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Presenting Gasoline Outlaws, with the brand new album, ‘Light Up The World’, released 10th May 2019.

Founded in Belfast, in 2014, GO launched their debut album, ‘No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets’, in 2015. Receiving high acclaim, it led to support slots for such high-profile bands as The Answer and Trucker Diablo. By 2018, they’d performed at Planet Rock’s Winter’s End Fest and Rockstock.

‘LUTW’, their 2nd album, produced by Frankie McClay, at Einstein Studios, Northern Ireland, features songwriting contributions from Cormac Neeson (The Answer) and guest vocals from Amy Montgomery. Well esteemed session musician John McCullough (The Waterboys, Van Morrison, etc) plays piano and Hammond organ.

The album includes everything from heavy, riff-based tracks, to basic acoustic songs, plus an orchestral piece. Aiming to hit a wide audience, ‘LUTW’ is thematically centred around global conflict through the generations and the healing power of love.

It was a Pledge Music campaign which brought ‘LUTW’ this far, but sadly, despite its rapid success, the present situation at Pledge has meant that the originally planned date of release, along with the money to fund it, has fallen through. This has set the release back to May.

With the band taking the initiative to overcome a very unfortunate situation and cover the pledges themselves, their touring and promo funds have now been consumed by CD and merch costs. They are, of course, now reassessing the best way forward.

Light Up The World – Good solid drum beat intro. Something about it reminds me of Free’s ‘All Right Now’. Getting straight into a real rock ‘n’ roll sound, the vocals are perhaps a little softer than expected, but no less impacting for it. Generally, it’s catchy, with a pop rock essence and well synchronised accompaniments. Effective start.

Livin’ This Way – Opening on a slight Trucker Diablo echo, it’s straight rock ‘n’ roll, easily performed, in a relaxed style. There’s definitely a natural flow to it, always good to hear. It’s consistent and rocky, with some notably good guitar riffs. The ascent and descent of the scales is audible and the vocals do a skilled job of keeping the momentum and holding the notes well. A comfortable, pleasant, chilled out track, with bluesy hints.

Better Days Coming – Fabulous ‘Communication Breakdown’ style intro! Determined lyrics, carrying an echo of Fleetwood Mac and demonstrating natural chemistry. This has got a really enjoyable feel and sound about it and the emotion’s unmistakable. Very catchy, hit material, walking that fine line between hard and soft rock and always a joyful listening experience.

Where We Started – Introing on a single strummed chord and instantly bringing a melancholic sadness, still holding a chink of light and hope. Soulful. Truly soulful. Highly proficient, not just musically, but emotively. This is real. Beautiful melodies, groove laden and exactly the right pace to make it full and enjoyable. Bringing everyone together, for the finale and ending on a gorgeous piano outro, leaving the memory imprinted on your soul.

Psycho – Hotting things back up again now, with a harder rock intro and a hint of the Wild West atmosphere. Faster paced, proving their chops within both heavier and lighter sounds and styles. Very catchy chorus, throwing in some brilliant wah wah sections and timing things immaculately. Showcasing the great breadth of vocal talent, within various shades and tones and ending definitively, it works, taking it into a heavier sphere.

The System Is A Lie – Well blended riff intro, moving into a very bluesy track and handling it well. Rhythmic, catchy once again and filled with hooks. Heating things up, with more involved riffing, making the most of every note and killing it all the way. This one’ll sweep you away.

Fight For One More Day – Immediate heavy drum hit intro, followed by a classic rock riff arrangement. Those vocals enter and soar, once more, bringing the lyrics to life with genuine passion. So easy to just get right into it and ending on an assertive exhortation that’ll stay with you. Brilliant delivery.

Executed – Opening now on a soft, gentle ballad, combining acoustic guitar and vocals, with piano and featuring additional feminine vocals, working well. Okay, so this one’s a little too emotional for me, but it’s unquestionably beautiful. Conveyed with pure feeling, till the end.

Breathe Again – Straight out rock intro here! That’s better). Back onto safe territory. If nothing else, GO are definitely versatile and well able to swing between heavier and softer rock, without skipping a beat. This one’s a groove fest, filled with hard rock atmosphere. Great number to throw in, at this point. Infectious stuff, for sure.

Hard Times – Now the mood is taken down again, but less emotionally. It’s more of a folky feel, this time. There’s a very tasty twang to it. Just as real and just as profound, but much more listenable than the balladry of ‘Executed’. Some great drum strokes in there, fitting well with the theme and style and all arrangements just work together, in sync. Loving the tones in here and there’s a clear air of contagion. Perfectly placed, as the closing track. Instrumentals pulling back at just the right point, to bring the vocals forward, entrenching that gorgeous grit in your mind, as it ends.

Overall – ‘LUTW’ is an absolute pleasure ride of blues rock grooves and melody throughout. The production’s consistent and flawless, the atmosphere strong and the feelings, evocative. Skilful, natural musicianship and real, honest sincerity shows through every word. It’s only right that this band succeed and given the depth of emotional honesty and genuine talent that have created ‘LUTW’, GO deserve to shine.

9/10 *********

For fans of Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, Free, Boston, Venus Rising, Blue Oyster Cult.


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