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Leatherjacks – ‘The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll’   Leave a comment

Following on from their 2017 debut album, ‘The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll’, Leatherjacks moves forward, with a new line-up and some fresh tracks, for the forthcoming 2nd album. (Launch date TBC).

Single ‘I Hate To Fall In Love’ (20.12.17) achieved in excess of 13K YouTube hits in its first week. 2018 saw the release of the next single, ‘Persona Non Grata’ (25.04.18). The current single, along with all previous work, will be re-recorded, for re-release. The hunt for a new line-up continues.

Leatherjacks have already acquired significant global media acclaim. Including coverage from The Rock Pit Australia, We Rock Webzine, Sleazeroxx, The Moshville Times, Breath-Fresher Japan, Whiplash Brazil, SOM Magazine, Fireworks Magazine, etc.

They’re now ready to hit the worldwide stage.

People (We’re Chosen Ones) – Smooth rocky intro, with a traditional streak and a unique vocal spin, alternating between solos and accompanied, experimenting with tempo and pitch changes. Good balance between harder/heavier and gentler sections. Always melodic and liking the flip, from in-and-out amplification to straight out in your face rock. A truly inventive track.

Crocodile’s Heart – Opening on an electrified riff and a familiar old school melody. Well produced sound, with a softer feel to the vocal and still, that classic sense to the tune. An easy, laid-back looseness to the atmosphere, it’s definitely one to get lost in. Even for all its gentility, it’s still got a vague creepy Cooper-esque spoken backing vocal, at one point, but the beauty of this track is in its simplicity. It’s just relatable, catchy and flavoursome.

Burning Wire – Instantly harder and the flow’s immediate. Dizzying speed riff and a gravelly vocal, though it still retains that softness, in places. Again, it’s accessible, with effortless fretwork and a great strengthened, accompanied vocal. Blowing it up, with a tasty bit of explosive riffage. Just heating it up, till the end, when it slides out, on a sexy closing riff. Delicious.

Overall – ‘TLAORAR’ is the stuff all great rock productions are made of. It’s got it all and delivers it in a tasty, creative package of effortless catch and sexy rhythms. Especially in the slide. Audible passion and real individual tweaks complete the package. Absolutely faultless and heaps of fun.

9/10 *********

For fans of The Answer

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Methane – ‘Thin The Herd’   Leave a comment

Sweden’s groove/thrash metal band Methane have just released their new track, ‘Thin The Herd’, following the launch of their debut album, ‘The Devil’s Own’, via Sony/Dark Star Records. Meanwhile, they’ve been on tour with renowned bands Nervosa, Warbringer and The Haunted. ‘TTH’ is the first single and video from ‘TDO’.

Methane are signed with Big Balls Productions. Founded in 2012, by ex-Revenant and HatePlow member Tim Scott, Dylan Campbell, Jimmy Masterbo and Andreas Strom. Following the successful acclaim for EP’s ‘Southern Metal’ (2014) and ‘Spit On Your Grave’ (2015), in 2016, they signed to Sony’s Dark Star Records. Methane have also featured on the soundtrack for Scottish Mini Series Metalheadz (S03E02 and S03E03) and the original E-novel.

‘TDO’ was launched in February 2017, to positive reception. Inspired by Slayer, LOG and Pantera, they’ve designed a signature sound, both powerful and assertive. During their European tour, Methane have acquired a staunchly supportive fan base, throughout the European underground, gaining a reputation as a highly energised band. So far, they’ve performed 80+ shows, around 2 continents. Some high points include a US tour, headlining Finland tour, appearances at Rage Of Armageddon Fest (NYC, USA), Metal Inferno Fest (Sweden), Heavy Metal Heart Fest (Helsinki) and opening for Warbringer, Nervosa, Whiplash and The Haunted.

The now 5 piece created ‘TTH’, with the intention of bringing to light the current trends on social media, revolving around self generated melodrama, egotism and self-pity, combined with inspiration spam and general insincerity. TS then had the idea to digitally cull the people responsible, which then became ‘Thin The Herd’.

Thin The Herd – Confident, metallic intro, laced with groove. Smooth segue into a notably Pantera-esque melody, with the same level of vocal aggression. Catchy sounds and rhythms litter the track, scattering metal energy throughout. Heavy and deliciously classic, in flavour, with well timed anthemic group and backing sections and always, a serrated edge to the lead. Good job, both memorable and hook laden.

8/10 ********

For fans of Pantera, One For Sorrow, Metallica, Line Of Fire, Trucker Diablo.

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Signum Regis – ‘Kings Of The Underground’   Leave a comment

Taken from the soon-to-be-released album, ‘The Seal Of A New World’, Signum Regis, prog power metallers from Slovakia have launched a lyric video of the track ‘Kings Of The Underground’.

The album will be available in November, via Beyond The Storm productions. ‘KOTU’ is the first single from ‘TSOANW’.

‘TSOANW’ was mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Kamelot). It’s available for digital pre-order.

Kings Of The Underground – Straight in there, with a vacuum of sound, moving instantly into classic power metal. Anthemic and slightly higher pitched than expected, with tons of catchy riffage. Great atmospheric artwork, connecting well with the music. Dark amongst the light contrasts well. Well-rounded drums, hitting perfect time and a barrel load of speed. Nicely paced riffs and a slight Dragonforce echo. Power screams even shriller than average, consistently uplifting and coming to an explosive end. Hooks galore.

8/10 ********

For fans of Dragonforce, Escape The Fates, White Wizzard, Celtic Legacy, Cauldron, Voltax.

‘KOTU’ can be found here:

‘TSOANW’ can be pre-ordered here:


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VNTER – ‘Black Roses’   Leave a comment

Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, VNTER have so far produced 2 well-publicised singles.

Having created a 13 track full-length album, they aim to launch a track every month. More promotion is also planned for this year, whilst 2020 is anticipated to be the year they establish themselves within the scene, via festival appearances and playing support for already known bands, on tour.

Inspired by Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Muse and QOTSA, VNTER combines these sounds in both their live shows and in the recording studio. They currently term themselves as ‘arena rock’.

Black Roses – Very grungy ‘Plush’-esque intro. Straight away, the QOTSA inspiration’s present. Mid-paced, with a transatlantic flavour and a laid-back, loosened drawl. Very rocky, blues tinged groove sings out, in a rhythmic manner, creating imagery of 60’s psychedelia. Very listenable and definitely erring on the heavier side, more so than their other material. Smooth, relaxed and yet precise. Upbeat vibes, delivered amongst shadier imagery.

8/10 ********

For fans of Stone Temple Pilots, QOTSA, AIC, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, SOIL, The Smashing Pumpkins.

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Solicitor – ‘Solicitor’   Leave a comment

New to Gates Of Hell Records, the reissue of Solicitor’s self titled debut EP is due for release on October 25th, 2019.

Hailing from Seattle, sporting feisty female vocals from Amy Lee Carlson, Solicitor play lightning fast speed metal, with traditional attitude!

Founded in 2018, from the ashes of Substratum and Hexengeist, the 5 piece chose their name on the basis of mystery and memorability. The EP follows a demo, with an album planned for release in 2020.

The 4 track EP showcases the blend of outright aggression, power, speed and thrash delivered within Solicitor’s music. Inspired by the likes of old school classics such as Priest, Chastain, Exciter, Liege Lord and Mercyful Fate, Solicitor emerged from some old Substratum tracks, re-worked and given a new spin. It’s already received positive acclaim within the music press.

To mark the 2020 album, Solicitor will perform at Keep It True Fest, Germany, embark on a tour and introduce the underground scene to their unique style of metal.

Nightstalker – Wow! That’s some explosive intro! The smoothness of the riffs combines with a Sab-esque flavour and a modern speed metal spin, topped off with sharp, striking feminine vocals, delivered with a thrash edge. Already, it’s evident this is a rare sound. The strength of performance gels perfectly with that velvet acuity. There’s certainly a passion to this, not often heard and it just barrels on, to the end, with zero hesitation.

Speed Tyrant – Drums and cymbals blitzing in there, with instantaneous spontaneity. Burning riffs race through the track, as those ice sharp vocals cut a crater in the walls. Melodic, heavy, catchy and so inventive. It’s a true blitzkrieg of towering metal. Electrifying edge to those riffs, vocals belting it out, with absolute precision. Reaching a crackling crescendo, in complete synchronicity, that is one immense track.

Vulture Command – Single drum hit intro, the rest moves in, rapidly. A machine-gun attack of metal ammo follows. Lyrically fitting, descending down the riff scales, before ascending them again, while the cymbals provide a fulsome background. Drums rumbling on, till the momentous end. Class.

Execution Squad – Opening on a magnificent riff and drum roll, just calming the pace down slightly, before taking it back up again and changing gear, to a more slide based horizontal sound. Still, those incredible vocals pierce the sky. Growing into a catchier, more melodic vibe, it doesn’t miss a beat.

Nightstalker – (Demo Version) – Tangy intro, with a notable mystical thread. Cymbals a little tighter, though the slight roughness is audible. The vocals still stand out remarkably, however. That voice could shatter glass, in the most complementary sense. The energy’s still very much present, within the accompaniments and it stacks it up, towards the end. That drum roll adds the perfect finale.

Speed Tyrant – (Demo Version) – Rolling right in there, immediately, slight Metallica-esque edge to the melody, echoing ‘Metal Militia’ from the Kill ‘Em All era. A stronger, more Viking-esque feel creeps in, briefly, before returning to the slide speed, as driven as hell and those vocals never ever lose their edge or spirit, for a moment. Bringing it to the vibrant crescendo again, it’s the ideal finish.

Overall – Well this is one impressive EP and not only is it virtually flawless, it’s immediately memorable and acutely striking. Obviously, those mountainous, razor sharp vocals are its biggest draw, but they’re so well supported by vivid, energised accompaniments, it’s impossible to lose your attention. ‘Solicitor’ really stands out, for its huge vocal attraction, its relentless drive and its sheer, unshakeable energy.

10/10 **********

For fans of Metallica, Judas Priest, Silent Winter.

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Walking Rumor – ‘Turn The Tides’   Leave a comment

Walking Rumor is a 6 piece nu-metal band, from Odense, Denmark. They’ve been going since 2015 and have made many achievements, to date. This includes winning 3rd place in the ‘People’s Choice’ category of Battle Of The Bands, in Berlin. They launched their EP, ‘The War Within’ in 2016, in addition to the single, ‘Proud Of Me’. A further 2 singles were released in 2017, via Mighty Music and they then played on a European tour, alongside Ill NINO, before splitting from MM, in order to launch their debut album, ‘Symbiosis’, independently, in 2018.

Walking Rumor is: Alexander Larsson (Drums), Emil Hansen (Guitar), Jacob Nielsen (Bass), Andreas Lovenhorst (Guitar), Kenneth Gustavsson (Vocals) and Anders Morch (Vocals).

Turn The Tides – Gradual intro, uplifting vibes hit immediately. Fairly gentle vocals, with slightly heavier backing vocals. Lots of melody. There’s a very popular thread to this and yes, it’s gravitating towards pop rock, but it balances it well with clear nu-metal strands and it pulls it off well. Especially in the Linkin Park-esque sections. Vibrant, upbeat, vocally strong, not a particularly long track, but a light and enjoyable fun listen, all the same. It’s got catch and it definitely bears repeat plays.

7/10 *******

For fans of Linkin Park, Courtesans, Lush, Embrace, The Kooks, Paul Young.

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Boiling Blood – ‘Lost Inside A Morbid World’   Leave a comment

Boiling Blood formed in Ludwigshafen, in 2003. Their main premise is hitting fans hard with old school thrash metal. A quintet, performing inventive thrash, the outcome of that can now be heard on their debut album, ‘Lost Inside A Morbid World’. The combined influences of each band member are audible within their sound, which they deliver with high spirits and lots of energy. BB also have a video clip of their track, ‘Morbid Delusion’, themed around sensationalism.

The Evil Inside – Ghost train like wind tunnel effect intro, with tinkling of glass/chimes and a horror movie vocal soundtrack, followed by sheer explosive metal. Shouty, but thrashy and yes, you can definitely hear that fun loving spirit that drives it. Melodic speed riffage entering next. Catchy pace. Ending with the characteristic evil laugh that accompanies many an energised thrash album.

Devoured – Hard-hitting thrash punches you in the face. Very much a cohesive, fast-paced team effort. Clearly melodically focused, but always thunderous drumming and heavy hard-lined thrash, with a fun gothic edge. Truly powerful vocals.

Morbid Delusion – Opening with a very Metallica-esque riff and concrete heavy drumbeats. Very ‘Master Of Puppets’, in style. Brilliantly driven riffs and massive energy screams from it. A great sound, throughout, fabulously produced and always paying attention to the retention of that hugely hard edged vibe. Fantastic.

Queen Of Mutilation – Even heavier intro, if that were possible! Monster vocals lay the groundwork for the thrashier ones it then breaks into. Manna from thrash metal heaven. Instantly rhythmic and warlike tribal drumming ends it. A strong impression is definitely left.

Circle Of Life – Immediate riffing intro’s, setting the scene straight away, for the speed/power/thrash combo comprising this track. Awesomely executed power screams. Pulling off melodic heaviness, like no one’s business. Fairly brief, but it makes its point.

Emerged From Blood – A jet plane sound opens, chased by energetic riffs and powered vocals. Maintaining that steel edged support. Just an insanely heavy track, with all the thrash energy you could want and a whole slab of metallic drive. Actually, very Slayer-esque, echoing their ‘Seasons In The Abyss’ era. Closing just as powerfully as it opened.

Lost – Gradual spacey, sci-fi-esque intro, giving way to a highly fun filled melody and vibe. Slightly deathy vocals combine with clear, thrashy ones. That beat’s just solid. These guys are the real deal and they mean business. You could just climb inside that melody. Keeping it going all the way, the rhythm’s the name of the game here. Getting crazed, towards the end and closing on a solid backdrop of metal stealth. Immense.

Abomination – Faster intro rhythm, getting right into the feel, a strong anthemic thread to these vocals. True glorious metal mayhem. It’s raining metal. Riffage to die for. Breaking up the chaos a bit, with a slender, smooth, gentler section, at the mid-point. Moving it into a heavier sound again, it rolls on, with relentless passion, to the end.

Burning Decision – Quick wave of power introing and straight into classic, driven, old school traditional thrash. Anthemic again, mixing up a wealth of aspects and nailing them all. Getting rapidly to its point, it’s over in a blur of explosive metal.

Poisoned Thorne – Drumming inferno opens, taking it firmly into the realm of high octane metal. Harder and heavier, by the moment, the riffs are on fire here. Audible vocals make it all the more enjoyable. Just a burning fire of thrash mania, from start to end.

Torment In Fire – Coming in with perfectly timed precision, then exploding, once more, into a metal party of riffs, drums and catchy vocal hooks. The kind of track it’s worth suffering a migraine for. Such a high vibe, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this and even a touch of whammy in there, somewhere. Drumming incendiary tracks its way through, till the end and the energised tone never lets up, for one moment.

Soul Mutation – Drums intro, riffs following close behind and it’s a positive blitzkrieg of metallic joy. Keeping that speeding tempo going, the whole time, re-introing that anthemic vocal thread, at the mid-section, it’s a fire of attentively fuelled metal and the pyre grows taller and higher, all the time. Lots of group vocals employed here and they fit this track exquisitely well. Ending on a solidly delivered riff and drum beat.

Impostor – A blizzard of riffage intro’s, with a massively fun filled vocal melody. Highly impassioned expression, stacked with conviction. A beast enters, rocking some blackened growls, till it’s overpowered by the aggressively sung melody. Very brief, but pointed portrayal of thrash metal passion.

Overall – Absolutely insanely good, massively enjoyable album, worthy of celebration and categorisation amongst the best bands in thrash metal today, ‘LIAMW’ is an ace and you need it now.

10/10 **********

For fans of Slayer, Testament, Fury.

Video clip of ‘Morbid Delusion’ –

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Inherit The Stars – ‘Two One Three’   Leave a comment

Now available physically and digitally, ‘Two One Three’ is the second album from Sheffield’s metal core/post-hard-core band Inherit The Stars.

‘TOT’ is the album ITS have been working towards and has been the most enjoyable to produce. Forming in 2012, aiming for a unique signature, ITS straddle numerous genres and are known for their explosive, metallic sound.

Their 2013 debut album, ‘We Were Made To Walk The Skies’ was produced by Jim Pinder (Fightstar, Rise To Remain, While She Sleeps), at Treehouse Studio. ‘WWMTWTS’ received critical acclaim, throughout the rock and metal press, specifically for the genre defying sound, combining aspects of post-hard-core, alt rock, metal core and punk pop. The same response has been received by ‘TOT’, globally. Three videos have also been released, in association with ITS’s apocalypse themed ‘Orbis Trilogy’.

Within a few months, they’ve gone from small local gigs to headline slots at some of the most established, renowned venues in Yorkshire.

Two One Three – Very much an alt intro, verging on ambient. Slightly poppy. An unexpected sound for a metal core band, but track 2 may be a bit heavier. It’s definitely melodic and very vocally centred, just a much lighter sound than anticipated.

Giving Up – Drum roll intro. Again, it’s much more pop than metal, though it is heavier, in places, throwing in some death vocals round the edges. No mistaking the passion, but it just doesn’t sound metallic. The effort’s there, even if it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Like An Animal – Opening with a political oration, becoming ever more ubiquitous these days. Vocals coming straight in, mixing alt with metal core styles. Slightly drab and melancholy, it just seems like a wasted opportunity. They do try to jazz it up a bit, but sadly, it doesn’t convince. Ending with another misplaced oration, failing to gel with the rest.

Ease Your Pain – Introing with a sound like an amusement arcade, drifting into more misery again. In its defence, this does have musicality and its audio values are sound. Unfortunately, it doesn’t compensate for its generic sound or its boredom factor, though. It’s all seeming a tad samey and repetitive.

Baba Yaga – Starting with a spacey, sci-fi-esque intro, moving into more generic metal core vocals, combined with poppy, dance style ones. Nothing unique, so far. It has got melody, but it just sounds far more chart like than metallic. Here, feminine and masculine vocals are combined and whilst there’s no quarrel with their musical abilities, it’s still lacking in any discernible spark.

Hope – Keyboard intro and yet more absurdly poppy dance style vocals. Bleak lyrics, no noticeable ‘hope’ as yet and seriously lacking in riffs. It’s a relief when it fades out.

We Can Believe – Another bleak number, with a conflicting, contradictory title. More of an anthemic hint to the vocals and this time, group vocals interweave with solos. Where did that bizarre, nonsensical convo about pickle come from and what’s it doing there? It’s nonsense to insert it there. Really? Just a rabble of noise.

Despair – Synths and drums intro, with vocal shouts and a keyboard section. Again, another distinct lack of riffs. Brief, but one thing is definitely believable and that’s the title. Empty.

The King And Queen – An echoic sound intro’s, with stronger, but still generic vocals. Okay, so now, there’s a slightly more upbeat thread entering. Certainly not enough to warrant further listens, but at least there’s a bit of action to this one. Disappearing into a staid cacophony, at the end.

The Highs, The Lows – Introing on a strong drum beat and a miserable melody. The vocals are slightly more uplifting and powerful here, but it still doesn’t make much difference. A little more anthemic group vocal stuff. On the plus side, one thing it has got going for it is its consistent musicianship, but even that can’t compensate for a track devoid of any recognisable life.

The Space Between – Strangely sharp note to open on, but I can see where they were trying to go with this, in the action sequence sense. Once more, the craftsmanship’s evident, amongst the sameness. Stronger vocals in here, fading out. Over reliant on synths.

Overall – Rarely has an album bored me so much. Which is a shame, given that ‘TOT’ is definitely musically capable and well produced. It’s just devoid, though, of any notable character, individuality or lifeblood. There are no discernible riffs, certainly no catch, the whole thing’s endlessly bleak and interminably dull and its over reliance on synths just highlights that fact. Distinctly underwhelming and to summarise it in one word? Lacklustre.

4/10 ****

For fans of generic metal core, trance, pop and alt.

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Chaos Over Cosmos – ‘Chaos Over Cosmos’   Leave a comment

Chaos Over Cosmos came into being in approximately 2015. A project by Rafal Bowman and Javier Caldron, from Poland and Spain, respectively, the two had never actually met, yet achieved the album ‘The Unknown Voyage’, which was released in instrumental format, in 2018. Initially launched as a demo, then later as an album. Joshua Ratcliff has since replaced Javier Caldron, on vocals.

Inspirations include: Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Seventh Wonder, Rush, Pink Floyd, plus various ambient and electronic bands. Amongst which is the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis and also, Depeche Mode. ‘The Unknown Voyage’ includes a track influenced by Blade Runner.

Lately, a short EP, ‘Chaos Over Cosmos’,  was launched, with a new line-up and the next studio album will be released within the next year.

Cascading Darkness – Opening with wizard riffery and a fast-paced drum roll, surrounded by an electronic melody. Surprisingly upbeat and rhythmic. Whispered vocals add a hint of intrigue, occasionally breaking into sung style. Always maintaining that consistent melodic pace and tempo. Clear production values. The riffage stands out most of all and it definitely stands up amongst most of the electronic influenced tracks, for its heightened melody and blending of electronica and skilled riffing. Quite proggy, in places and the Dream Theater influence is definitely audible, at the end.

Consumed – Similar, but calmer intro. Slightly slower and less upbeat, initially, but the uplifting tone soon returns. Here, that Depeche Mode inspiration comes to the fore. Again, those whispers mix with sung vocals, with a slight thread of Viking melody in the background. Impressively sustained rapid fire drum rolls, just adding to the energised beat. Riffage of immense creativity, keeping the heightened melody going. Loaded with tech wizardry. Closing on a synth sound, combined with a death laced whisper and more rhythmic riffage. This certainly leaves an impression.

Asimov – Notably melodic intro. Moving into a gentle keyboard section, joined by Vai-esque riffs and a slightly poppy melody. This track’s definitely more heavily based around electronic segments. Very light-hearted, with an effortless ease of flow. Briefer length and ending on a quick fade-out.

Overall – ‘Chaos Over Cosmos’ stands out, mainly for its impressive display of what can be done with electronica, when combined with metal and other influences, in the right hands. It’s pleasantly surprising, in melodic terms and contains plenty of riff wizardry, assisting it to remain upbeat and accessible. A gentle, yet uplifting listen.

8/10 ********

For fans of Dream Theater, Depeche Mode, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani.

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Vortex – ‘Death At Dawn’   Leave a comment

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, Dutch metal idols Vortex have launched a lyric video, entitled ‘Death At Dawn’, taken from their anniversary album, ‘Them Witches’. Due for release on September 27th, in North America, through Gates Of Hell Records (a Cruz Del Sur Music imprint), ‘TW’ is a 10 track beast of slamming, anthemic heavy metal, which can be pre-ordered from bandcamp, or from Cruz Del Sur Music’s online store.

Dutch heavy metal band Vortex have been around since 1979 and were one of the very first original metal bands in the Netherlands. Counting such founding fathers of metal as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath amongst their inspirations, what came of that was a signature sound which quickly caught on and became a firm favourite, on home turf.

Back in 1982, Vortex appeared on ‘Holland, Heavy Metal Volume 2 – Live In Brouwershoeck’ and ever since, they’ve kept the flag of originality flying. Never conforming to mainstream fads, staying true to the ethos of individuality, that steadfast approach has kept them together for 40 years and ‘TW’ stands as a symbol of that determination.

Last year, founding member Martjo ‘Whirwolf’ Brongers had their old demo songs digitalised. The process revealed material meant for their 3rd album, planned for release way back in 1987. Instead, they were re-recorded, for inclusion on ‘TW’. Produced at Sound Lodge Studios, Germany, the outcome was a 10 track behemoth of traditional, old school, melodic heavy metal, which still holds up today, 30 years after its initial inception.

Describing themselves as ‘classic guys, playing classic metal’, Vortex remain as solid today as ever and their sound has sustained itself for 40 years, with every sign of continuing.

Death At Dawn – Solid hard and heavy intro, setting the metallic scene instantly. Warrior visuals, in combo with stage shots. Thumping drums, effortlessly natural riffing, fireworks in the background and some great sustain. The rhythm holds its own easily and the visual effects work well with the sound. Lyrically, it’s perhaps a bit gentler than might be expected and a few more hooks wouldn’t go amiss, but generally, it’s a very comfortable listen, with colourful visuals and a well-defined, accessible tempo. It’s certainly heavy and the professional delivery holds up well. Good production.

9/10 *********

For fans of Stuka Squadron, Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead.

‘Death At Dawn’ can be pre-ordered from:

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