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MORTADO is the new project of legendary Italian vocalist GL Perotti. The band launched new album, ‘Rupert The King’ on 26th April 2019, throughout Europe, as a co-release, between Self Distribuzione Milano and CODE 7/Plastic Head UK, on behalf of Blasphemous Records.

New Blind Illusion cover single ‘Blood Shower’ is available to stream and download, at their bandcamp page and on spotify.

The video for the track, ‘Rupert The King’ is also now available on YouTube.

MORTADO began in 2018, when Gianluca GL Perotti (founding member) was contacted by Manuel Togni (drummer for SOULPHUREUS, SPELLBLAST and session player for Uli Jon Roth, Blaze Bayley, Kee Marcello, Doogie White), following his departure from EXTREMA.

GL fronted one of Italy’s greatest ever metal bands. During his time in EXTREMA, he recorded 6 studio albums, 3 EP’s, a live album and DVD and ‘best of’ album, in addition to numerous singles – 2 of them, chart-topping tracks, via a collaboration with hip-hop band ARTICOLO B.

EXTREMA’s live catalogue includes; opening for Italy’s biggest rock band VASCO ROSSI, Metallica, Megadeth and Suicidal Tendencies; Sonoria Fest, ’95, alongside Faith No More, Paul Weller, Rollins Band, Paradise Lost and Biohazard; Sweden Rock Fest 2006, with Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Anvil, Arch Enemy, Cathedral, Celtic Frost; a European tour, with Death Angel, 2008; opening for Motorhead, 2009; Vans Spring Classic 2013, alongside Millencollin, 2013 and numerous Italian Gods Of Metal Fests. GL also launched 2 albums with REBEL DEVIL and 1 with ALLEHELLUJA.

Born from their original intention to create catchier, more commercially based material, came the edgier, more powerful genre of Bay Area thrash metal. The rest of the line-up was formed, from live members of Dennis Stratton, Blaze Bayley and Will Hunt. The debut video for ‘Rupert The King’ was shot and directed by Daniele Farina, (known for producing other videos, for major Italian metal bands).

The album was financed through crowdfunding, via a Music Raiser campaign, produced by Carlo Meroni, at the A.D.S.L. studio, in Milan and launched by Blasphemous Records. There’s been massive demand for MORTADO’s gigs, in the wake of the publicity about the band.

Rupert The King – A shrill beeping intro’s, …. then it explodes into a very deathy vocal growl. Classic metal accompaniments surround it. Well produced sound, precision timing, loaded with extremity.

In The Middle Of The Night – A blast of metal opens, with all the controlled fury you’d expect of such a seasoned band. Good underlying bass sound. The rhythm increases, as the riffs hit their stride, with plenty of punch. Getting heavier and edgier, till the end.

Babylon’s Flag – Cymbals hit the intro pace, hard and the metallic aura grows. Effortless vocals, building momentum, it gets catchier, as the track progresses. Ending on a final crash of drums and a thunderous atmosphere, it’s certainly a strong sound, though so far, it’s not quite connecting.

No Escape – Gritty vocals intro, more of an old school vibe here. The delivery’s exemplary and the audio production consistent, but it just doesn’t have that something for me. Plenty of inventive paradiddles and oozing metallic spirit, but the hooks are missing.

Double Face – A battery of drums opens. An upbeat sense to it, within the clear vocal aggression. Good bit of well-placed bass and a strategic in and out effect in there. A lot of passion and you can’t fault the performance. Stacked with great features, though it needs more catch.

Dangerous Deal – Bang! Unarguably heavy intro. Dark, deathy and accomplished. This one’s a bit catchier. More of a narrative thread to it and a steady pace, within the random alternations and sounds of background riots.

The Great Spirit – Gradually fading in, with a traditional Native American chant. Effective touch. Liking the sound effects. It’s unusual and more memorable, for that. A bluesier feel to this and a gentler melody. The rhythm’s quite hypnotic. As is the sound, generally. A nice addition, breaking up the sameness.

Venom – Explosive intro and here, the Blaze Bayley influence is instantly audible. It’s rabid, rapid and radically different. The best track yet. A clear standout number. Well employed whammy and riff scales and this one hits the point where melody and thrash combine. That’s what was needed and it works).

The Art Of Soul – Angry rage meets a cymbal attack intro, followed by heavy accompaniments. Again, this is better. Now, it’s catchy! A strong Pantera-esque echo adds the extra touch. Great vocal harmonies form an effective rhythm and the high melody hits the riffs at just the right point, taking the whole track in the hoped-for direction. Bringing it to a building crescendo, the finale’s heavy and hard, like a block of steel.

Secret Society – A drumming blitz intro’s, returning to growly death vocals, but quickly combining them with the more melodic side of thrash. Pace doing it equal favours and it flows this way. A very pleasant fading riff, at the mid-section and a gathering thunder infiltrates the drums. Great riff melodies there and the passion and conviction’s audible, through the lyrics. A well-positioned action movie chasing pace provides that additional atmospheric edge, as it tumbles to an end.

Blood Shower – Heavy drum and riff intro, much in the classic metal vein. Great effective Metallica-esque stop starts and a real metallic drawl to the vocals. Monster-ish and melodic, all at once. Increasingly thrashy, as it paints the bloodstained picture. Liking the placing of guitar melodies in here and the twang effect, adding a note of extra power. Coming to a crashing crescendo, at the finale, it’s a strong note to end on.

Overall – So ‘RTK’ took a while to get into its stride, but once it did, it really picked up, at the latter end. That was where its real strengths lay and those last few tracks contain the power, driving the album. Flawless, in performance and production terms, it combines a lot, within one album. Though it didn’t initially connect, during the deathier segments, I’m happy to say that picture changed, within the latter tracks and once the thrash and melody had met in the middle, its attraction came to life. Give it a whirl and stick with it, till the end, cos it’s worth the wait.

9/10 *********

For fans of Pantera, Blaze Bayley, Bull Riff Stampede, Anthrax, WASP.

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