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Introducing a new collaboration between the recently sadly deceased JR Blunk and JC Berdoo, featuring Rocky Who, on bass. ‘Brother To Brother’ is JR’s final all acoustic album, now in memorial to him.

Brother To Brother – Flowing right into the intro, with a beautiful riff and clear passion in the vocals. Fairly folky in its style, you feel this one, right through to your soul. There’s a gorgeous simplicity to it. Meaningful lyrics, sung in a heartfelt manner. Even a nice bit of slide, at the end. Always patient, never rushed, the rhythm just flows.

Corner Tavern – Louder, bolder intro here. Again, a strong folk theme, confidently conveyed. Pleasant melody, delivered with the same passion as before. A powerful vibe to this, along the lines of Seasick Steve, with even more feeling.

Game Of Stud And Whiskey – Introing on a marginally slower tempo, this is one of those laid-back singalong tracks. An appealing old world charm pervades. A little brief, but it says all it has to. Quite a country feel to this, relaxed and free.

Good Lovin’ – Opening on a slightly darker riff, with a vague flamenco echo. Very plausibly performed. Again, that voice rises, with true feeling. Soaring upwards, the track flies, like a bird. Loads of beautiful riffage and once more, there’s an easy confidence and a powerful basic foundation.

Meet Me In Heaven Tonight – Liking that strong, contemplative riff intro. Thoughtful vocals, so resonant and warm. Hopeful and intense, loaded with infectious sounds. Transporting you to another realm, this just hits that spot. Lyrically magical and so evocative, there’s a real imaginative power in here.

Screaming Eagle Flies – Introing with a similar vibe, this returns to the country/traditional format. Very brief, but succinct. Based around a simple concept, it needs no more.

You’ll Know How It Feels – A stronger, tighter riff opens, with clear intent. So much emotion packed into it. Real-life lessons within those lyrics, which just carry you away. Another heartfelt, evocative number, with a thread of true beauty shining through.

Sweet Freedom Land – String bending intro, quickly moving into an old-fashioned singalong rhythm. Very short, but it makes its self-explanatory point. A traditional one, needless to say.

Sweet Mountain Water And Clean Mountain Air – Faster pace intro’s, with a pleasant, contemplative thread, expressive and open. Like the sound of this. A memorial of sorts, ending on a short, clipped, definitive riff. Again, it wraps it all up, in a brief space of time.

Whiskey Road – Powerful riff intro’s, more involved and complex. A light-hearted thread here, delivered via a strong, heavy voice. The happy emotion’s audible and it just rolls along, lightly, till the end.

Overall – What I like best about this is its beautiful simplicity. It says so much, in such a short space of time. Very much rooted in tradition, it’s a basic format, presented with a huge volume of feeling. As a memorial album, it’s well chosen and well conveyed, with clear connections to the spiritual essence of JR himself. His vocals really bring that forward and the impressive sound quality proves the power inherent within acoustic music.

10/10 **********

Standout Track – ‘Meet Me In Heaven Tonight’

For fans of Seasick Steve, country rock, The Eagles.


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  1. News Flash the music review of Mr. J.R. Blunk J.R. Blunk & The Music Warrior’s and Rocky Springer is finished for everyone to see by Ms. Jenny Tate owner and great friend of Rock Queen Reviews UK and Europe. Thank you so much for this amazing review on his music that will now live on forever in his passing, ML/L/H&R 110% R.I.P. https://jennytate.wordpress.com/2019/05/30/jr-blunk-and-the-music-warriors-brother-to-brother/ #jrblunkandthemusicwarriors #jcberdoo

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