Mother Mersy – ‘Girl With Ocean Eyes’   Leave a comment

Mother Mersy, from Sweden, formed in 2015. Their sound is one of modern rock ‘n’ roll, with harmonic grooves and a light-hearted feel.

This new single, ‘Girl With Ocean Eyes’ moves into shadier aspects of sound, incorporating choral structures and a combo of psychedelia and heavy riffs and bass lines.

Girl With Ocean Eyes – Dark, ominous intro, fading in gradually, with a building intensity. Very old school groove to it. Smooth, silken vocals. Melodic, with a strong psychedelic tinge. Mesmeric rhythms and easy, effortless riffs. Powerful scream, pitch perfect, with a hard-core edge. Ending on those same screams, there’s a cool flow to this track and that’s its USP. An exacting performance, with clear direction and evident feel for the music. Strategic use of stop-start sections, in the appropriate places and a seamless synchronicity, throughout. Impressive track, with chill-out qualities.

8/10 ********

For fans of Blue Oyster Cult, The Doors, Suede, Deep Purple.

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