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‘Sordid Songs For A Cold Grey Sun’, new release from Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf follows his previous launches, ‘Clef Doom’ (2015), the self titled ‘Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf (2017), on Soman Records and ‘Shadow In The Well/Lilith Crimson Deep’, on Black Doomba Records, who have now launched ‘SSFACGS’.

Eric Vogt was subsequently replaced by Dennis Reid (Bludy Gyres, Negative Wall), following numerous mini-tours of West and mid-North America.

Also known from Hallows Eve (Metal Blade Records), Tommy produces at Blue Ogre Noise Lab and TSD frequently plays live doom perspectives of Hallows Eve.

This 3rd EP, ‘SSFACGS’ launched on 6th December 2019 and the next scheduled release, a full double album, will arrive this year.

Wheels Of Confusion – Brilliant whooshing sound intro’s, onto a sci-fi-esque, doom backdrop. Low vocals, down-tuned bass and slow pace further entrenches the dark doom flavour. Gentle cymbal touches and fading background drums add an aura of mystery. As the pace picks, the sound folds in on itself, like a spiral coil maze. Experimenting with pace and tempo alternations, becoming increasingly percussive, eventually fading out, slowly, it’s a rumbling track, with meditative, mesmeric qualities.

Thy Graveless Soul – Deep, rumbling bass riff opens. Sharper vocals this time and an easier, looser flow. A popping sensation accompanies the melody, evocative of bubbles bursting, in a dark, dank cave. This doesn’t veer much from the rhythm or pace and delivers like a vortex, slowly sucking you in.

Hollow Heart – Now a new, intriguing angle intro’s, very bass led, with an ominous sense creeping forward. Keep all the lights on for this. A touch of feedback creates more atmosphere and the pure instrumental nature leaves much to the imagination. The sameness and stillness just exudes darkness.

Sad Stormy Sunday – Opening on a low-key riff, vocals peaking, joined by backing vocals. Getting into its stride, with a steady rhythm and a clearer melody. It’s a little jivier than the rest, climbing up to a higher pitch, with more involved accompaniments, but the doomy depths are still stark. The vocals dip and fade out, at the end.

Overall – Still as doomy as ever, but this is darker and lacking variation, in contrast to previous releases. It can certainly be said to have retained the cautious delivery and the vocal timbre’s a tad more experimental, with perhaps more focus on the lighter end of the scale. However, this production’s just a little too samey, dark and slow-paced, with very few tonal changes and needs more melody injected into it, to bring the mood up, slightly.

8/10 ********

For fans of Bludy Gyres, Mourning Glory, Motherslug, Bong Cauldron, Terrible Old Man, Gravehuffer.


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