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Emerging alternative rock band Flat World Theory combine atmospheric rock with grunge, through energetic shows, at which their music connects with the audience, on a very personal level. Delivering a reliable frequency of gigs and releases, FWT are fast becoming a popular fixture in the scene.

Falling – Instantly catchy Oasis-esque riff and vocal intro’s. There’s a great beat to this and the production and sound values are spot on. It just bursts onto the scene, with pure raw enthusiasm and obvious passion. Real feelgood stuff, with a strong 90’s Brit rock flavour. This could easily become addictive and it’s quite powerfully visual. Lots of fun, melody and chord based riffage, consistently sunny and echoing the Virginmary’s ‘Northern Sun Sessions’. Bubblegum rock, at its best.

I Found Away – Snazzy riffage introing, followed by some well timed, equally rhythmic drumming. Now, it’s moving further towards Pulp territory, but still retaining the heaviness. It’s a good workable combo of rock, grunge and Britpop, with a bit of punky edge thrown in. Good definitive ending. (And yes, ‘away’ is supposed to be one word).

Lower Your Love – Slightly lighter-hearted intro, but not losing its edge at all. A little bit free and improv sounding and again, that gorgeously nostalgic 90’s sense pervades. A well defined gritty, grungy vocal edge, which, once heard, is likely to be hard to forget. The words ‘signature sound’ definitely show all over this.

I Am The Forest – Tasty heavy riff opening, setting the scene for a more thudding sound and feel and that’s just how it continues. Catchy, hook filled stuff leaves you wanting to go back and relive your teen years, adding a lot more fun, this time around. Building the tension, more and more, till the end, it certainly makes its mark.

Wrong – Confident, Oasis-esque drum roll intro’s, with harder riffs and a sharper vocal edge. Quickly getting into a catchy rhythm, in a delicious tone, much like a slightly heavier version of The Wonder Stuff. The great strength of this is the momentum with which it grows heavier and heavier. It’s just a really fun, lively listen you can rock out to, party style.

Overall – ‘A Brand New View’ is exactly that, really. Upbeat, refreshing and melodic, it’s full of life and happy vibes. Cast your mind back to your favourite 90’s Brit rock bands and then add a harder, heavier, grungier edge and you’re there. Proper light-hearted party rock.

7/10 *******

For fans of Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Placebo, Elastica, Embrace, The Wonder Stuff, Jellyfish, The Virginmary’s.


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