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Walking Rumor is a 6 piece nu-metal band, from Odense, Denmark. They’ve been going since 2015 and have made many achievements, to date. This includes winning 3rd place in the ‘People’s Choice’ category of Battle Of The Bands, in Berlin. They launched their EP, ‘The War Within’ in 2016, in addition to the single, ‘Proud Of Me’. A further 2 singles were released in 2017, via Mighty Music and they then played on a European tour, alongside Ill NINO, before splitting from MM, in order to launch their debut album, ‘Symbiosis’, independently, in 2018.

Walking Rumor is: Alexander Larsson (Drums), Emil Hansen (Guitar), Jacob Nielsen (Bass), Andreas Lovenhorst (Guitar), Kenneth Gustavsson (Vocals) and Anders Morch (Vocals).

Turn The Tides – Gradual intro, uplifting vibes hit immediately. Fairly gentle vocals, with slightly heavier backing vocals. Lots of melody. There’s a very popular thread to this and yes, it’s gravitating towards pop rock, but it balances it well with clear nu-metal strands and it pulls it off well. Especially in the Linkin Park-esque sections. Vibrant, upbeat, vocally strong, not a particularly long track, but a light and enjoyable fun listen, all the same. It’s got catch and it definitely bears repeat plays.

7/10 *******

For fans of Linkin Park, Courtesans, Lush, Embrace, The Kooks, Paul Young.



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