Gravehuffer – ‘The NoSlip EP’   13 comments

Dark doomsters Gravehuffer have recently signed to NoSlip Records and now present their debut 2 track 7 inch vinyl EP release, ‘The NoSlip EP’. The vinyl’s available in 4 different designs.

Founded in 2008, Gravehuffer’s repertoire is built upon an ethereal combo of crust, punk, metal, grind core, down tuned sludge and doom.

Originally known as ‘Krom’, Gravehuffer straddle several genres, rejecting accepted norms and conventions within the scene. A 4 piece, hailing from Joplin, Missouri, Gravehuffer stand out from the crowd, in their approach and the ultimate metallic presentation of this.

Carlo Regardas, Carcass’s lead guitarist featured on their previous ‘Your Fault’ album, released on Bluntface Records.

A 4 track vinyl EP will follow, in late winter, early spring 2019, through NoSlip Records.

Demon Face – Smooth relaxed intro, easing its way into gothic horror themes. Very catchy vocals, combining deeper and creepier pitches, painting a picture of darkness and demonic forces. Instrumentally, it’s come on since their previous work. There’s a more sophisticated air about it now and a subtle confidence clearly audible. It’s well divided, in terms of vocals and accompaniments and it certainly creates a strong impression. Lyrically, well matched with the themes and more energy about this new release. Suitably evil, right down to the satanic cackle.

Stalingrad’s Cross – Decent drum intro. An immediately roary number, with a slight comedy horror angle to it. Shrouded in so much darkness, the visual sense is quite striking. Still an edge of light to some of the riffing, though. This is definitely the lightest of the two. Shorter in length, it’s more of an amalgamation of shades. A looser strand to the vocals and more of a gravelly emphasis, fading out on a riff just vaguely reminiscent of the sound on Metallica’s ‘Bleeding Me’. Again, an audible move forward for Gravehuffer and a well produced outcome.

Overall – A well produced duo, with a marked improvement from their earlier work, clearer focus and a sharper polish. A definite step up for Gravehuffer.

8/10 ********

For fans of Zeit, Carcass, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, Dirge, Motherslug, Sacral Night, Satarial, Gethika.

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13 responses to “Gravehuffer – ‘The NoSlip EP’

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  1. Thank you one again for putting your time into reviewing! It means a lot to us!

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