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Ahead of their forthcoming album, ‘Elder Sun’, expected later this year, Dizastra have independently released their new video single, ‘Vae Victus’. Following on from 2015 EP ‘Hell’s Gate’, ‘VV’ is the first single on ‘ES’.

Hailing from Montréal, Canada, Dizastra combine black, thrash and melodic metal, to create a sound at once evil and malevolent.

The theme of ‘VV’ is an image of riding a dragon through Hades and as such, it attempts a concoction of screamo vocals, thunderous drums, earthshaking bass and lively solos.

As heavy as it sounds, ‘VV’ actually illuminates the tiny budget they were working within, to bring to light the Tolkien-esque narrative, of time travel and fantastical adventure. It conveys an internationally popular and accessible mixture of wizards, warriors, battle and friendship.

A quartet, boasting Wacken Metal Battle Canada finalist and long-standing participant of Québec’s Heavy Montréal Music Fest, Matt Conti, Dentis Stoisin, Nathan Afilalo (Dissension) and Petey Giampa (Venomenon) complete the line-up. Dizastra have been identified as an emerging strength in Québec’s heavy metal underground and also throughout Canada. ‘ES’ looks set to solidify their place in the collective memory of fans and bands alike, as heavy metal titans.

‘VV’ was mixed, mastered and recorded by Carl Roberge and co-produced with Carl Roberge and Dizastra. It’s available to stream and download, on all main digital platforms.

Vae Victus – Unusual orchestral intro. From wurlitzer to instant speed metal, with fantasy images, the death thrash vocals add the evil maleficence. Much like an action fantasy superhero movie, it’s definitely got the intrigue element down. Great power riffs, clear passion and good striking contrasts between scenes. This’ll keep you interested and on your toes. Lots of changing scenes and a strong thrash emphasis throughout. Still more power and speed than thrash, though.

9/10 *********

For fans of RAM, Enforcer, Portrait, Altheniko, In Solitude, Cast Iron, Pantera, Trivium.


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