, that Viking edge creeps back in, adding colourful visuals. Experimenting with pace alternations and reloading with more of the by now familiar speed. Real passion in those vocals and a very slight southern blues echo, at times. The heaviness is unrelenting and deliciously so.

Digital Slave – Immediate hit, getting straight in there, with a fast-paced thread and a vocal sound like a sped up Crash Test Dummies, crossed with a classic southern blues crunch. It’s wild, untameable and free.

Fight The World – Banging intro, solid and brooking no argument. A damn good heavy metal title track. Quick paced, with a rapid-fire drumming fest and another Lamb Of God echo. Real thrash material, with deathy leanings and a well-defined ending. Acute, like a volcanic eruption.

Headstones And Pictures – Another instant hit, opening with probably the catchiest, moshiest sound yet. Filled to the brim with terrorising metal and packed with volume. That rumble of thunder returns and this time, the boulder’s picked up speed and is about to crush you flat. Truly decimating. All over before you know it, but not before it’s blown your brains out, with a full-scale steel assassination.

Overall – Powerful doesn’t even begin to cut it. ‘Fight The World’ creates a solid impression of doing just that, with all guns blazing and a sniper ready, just to cover all angles. It’s monumentally thunderously aggressive, from start to finish. You wouldn’t want to screw with Motive, that’s for sure. Prepare to blow your own brains out, with sheer volume and power alone. A monster of an album.

10/10 **********

For fans of Spreading The Disease, Obzidian, Lamb Of God, Devildriver, Dez Fafara, Killswitch Engage, Kyrbgrinder, Boltthrower, Line Of Fire.

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