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Starting out as a solo project, in Serres, Greece, SCORCHER’s debut demo, ‘Labyrinth’, was launched in 2011, under their previous band name, ‘TEX’. Their debut album, ‘Armageddon From The Sky’, came the following year. Meanwhile, the band name was changed to SCORCHER. 3 gigs later, they were beginning to break through the scene. In this time, they’d played support for Enforcer, Sarissa and performed at the ‘Music Breakpoint Fest’, Serres.

Some line-up changes took place and SCORCHER played at ‘Live ‘n’ Aid’, Thessaloniki and ‘Metal From Hellas II’ Fest, Athens. A 2 track EP, ‘Harbinger Of Death’ was published during 2013 and re-recorded in 2015, for use on the ‘Steal The Throne’ album. Cover art by Andreas Marshall (Running Wild, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Sodom, In Flames).

More line-up changes followed, culminating in the new album, ‘Systems Of Time’, at the close of 2018.

Nightwatch – Fast and furious, insistent drumming intro’s, with a heavy bass line backing up the frenetic riffing. Very much a classic new wave power sound, ensuring you you’re safe in SCORCHER’s naturally metallic hands. Just full of yummy speed metal, lifting the atmosphere around it, with absolute consummate ease. Great start and that’s the kind of metal I like to hear.

War Terror – Ace electrified sharp riff introing, leading into more delicious speed drumming and melodic vocals. Reminding slightly of Negative Sixx. Very catchy and feasting on some scrumptious riff melodies, making it a proper metal treat. Growing increasingly catchy, throwing in as many traditional metal hooks as possible, it’s easily addictive.

Shadowing – Great heavy drum intro, with a warning note to the vocals and an associated build-up feeling of imminent danger. Maintaining a thoroughly involving, fast pace throughout and combining the omen with fun melodies. Incorporating an even faster drum solo, before breaking into the next section, getting faster all the time. Highly melodic, coming to a well perfected crescendo, this is just a thorough speed fest.

Wired Nature – Coming in so quickly and involvingly, it’s immediately seamless. Lots of gloriously heavy riffs, an almost theatrical vocal edge and beautifully sharp. Colour and light abounds, painting explosive pictures in your mind. It’s almost moving into the musical operatic arena. Always rapidly rhythmic, ending with a sudden mysterious feminine whisper. (Note of intrigue well covered).

Systems Of Time – Gorgeous colourful cautiously picked riffs open. Again, it’s going into operatic musical territory. Certainly never losing the speed element, for a moment. Something in the vocals vaguely echoes Blaze Bayley’s style of delivery. A really fulsome sound, adding lots of variety and vigour.

Words Like Fire – Sexy acute riff intro, setting the scene instantly). Gaining in speed, resonating heavily, with that anthemic sound, getting right in there and grabbing your soul, so you’re drawn in and trapped in the feeling of the melody. This has got to be the standout track, for certain and you won’t forget it. Something similar to elements of March In Arms’ ‘MIA’ album burns right through you. It may be seen as slightly repetitive, but to my mind, it’s seductively so and that’s one thing guaranteed to etch a song into your soul.

Void – Mysterious element entering the scene now, with a mystical sound introing, before bursting into shards of metallic pleasure again. A real speed feast of epic melody and liveliness. This is just one of those tracks that only the dead behind the eyes could fail to like. Well held note, near the end and a fabulously dramatic drum hit and riff closing.

In The End – Beautifully emotional riff opens onto a visual scene opening up before you. So accessible, blowing up into a heartfelt message, exploding into a vibrant soundscape. Here may be said to be the wild card, in a sense, given the full spectrum of emotions it connects you with, through so many colours and shades of light variations. It’s what you might call a true multi-sensory experience, proving, beyond doubt, what such skilled musicians as this can do with a song and the instruments through which it’s played. Spectacular.

Remembrance – Another light filled explosion of colour and metallic acumen. Easy to get into, blitzing its way through the track, with some real wow moments scattered strategically, but effortlessly through it. Those soaring vocals just lift it into the stratosphere and it genuinely will wow you, with the incredible vocal gymnastics and sheer synchronicity. Ending on a perfect Malmsteen-esque riff section, it’s utterly mind blowing.

Overall – A complete wow fest, growing in power and stature, with every track. A rare, outstanding and shining example of the mind blowing beauty that metal really is. This has amazed me and I have nothing but praise for it. ‘SOT’ is up there, with the best and you should enrich your life, by buying it and listening to it, this instant.

10/10 **********

Standout Track – ‘Words Like Fire’

For fans of March In Arms, Negative Sixx, Blaze Bayley, Shahyd Legacy, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marius Danielsen.

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