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Alloy formed in Uppsala, Sweden, during the latter half of 2018. Each member bringing their own musical backgrounds to the band, the 5 piece were founded as a result of a Facebook group post by Joel (guitar/bass), about wanting to start a band. The rest of Alloy are Suvi (vocals), Gael (drums), Nils (guitar/bass) and Victor (guitar). Influenced by a mixture of heavy thrash and gentle alt/indie, their sound is consequently, unique.

Signed to CRS Records, their singles so far include: ‘Through Hell’, ‘Prison Of The Mind’ and ‘Free Spirit’. ‘Through Hell’ can be accessed on YouTube.

Through Hell – Good creeping steady intro. Very capable, Blondie-esque feminine vocals. This production’s a little low in volume, but it’s got all the right ingredients. Well handled riffs, decently spaced out drum hits, allowing the song to breathe and the melody’s catchy and upbeat enough to be memorable and warrant further listens. Ending on some carefully plucked riffs. A good sound and an enjoyable, laid-back feel, with a clear rocky essence.

7/10 *******

Prison Of The Mind – Great bluesy intro. Very classy feel to the vocals. A strong old school blues rock sound, with a psychedelic edge. Quite compelling riffs, with a lot of stop-start action. Staying on the same route, throughout, it’s a focused track, with room for contemplation. All in all, a pleasant, relaxed listen.

6/10 ******

Free Spirit – Opening with a warm, inviting riff and bass line, like a slowed down, chilled out AC/DC. Speeding up, this holds the same psychedelic tinge as the previous tracks. Good harmonies. Well paced. A lot of consistency in those vocals and something of an airy edge to them, whilst still retaining the deft handling. Again, there’s a breath in the track and a strategically positioned blues uplift, giving it that extra twist. The male backing vocals come in at just the right point and there’s a noticeable twang to the riffs. Another good listen.

7/10 *******

Overall – As separate singles, these are fairly impressive, with a decent grasp of listenability and a good blues streak within each. Together, they’re slightly stronger, with a psychedelic feel in common, creating a nostalgia of their own. The audio values do need increasing slightly, but generally, the melodies work and the energy’s upbeat, with potential hooks.

7/10 *******

For fans of Blondie, Purson, Pentangle, Arapacis, Blue Oyster Cult.

‘Free Spirit’ will be released on 31st January 2020.
‘Prison Of The Mind’ is scheduled for release on 18th February 2020.

‘Through Hell’ video:

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