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Album Of 2019 – Uzziel – ‘This Fear’   Leave a comment

2019’s Album Of The Year is Uzziel’s ‘This Fear’. Chosen for the combination of its gorgeously heavy feel, beautiful guitar tones, addictive drum hits, stunning melodies and generally fresh and uplifting air, ‘TF’ carries vocal echoes of Ryan McCombs, (SOiL), whilst adding backing vocals and throwing in lots of bluesy licks, toppling guitar breakdowns and even a Cranberries-esque section, adding further impact. It’s irrepressibly heavy and soul penetratingly melodic, boasting several standout tracks, lasting just long enough to hold attention, whetting your appetite for more. Borrowing from different styles and eras, but retaining a modern spin, ‘TF’ makes great use of the closing piano finale, which, along with those affecting riffs, will linger in your memory. 10 tracks of soulful metallic bliss. Check out this exciting up-and-coming Austrian band and take a listen to ‘TF’ soon.

Standout tracks – ‘Fading’, ‘Dementia’, ‘Your Death’.

*Album Of The Year 2019*

For fans of Fury UK, Kikamora, SOiL, The Quireboys’ ‘Twisted Love’ era, W.A.S.P.’s ‘Inside The Electric Circus’ and ‘The Headless Children’ eras.



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Ravech – ‘Inception’   Leave a comment

Formed 2015, the metal band Ravech are based in Suriname, South America. They were founded in Abra Broki and Zorg en Hoop, on the basis of pure love of music.

A 3-piece, having so far produced 2 EP’s, ‘Broko Tafra’ (2015) and ‘Democracy Manifest’ (2018), the former, produced at Edmundo Labs and the latter, at Rockland Studios, they now present their new track, ‘Inception’, with the associated video.

Inception – Very deathy intro, roaring blackness, into the atmosphere. More melodic vocals break through, interweaving with the rhythmically expressed growls. Making good use of the quiet/loud, in and out phenomenon, drawn out, through some roughly plucked notes. Quite cohesive, the melody grows stronger, as the track continues. Bass making a more powerful appearance, at the end. An abrupt finish, on singular notes, seeming like a bit of a wasted opportunity. Still, it grows on you and it’s a well handled track, with a good mix of light and heavy. The video’s quick moving, rapidly cutting from one scene to another, with a generally dark background, obscuring much of the visuals, in a possibly deliberate attempt to focus concentration on the sounds.

7/10 *******

For fans of Skreamer.

Official ‘Inception’ video:

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Jay Ebby East – ‘In The City Tonight’   Leave a comment

Introducing ‘In The City Tonight’, new single from Jay Ebby East. Reflecting a sound echoing Brit rock, combined with tones of Neil Young and Richard Ashcroft, ‘ITCT’ is the first track from Jay’s soon-to-be-released debut album, ‘They Told Me I Couldn’t’ (anticipated launch in 2020).
It documents his journey through mental illness, to a better place of wellness, serving as proof of the power of music to rescue people from such scenarios and help them through, from darkness, to light. Available on all digital platforms, now. Released via Global Sound Group.

In The City Tonight – Very Oasis-esque intro! Leaning towards the melodic side of soft rock/Brit rock. Quite guitar centred, echoing Paul McCartney’s ‘In The World Tonight’. Good vocal potential, but it needs to lose the whoops, which add nothing and detract from the song’s message. Drums hardly audible, but what can be heard are very simplistic beats. Lyrically, it’s a tad generic and repetitive, but there’s a decent upbeat melody to it. The riffs just need to unite with the vocals a bit more, as there’s a sense of detachment there, but it’s the melody that works. Generally, an average track, with an enjoyable melody.

5/10 *****

For fans of Oasis, Blur and Paul McCartney.


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Killsorrow – ‘Little Something For You To Choke’   Leave a comment

Melodic thrash band Killsorrow, from Cracow, Poland, have so far produced 2 singles, ‘Under Hide’ and ‘Revolution’, 2 EP’s, (Debut Demo, 2012 and ‘Angel’s Kiss’) and an album, entitled ‘Little Something For You To Choke’ (2016). Now approximately 70 gigs down, they’ve played alongside such names as: Vader, E.L.O., Focus, Paradise Lost, Hate, Hunter, KAT, Acid Drinkers, TSA and more.

Formed in 2008, by guitarist Michal Sokol, in Cracow, the line-up has evolved constantly, till the current formation was discovered, in 2015. Every member brings a wealth of experience with them.

The album ‘Little Something For You To Choke’ was launched via Art Of The Night Productions, to significant positive global acclaim. Recorded by Adam Drzwiecki (Pudelsi), mixed and mastered by Thomas Zalewski, at Zed Studio (Coma, Frontside).

The single ‘Revolution’ (2012) received airplay from Radio Rocktime, ProRadio and Radio Rzeszow.

Killsorrow have so far played in some major Polish cities and venues and toured with KAT, Roman Kostrzewski and Hunter (2017), throughout Poland and abroad. Their latest single was launched, featuring one of Poland’s finest metal artists.

Killsorrow’s music is available on all digital platforms (including spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google play). They’re now promoting their album, ‘LSFYTC’, internationally.

Radiance – Beautiful acoustic intro, of quite awesome quality. Evolving into a twin guitar melody, as the volume peaks. Abrupt end, but that delicious tone more than compensates.

Burn Him Alive – Fiery riff intro, powerful as all that. Searing the frets, death vocals join. Classic melo-death, showing great capacity for melodic vocals, interweaving with the death sound, while a clear thrash melody plays. Good clear resonant lyrics. This will definitely catch on with many. Very NWOBHM. Fading out on gentle riffs and quiet vocals, eventually fading to whispers. Faultless.

Animal – Very strong bass intro there. More colourful and unique than usual. Obligatory and well conveyed evil laugh. Notable thrash vocals here. Well harmonised, blending with effortless death. Sinister tones mixing with an increasingly ominous vocal tone and laugh. The beat works perfectly with this style of sound. Bass returning, busy riffs building up the colour. Pace picking up, crazy riffs joining the fray. Impressive sustain. Becoming more vocally melodic, at the end.

Killsorrow – Brilliant intricate riffage opens. Drums beating fast, in sync with it. Very vibrant melody. An easy one to get into. Lots of catch and hooks aplenty. Big riffs and building intensity, with a decent bit of wah utilised, marrying with the vibrato. Rapid, but precisely timed ending, nailing the definitive message.

Only Dust Remains – Slower, careful start. Another gorgeous soulful acoustic. Complete instrumental, brief, but memorable.

Sleepwalkers – Banging intro, still a sense of gradual emergence, running into full immersion. Zingier edge to these vocals and again, it’s well harmonised. Very catchy melody, that gets into you, big time. Increasing the pace, as the tension builds and releases, in a vivid rainbow of riffage. So cohesive. Beautiful fade-out.

One Last Day – Banging drum rhythm opens! Right into a whammy filled riff, darker sense to the lyrics. Moving into a lighter expression, while still reflecting the darkness of the words. Great rhythm. Getting technical, as the vocals blacken, slightly. It never moves far from the melody, though, demonstrating effectively, what can be done with supposedly opposing ends of the metal spectrum, in that sound. All in one bar, RATM, Pantera, Megadeth and Trivium are audible. That’s some skill.

Alone – Haunting Maiden-esque riff intro, poignant and profound. Very ‘Brave New World’ era. Another divine instrumental, which, though short, will linger in your memory.

Hope In You – Colourful melody introing. Straight into a fast-paced number, interspersing lively bursts of riffs with meaningful vocal solos. Moving, seamlessly, into death vocals and quiet/loud phenomenon. Playing with alternate rhythms and bringing back the melodic sound, 3/4 in. This is the kind of vocal that enables you to breathe. A ton of lively riffs, with a tasty bit of whammy thrown in. Combining increasingly black vocals with soft, melodic lyrics, at the end. Flawless.

When The Night Is Calling – Active drum intro, beating its way into a catchy vocal refrain. Much blacker and more aggressive, altogether. Slight sense of a W.A.S.P./Anthrax mash up, with darker tones thrown in, for good measure. Always enough melody to beef it up and a vague Rose-esque vocal on the fade-out. The More I See fans’ll also get off on this.

Desert Wind – Once more, a hauntingly beautiful acoustic intro. The loud track, quiescent track strategy works well for these guys and this is just a really restful number, allowing you to absorb the sound’s serenity.

Warriors Of The Storm – Lively, full on drum assault introing. A very classic NWOBHM vocal touch. Very melodic and working off a simple, catchy tone and rhythm. Descending down the riff scales and then ascending back up the tower of sound again. This is a fun, infectious track, with clear stand-out, mosh pit potential. Strong, defined ending.

World Turned Off – Opening on quite a spooky sound, filled with ominous intrigue. Right into it, once again, with a quickening pace. Mixing up that powerful concoction of melody, punchy NWOBHM thrash/death, with sheer precision. Cymbals grabbing a piece of the action, around the mid-section. Gravel -soaked vocal edge, throwing out those lyrics, with conviction and ease. Riffage giving it everything. Melody growing, whilst the closing vocals are ever more deathy and blackened.

Eternal Sunset – Big intro. Really going for it now, with a highly metallic fusion of steel, techy edge, gothic hints and melodic constancy. An effortless flow to this, going down well. Funeral bell type percussive tolling. Much more melodic vocals, gelling with the adventurous riffing. A softer tone to this, throughout, yet still as racy and upbeat. Enthusiastic delivery, getting darker and edgier again, towards the razor sharp vocal finale.

Overall – A truly adventurous album, packed with intriguing twists and turns, ‘LSFYTC’ just proves the versatility of metal, delivering Killsorrow’s unique take on it, with verve and boundless energy. Captivating stuff.

10/10 **********

For fans of Trivium, Skreamer, The More I See, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Megadeth, Hammerstroke, Silent Winter, Pantera, Dendera, NWOBHM.

Official videos for: ‘What Lies Beneath The Waste’

‘Little Something For You To Choke’ (Live)

‘Rebuild And Shatter’

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Dark Years From Now – ‘Negative Creep’   Leave a comment

Solo project of Vancouver-based Dan Potter, Dark Years From Now is what you might call experimental metal. Utilising so many styles and concepts, including heavy thrash, poly-rhythms, abstract darkness and sonic soundscape’s, DYFN pushes things to the boundaries of possibility, through vibrant expression.

Following on from the acclaimed self titled debut LP, available now, combining throbbing industrial metal, electronica and pure instrumental, delivered in an unconventional, mysterious manner, DYFN now introduce a video premiere cover of Nirvana’s ‘Negative Creep’. Taking it into extreme territory, this particular cover is something else and is certainly not for the fainthearted.

Negative Creep – Unusual intro, gradual ticker tape/rotor blade effect, building up into screamo vocals and a heavy industrial, death tinged edge. Fast-paced, repetitive number, aggressive through and through, returning to the obscure ticker tape effect, at the end. Considering it’s a Nirvana cover, the satanically delivered vocals are about as far as you can get from the grunge sound characterising Nirvana. Yes, it’s still got that screeching feedback embedded within it, but it’s a notably blackened version, with entirely screamo vocals and though it does have some fairly bouncy riffs surrounding it, there’s little else, instrumentally, to support it. It’s brief, but it certainly leaves an impression, even if one of shock. Overemphasising the vocal extremity, at the expense of instrumentals, it’s just too repetitive and too jarring. Ultimately, unique experimentalism’s one thing, but there is such a thing as straying too far from the path of the original.

6/10 ******

For fans of Hedra, Carcass, Arch Enemy, Rob Zombie, Ordnance, Amon Amarth, Zeit.

YouTube ‘Negative Creep’ video:

Video premieres on December 17th, 2019.

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Coffin Hunters – ‘The Fire Knight’   Leave a comment

Mixing trad heavy metal with NWOBHM and thrash, Coffin Hunters retain the classic feel, with a modern twist.

Their debut EP, ‘Coffin Lord’ hit the scene in 2017, coinciding with their first live gig, performing alongside Haunt, Hell Fire and Space Vacation, at The Elbo Room, San Francisco. The Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa, during 2017, forced a change of studio and production began on the debut LP, ‘The Fire Knight’, launched in August 2019.

CH are now stoked to promote ‘TFK’, throughout California.

Hell Sleeps In Paradise – Introing with an upbeat cymbal hit, ecstatic vocals and a melody to kill. High-energy passion, from the start, holding the notes expertly and drawing you in, immediately. Riffage screaming powerful speed, worthy of ‘Heavy Metal Killers’. A hugely catchy melodically stoked thrill ride, from start to finish. This is how to make an impression.

The Fire Knight – Instant impact drum intro! Again, it gets straight into a racing pace, chasing you down, with a slightly darker sound, executed in such an uplifting way. Made for power metal vocals. A slight echo here of the energy of ‘House Of The Rising Sun’, with much faster, new arrangements and a hopeful tone. Delicious heaviness within and fabulous power scream joining those gloriously fulsome riffs. The darkness enters once more, yet still, it’s so light. Really catchy hooks fill that melody, as he throws it out, with so much force and conviction. Some tasty intricate riffage in there, inviting you in and closing on an astounding crescendo.

Wasteland – Opening on a soaring riff and quick fire drum roll. Right into another fast-paced rhythm. So melodic. Every section’s handled with complete seamless, effortless flow and gels so cohesively. A sheer joy. The energy delivered here would floor most. Production and sound values absolutely top-notch. Timing spot on. Killer passion levels. Just flawless. Skidding into the ending, with total precision. Love, love, love it!

At The Wall – Cymbals intro, onto a highly metallic scene, with instantaneous catchy accompaniments. Vocals showcasing that mighty passion again, at impressive volumes. You just get lost in it. That’s a master at work, make no mistake. Another rhythmic number, expressed with real burning energy. Those riffs are just perfection. Massively engrossing sounds, throughout. Ending on a fitting string bending riff.

Ancient Abyss – Open riff intro. Playing with a bit of string bending and now a twin guitar assault, rarely heard. Massively enthusiastic vocals, with amazingly held notes, once more. The catchiness of that rhythm never lets go). It’s a track whose flow just takes you with it. Like being carried away on a floating stream of metal. Impossibly embracing. Returning to the initial pace and melody, at the end and adding in a mini slide riff. Hugely satisfying.

In Blue – The cymbals open, with a very sexy riff and rhythm, with a bluesy edge. Vocals handle it just as well. This is the sound of a band genuinely enjoying the work they were born for. A slightly calmer track, sporting a lighter feel, but every bit as much passion. More bass action in here, in a repetitious arrangement, which may just go on slightly too long, but it’s well supported by the surrounding accompaniments. The return of the blues melody does bring relief, it has to be said. Those vocals really make the sound of this band and they end the track, in an effortless way.

Path To Ruin – Very doom based riff introing, but moving instantly into a rapid paced vocal melody. A vague Eastern hint to this. Alternating the rhythm, adding a more involved section, then progressing onto another upbeat melody, upping the pace, back to a chase. Astoundingly infectious vocals can’t fail to hold you spellbound. Nothing is beyond possibility for that voice and it shows.

Banishment – Plucky riff intro, leading into a looser, more relaxed rhythm. Demonstrated well by the rest. Growing into a bigger sound, complemented by the ever capable vocals, moving, so easily, between opposite ends of the spectral range. Continuing to show impressive versatility. Returning to the opening riffs, going for it, with a really bluesy, funky, psychedelic sound. Entrenched bass re-enters, as the riffs experiment with melodic range and the drums do the same, whilst playing with pace. A final power scream finishes the finale.

Overall – Spellbinding. No other word for it. Hard to do justice to such a monumental album, with words alone. Suffice to say, ‘TFK’ strikes with a force tantamount to being struck by lightning. Astounding.

10/10 **********

For fans of Heaven’s Basement, Voltax, Powervice, White Wizzard, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Blaze Bayley, In Solitude.

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Wreckage Of Society – ‘Breathing’   Leave a comment

Introducing ‘Breathing’, the new single from Bristolian alt rockers Wreckage Of Society. A track with huge melodic impact, bound to hit fans hard.

Founded towards the latter end of 2014, WOS are a quartet, influenced by Alter Bridge, 3 Doors Down, Skillet, etc. Delivering a strong sound, with meaty hooks, their debut album, ‘Said And Done’ (2017) preceded ‘Breathing’. With rising vocals, massive riffs and a pounding rhythm and bass section, their tracks are catchy, contagious and passionately executed.

Breathing – Gentle guitar intro. An immediate soft rock sound, with passionate, deftly handled vocals. It’s a little pop rock, in its style, but lots of melody shining through it. Well produced and performed, soaring riffs work well with the gritty vocals. Lyrically, it’s a tad repetitive, with a slant leaning further towards the softer end of alt rock, but the track, as a whole, is capably and seamlessly delivered, flowing effortlessly.

6/10 ******

For fans of Kings Of Leon, Bryan Adams.

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Titan Breed – ‘Legacy’   Leave a comment

Glaswegian metal band Titan Breed began playing live in 2016, at the renowned Glasgow venue The Garage. Their debut studio 5 track EP, ‘Edge Of The World’, was launched the following year, prior to their Bloodstock Open Air Festival debut, after their victory at Metal To The Masses, that same year.
They’ve already completed their first UK tour, opening for Neshiima and have supported such high-calibre bands as Obituary and Alien Weaponry. Since earning a reputation for their huge live impact and tight performance, their weapon of choice, to deliver their signature style is front man Johnny Malice.

Having spent the rest of this year completing their next EP, ‘Legacy’ is due for release on Valentine’s Day, 2020. Contained within it are 5 tracks, entitled, ‘Legacy’, ‘Destined To Fail’, ‘The Key To Fear’, ‘A Change Of Fate’ and ‘We Bring Destruction’.

A thrash and groove soaked number, encased in melodic artillery, ‘Legacy’ cements TB’s well earned reputation as ones to watch, for 2020. It represents the next step forward in TB’s career. Available in physical and digital formats, from 14th February 2020.

Legacy – Opening with a poignant, sombre bass and acoustic guitar tone, evolving into crushing vocals and heavy metal drumming and riffing. Still surprisingly melancholic, but plenty of grit and crunch, to compensate. A hard-lined edge to a profound melody. Well conveyed. Very capable performance, delivered with strong collective energy.

Destined To Fail – Slicing through the air, with an electric riff intro and ably supporting drums. Coarsely sharpened vocals, segueing into a higher melody. Lots of raw vocalisation in here. Good memorable rhythm to the chorus. It’s a gradually unfolding melody, with a ton of power behind it. A muscly track, ending on a final drum hit and shout.

The Key To Fear – Faster, instantaneous paced intro. Harder, heavier, more steel edged stuff. Confident expression, with a sexily conveyed electrifying slide riff. This is the standout track, so far. Catchy, from the start, great speed elements, gelling well with the cheese grater sharp vocals. Carefully and cleverly timed, laced with a constant acuity, closing with a razor-sharp outro.

A Change Of Fate – Tech metal intro, expertly paced, in a stop-start formation. Vocals growing more and more blackened. Very decent harmony, bridging the deathier segments, showcasing TB’s capacity for interweaving melodies and crusty vocals. Aptly heavy drums. More intricate arrangements reveal themselves, as it progresses. Fading out on an expertly delivered group harmony, within a blacker solo.

We Bring Destruction – Excellent spinning drum roll intro, turning over in a highly energised way. More melody to this. Well suited to its faster, chasing pace. Clear vocals, filled with collective energy and raw power. There’s a strong catchy essence infusing this. Lyrical-melodic marriage. Memorably performed finale, stacked with strength and conviction.

Overall – ‘Legacy’ is one impressive EP, shot through with stacks of passion, intelligent structures and a clearly honed unique, signature sound. An unchallengeable strength echoes throughout and TB are definitely a band to watch and a must see live act.

9/10 *********

For fans of Line Of Fire, Trucker Diablo, Kyrbgrinder, Hellrazer, Klogr, Pelugion, Psython, Reign Of Fury’s ‘slammier’ ‘World Detonation’ tracks.


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Bodoni – ‘Devil In The Crypt’   Leave a comment

Taken from their 2018 ‘liveb’ EP, ‘Devil In The Crypt’ is the new single from Italian alt rock band Bodoni.

Inspired by 90’s grunge, their influences include Pixies, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots etc. Their sound is one of fuzzy guitars and strong vocal melodies.

A big, instantaneous sound, with a huge riff and a growing intensity, ‘DITC’ is both poignant and bold, with an infectious essence.

Expected to make waves, globally, they’ve already gained favour amongst the underground.

Devil In The Crypt – Surprisingly heavy riff intro. Very clear Nirvana-esque grunge emphasis, coming through the vocals too. A lot of energy within this track, echoing ‘Never Mind’, in a big way. Effectively down tuned key keeps that flattened sound going well. Lots of naked aggression screams through a dulled down soundscape, with darkness pervading. Impressively passionate and darkly mesmeric.

7/10 *******

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Black Sachbak – ‘Vs The Future’   Leave a comment

Introducing Israeli thrash/crossover band Black Sachbak, whose new album, ‘Vs The Future’ was released earlier in the year, through Combat Records/EMP Label Group. As was the associated ‘FTL’ video. They follow the debut ‘No Pay, No Gain’ album, launched on October 27th, 2013, mastered by Scott Atkins.

After numerous well attended European tours, they’re now prepared to support Arizona thrash Legends Atrophy, this coming March. That tour runs for 18 days, throughout the European mainland.

All music by BS. Recorded and mixed at Kicha and Iscream Studios, TLV, by Eli Pikover and mastered by Ronen Hill. Cover art by Andrei Bouzikov.

BS are a 4 piece band.

Intro – Sinister voice-over, spoken over a mysteriously dark instrumental.

Race And Wealth – Opening with sirens, whammy and vibrato, setting the scene for a high action track. Speed riffs of a very Motorhead-esque bent chase the lyrics around, as aptly Lemmy-esque vocals paint the picture. Just a fun fest of lively metal, to the end.

The Core – Drums intro, with expressive, high speed riffs. It’s a spirited track, with heaps of atmosphere and aggressive harmonies. Good collective cohesion. Effectively placed near stop-start section, re-launching another burst of metallic sounds. Just throwing metal mania in your face, till the energetic closing drum roll.

NSP-Fly – An oration announces a trailer, before it segues into high-energy riffs. A catchy metal chorus is the USP here. Generally, a very riff heavy song, with plenty of melody and a joyful simplicity. Lots of fun to be had in this track, sporting a strong pop metal essence, with a well-placed power scream and a blend of Rammstein and (The) Offspring flavour. Light-hearted contagion).

Time Quest Assassin – Hard edged drum intro and a lower key. Again, lots of involved, busy riffage and a slight Rammstein feel. Stacking up the aggression and melody, it’s very much a group vocal, throughout, getting more incensed, till the end. Another riff centred one, with a strong passion detectable within.

The Michael Jackson Job – Energised drum hits intro, with an equally fast-paced riff section and a funky emphasis. Moving into a weirdly fun cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Black Or White’! Returning to an apparent mix of ‘Bad’. Over in a flash, leaving a strange sense of WTF just happened?

Party Hard Living Tight – Great riff intro there! Heaps of melody speeding up, throwing in some shouts, before upping the pace some more. A raw and passionate display of animated aggression. Again, there’s something quite Offspring-esque about it and it races along, in a blur of glorious chaos.

Feast Of Aurora – Gentle, slow paced acoustic intro’s. Now presenting a softer side, even through the rawness of the vocals. A poignancy enters, moving from solo, to group vocals, before the force of metal insanity takes over. Returning to the power angle, yet keeping an edge of pathos. Throwing in some more whammy, with the vocals growing stronger. Pleasant bit of bass in there, between the riffing. Gorgeous piece of descending scale and a strategically placed drum and bass section, alongside that impressively held vocal note. Well performed sustain and feedback closing riff. Lots of enjoyment to be had in this track.

FTL – Bizarre advert opens! Luckily, it’s soon replaced by more engaging, angry metal. There’s still a vague classic echo within this brief, but eccentric track.

Escape – Introing with a carefully delivered dark riff, courting intrigue, then moving into another highly energised riff and drum section, with a decent bit of bass hidden within it. Notably well handled climbing riffs combined with aptly blended drums. Very much a band vocal effort here, growing in energy, till the closing scream. Slight echo of Reign Of Fury’s ‘Born To Die’ in the chorus.

Anti-Chip – Fresh, zesty riff opening, with more space and breath. Powerful vocals joining. Well held notes again. Great riff solo! Drums keeping that infectious energy going. It’s a short, but strong blitz of metal.

Fight Against Sobriety – Once more, the creeping bass opens, prior to the dark descent into the riff abyss. Speeding drums make their presence known. Now, the vocals really go for it, throwing out the passion, through furious shouts, combined with lower, melodic sections. Echoing Mind Patrol’s ‘Till We Die’, in places. A blizzard of raging riffage still holds a big melody. An impressive collective effort includes a strongly executed stop-start close.

Overall – A barrel of metallic fun, from start to finish. Loaded with energy and clear rooted passion, it’s a great listen, with stacks of powerful emphasis. Give ‘Vs The Future’ a whirl now.

9/10 *********

For fans of Motorhead, The Offspring, Reign Of Fury, Rammstein, Mind Patrol.

‘FTL’ video –

Album stream –


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