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New to Gates Of Hell Records, the reissue of Solicitor’s self titled debut EP is due for release on October 25th, 2019.

Hailing from Seattle, sporting feisty female vocals from Amy Lee Carlson, Solicitor play lightning fast speed metal, with traditional attitude!

Founded in 2018, from the ashes of Substratum and Hexengeist, the 5 piece chose their name on the basis of mystery and memorability. The EP follows a demo, with an album planned for release in 2020.

The 4 track EP showcases the blend of outright aggression, power, speed and thrash delivered within Solicitor’s music. Inspired by the likes of old school classics such as Priest, Chastain, Exciter, Liege Lord and Mercyful Fate, Solicitor emerged from some old Substratum tracks, re-worked and given a new spin. It’s already received positive acclaim within the music press.

To mark the 2020 album, Solicitor will perform at Keep It True Fest, Germany, embark on a tour and introduce the underground scene to their unique style of metal.

Nightstalker – Wow! That’s some explosive intro! The smoothness of the riffs combines with a Sab-esque flavour and a modern speed metal spin, topped off with sharp, striking feminine vocals, delivered with a thrash edge. Already, it’s evident this is a rare sound. The strength of performance gels perfectly with that velvet acuity. There’s certainly a passion to this, not often heard and it just barrels on, to the end, with zero hesitation.

Speed Tyrant – Drums and cymbals blitzing in there, with instantaneous spontaneity. Burning riffs race through the track, as those ice sharp vocals cut a crater in the walls. Melodic, heavy, catchy and so inventive. It’s a true blitzkrieg of towering metal. Electrifying edge to those riffs, vocals belting it out, with absolute precision. Reaching a crackling crescendo, in complete synchronicity, that is one immense track.

Vulture Command – Single drum hit intro, the rest moves in, rapidly. A machine-gun attack of metal ammo follows. Lyrically fitting, descending down the riff scales, before ascending them again, while the cymbals provide a fulsome background. Drums rumbling on, till the momentous end. Class.

Execution Squad – Opening on a magnificent riff and drum roll, just calming the pace down slightly, before taking it back up again and changing gear, to a more slide based horizontal sound. Still, those incredible vocals pierce the sky. Growing into a catchier, more melodic vibe, it doesn’t miss a beat.

Nightstalker – (Demo Version) – Tangy intro, with a notable mystical thread. Cymbals a little tighter, though the slight roughness is audible. The vocals still stand out remarkably, however. That voice could shatter glass, in the most complementary sense. The energy’s still very much present, within the accompaniments and it stacks it up, towards the end. That drum roll adds the perfect finale.

Speed Tyrant – (Demo Version) – Rolling right in there, immediately, slight Metallica-esque edge to the melody, echoing ‘Metal Militia’ from the Kill ‘Em All era. A stronger, more Viking-esque feel creeps in, briefly, before returning to the slide speed, as driven as hell and those vocals never ever lose their edge or spirit, for a moment. Bringing it to the vibrant crescendo again, it’s the ideal finish.

Overall – Well this is one impressive EP and not only is it virtually flawless, it’s immediately memorable and acutely striking. Obviously, those mountainous, razor sharp vocals are its biggest draw, but they’re so well supported by vivid, energised accompaniments, it’s impossible to lose your attention. ‘Solicitor’ really stands out, for its huge vocal attraction, its relentless drive and its sheer, unshakeable energy.

10/10 **********

For fans of Metallica, Judas Priest, Silent Winter.

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