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Renowned Chicago metallers Usurper release their 6th album, ‘Lords Of The Permafrost’, on March 22nd, through Soulseller Records. This release features Cryptobeast-era vocalist Dan Tyrantor. ‘LOTP’ showcases the band’s own special brand of heavy metal horror.

Skull Splitter – Wow, a mysteriously Baroque intro, with an eastern touch, suddenly bursting into brutal metal and monster growls. Vivid imagery from the start. Blistering riffs, hardened drums and a beast of a vocal. It’s got quite an impact and it’s as heavy as they come.

Beyond The Walls Of Ice – Kicking off with an assertive drum hit, effectively supported by the rest. Dark blackened growls stomp their way through your mind, as the ice closes in. Straight out riff centred heaviness, with plenty of equally heavy vocals and drum traffic. Battling on till the end and coming to an abrupt, definitive ending.

Lords Of The Permafrost – Heavily placed drum and riff intro, with approaching roars. Segueing into a powerful, quick paced riff section. A fairly catchy sound to this, it rattles along well. A bit more melody in here and some great riffing. Picking up the pace, with a chasing rhythm, till the sudden, dramatic end.

Cemetery Wolf – Instant battle attack. A form of heaviness reminiscent of castle wall defences and drawbridge reinforcements. Just pure, all-out war. Monster vocals, surrounded by sheer metallic force. Ending on a sound like the call of the war’s end.

Warlock Moon – Banging intro, very resonant of classic Anthrax, as thrashy as it gets. Especially echoing the riff on ‘Armed And Dangerous’. Really solidly thrash throughout. It’s a great headbanger.

Gargoyle – Deliciously heavy intro, much like Focus’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ meets the ‘Magnum PI’ theme, meets Grand Magus’s ‘Like The Oar Strikes The Water’. A very tasty Viking flavour runs through this. The Warriors are approaching and they mean business. A great combo of vivid accompaniments throws out arcs of steel. Angry, raw and aggressive. Heating up, as the pace quickens and it ends with a tremendous finale, staking its claim to metal. Powerful stuff.

Black Tide Rising – Captivating steel string intro, sucking you right into its vortex. Another fast-paced track, with a measured delivery, building the tension, as it goes. Growing in heaviness all the time, there’s a very strong battle theme about it, almost enabling you to see the blood lust, as it’s satiated. Ending acutely and definitively.

Mutants Of The Iron Age – Crazy paced riffing and drumming from the word go. Vocals really going for it here. Spewing blackened bile, till the blood’s being spilt, in front of your eyes. Loaded with brilliantly heavy riffage and battering the drums, like there’s no tomorrow. Just a wild, bacchanalian riff fest, from start to end. Immense.

Overall – Never putting a foot wrong, from start to finish, ‘Lords Of The Permafrost’ is a hugely visually accessible feast of heavy metal throughout. Bringing to mind Viking warriors and blood-filled battles, it’s about as heavy as it gets. Thoroughly enjoyable and rich with intensity. Buy ‘LOTP’ now.

9/10 *********

For fans of Grand Magus, Anthrax, Exodus, From North, Alestorm, Sabaton, Bullriff Stampede.

Pre-order on:
or on:   (USA)

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