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A 6 track re-issue of Germany’s Torpedo’s debut demo, ‘Mechanic Tyrants’ now comes complete with brand-new cover art. Entirely independently produced, from scratch, in a basement, after its initial release in June 2019, the first copies sold out immediately, hence the re-issue.

The energetic speed metallers only formed in November 2018, as a side project, intended mainly as a tribute band, throwing in some originals. Their band name came from guitarist Alex Starbreaker’s original band, years before, which didn’t prove destined to succeed, so the name was used for this band instead. It was decided on as the best bet, as it’s simple, memorable, metallic and explosive.

‘Mechanic Tyrants’ was influenced by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Terminator’ films. Specifically, to symbolise the man v machine theme. Tank and Raven are also strong inspirations. The music on ‘MT’ is mostly improvised, during recording, contributing to the sincerity of the sound, combining old school speed and NWOBHM.

Already, new material is in production.

Maniac – Straight into a classic speed riff! Attention-grabbing, from the start. This is raw, edgy and passionate, with all the glorious roughness of the self-production it is). Right away, the old school feel’s audible, with an original twist and it’s enlivening and hugely enthused, throughout! Great closing power scream. Truly catchy and impossibly addictive.

Mechanic Tyrants – Contagious riff intro, with that rough around the edges feel, adding to the upbeat atmosphere. Once more, that trad influence is there, with hookey riffs, forever familiar, with their own unique spins. Climbing up the scales, emitting crackling explosions of enthused power screams. Very Metallica-esque, carrying ‘Kill ‘Em All’ echoes of ‘Motorbreath’, especially.

Victim Of Desire – Punchy drum intro, setting the scene for thrashy speed riffs and screams to match. A little more gravelly, in a Lemmy-esque way. Built to last, this holds a great balance of old school and new wave, with all the catch and rhythm to complete it. Constructed around a simple riff, ending with a ‘Master Of Puppets’-esque evil laugh, it’s something approaching a resurrected Motorhead, for the modern age.

Sons Of Evil – Now it heats up, with a powerful drum intro, bashing out the rhythm, accompanied by equally heavy riffs. Really sexy hard-edged stuff in here! Another catchy pace and melody to lose yourself in. Delightfully metallic and plausibly steel. Combining derivations of ‘Ride The Lightning’ era Metallica and classic ‘Aces’ era Motorhead, with a signature flourish, growing into itself, with an ever-increasing confidence. Loving those riffs and the generally sexy atmosphere). Perfectly placed drum beats and a hugely cohesive sound, closing on another elegantly executed power scream.

Wrath Of God – Speeding it up again, this returns to the ‘Kill ‘Em All’ Metallica era, with a complimentary Diamond Head-esque flavour. Some brilliant twiddly para-diddles in here and it’s just so engaging. A few more of those ace screams and a final ‘Black Betty’ type Ram Jam flourish, adding the perfect finishing touch.

Idiocracy – Opening on a more reflective riff, gradually building it up, into a beautiful, serene melody and a steadily emerging, heavier rhythm, with pure precision. Picking up the pace, to a faster rattle. Still something slightly sombre about the melody, in parts, but for the most part, it’s driven, rapid and uplifting. Easing into the flow and topping it off, with crazed riffs, gritty vocals and a huge helping of fun. It’s a riff finale that steers, sexily, into the skid.

Overall – If ever there was a stark reminder of how to do metal, from the ground up, it’s ‘Mechanic Tyrants’. Yes, it may be derivative, but it’s a pure joy to hear and it has all the right elements nailed. In need of some care-free, exhilarating speed metal, to rip away all the cares of the day and remind you where the fun lies? Give this a spin.

9/10 *********

For fans of Metallica, Diamond Head, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Ram Jam, Focus.

Cover art by Flo Flait – Vocals
Alex Starbreaker – Guitar
Danny Kek – Bass
Phil Stresey – Drums

‘Mechanic Tyrants’ can be pre-ordered on LP – black vinyl, insert, as part of a limited edition 400 run, or on CD, as one of a limited run of 500. Pre-order on:

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