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Welcome to ‘The Rejects’, Dark Legacy’s album, brought to you by some of the members of Blutfeld.

Martii Grandiosa – That’s a bit of an intriguing intro, combining a ghostly sinister format with a high level, upbeat melody, over the top. Taking its time, at an even pace, it’s soon over and leaves an air of mystery behind.

Land Of Sorrow – Straight into a deathy vocal and a melodic riff. A vague medieval/Celtic sound pervades the rhythm and the mix of feminine and masculine vocals adds something indefinable. A very cultured track.

Earthquake – Precision timing in that intro. Right down to business, this is a slightly bigger sound, throwing in a very slight sci-fi strand, made more prominent by the other vocals singing the chorus. Some great guitar work in that outro. Very powerful and always vibrant.

The Challenge – Synth/mellotron intro, leading into a death vocal, interweaving with a gentle feminine voice. Something of a dramatic, theatrical turn to this, incorporating a bit of gothic horror. Still keeping the backing music light. Ending on a sinister tone.

The Witch – Again, opening with that synth sound, though this time, combined with a gorgeously velvet guitar riff. Drums coming in, controlled and cautious, till they speed up, approximately mid-way through. Gradually, the pace slows, with a surrounding echoic shared vocal. Like a tale of old, retold in modern format, it holds a certain timelessness.

Metal Warrior – Church organ intro, emulating sections of Bach/Beethoven, before the metal explosion takes over, placing a Malmsteen-esque riff section over the top, with complete ease. Moving into a sound combining various strands of neoclassical metal, charging between melo-death expression. There’s great beauty within it.

The Rejects – Classic medieval baroque intro. Dark Legacy are nothing, if not complex. Gradually building a stronger defence around the gentler segments, utilising a bigger accompaniment. Building on it, more powerfully, with every new aspect. Ending on a visually evocative seashore sound, with a doorbell pulley ringing, lightly, in the background. Very calming and contemplative number.

Zadkiel – Slowly emerging operatic intro, depicting the lyrical narrative. Very gentle, softer track, formed around the mission of the Angel Zadkiel. Highly unexpected detail to hear in any metal track and just very beautiful, co-mingling male and female vocals, making it all the more special.

Overall – ‘The Rejects’ is quite a special album, with unique factors throughout it. Borrowing from a rich combo of genres and inspirations, it’s unpredictable and the end result, eclectic. Its biggest draw is that it’s unafraid to venture into new territory and experiment with sound and style. With much to recommend it, ‘TR’ is a one-off representation of diversity, which truly pushes and defies the perceived boundaries of melo-death.

9/10 *********

For fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, Hitwood, Falagar, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Leaves Eyes, Satarial, Stratovarius, Latitudes.

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