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Dead Earth was founded by ex-Hemi Devils vocalist Jack Sabolich, in January 2018. Presently, ‘DE’ are a 6 piece band. Largely riff-centred, their music is more trad than most, with seasonal inspirations, on the darker side.

‘Truth Hammer’ is their 2nd release, following their debut EP, ‘Pollution’ (August 2018). ‘TH’ is a full-length album, comprising 7 new tracks and 6 re-mixes from ‘Pollution’.

Both productions were prepared at Brainchild Studios. Amassing over 40 gigs so far, both inter and out-of-state, including 2 years running at the Cleveland Metal Holiday Show, DE have also performed alongside the likes of Destructor, Nunslaughter, Midnight and more.

Forever honing their signature sound, DE’s main ambition is to keep doing what they’re doing and keep the flame of hard rock and heavy metal alive, for current and future generations.

Rock & Roll Machines – Enormous thumping intro! That’s what you call unmistakably rock! Very AC/DC-esque. Only even heavier. Packed with plenty of great riffs and loud, anthemic vocals, to get off on. Everything about this just screams hard rock and roll. Flawless sound values. Consistent beats. Moreish melodies. It ticks every box.

Endless Ruins – Opening on an initially muffled riff, exploding into a firework fest of metal. Just filled with heavy drums, sparky riffs and rolling, thunderous vocals. Well timed. Lively. Loud as hell. Everything you want in a rock song.

Steel Coffins – Banging intro. Straight into its stride. Moving, naturally, into a sexy, red hot sound. Real classic rock lyrics. Powerful screams. Riffs hotting up and speeding along, with the palpably steel drums. Never compromising on the strength of that sound, for a minute. It’s got it all.

Green Earth – Another powerful intro, coming in, with no hesitation. Very trad approach here. Vocals filled with hard-lined passion. Inventive riff melodies. Just generally, a real hard-core sound. Addictive stuff.

Voodoo Queen – Drums beating an intro stacked with old school metal crunchy flavour. Truly plausible vocals suit these punchy rhythms. It suddenly gets a little Joan Jett-esque, around the mid-section, while still carrying huge echoes of Trucker Diablo’s ‘Voodoo’. This is thoroughly male and sexy as fuck. Slight reminders of a heavied up Shoctopus. Just chunky and strong and incredibly heavy.

Death Ride – Hard as hell again. Right into a rock ‘n’ roll narrative theme. It gets a bit theatrical now, in a Coyote Ugly manner. Clear echoes of ‘Devil Went Down To Georgia’ in here, but of course, those guitar licks are thoroughly unique and they really stand out. Great choice of guitar, creating a truly individual sound. Ending on a glorious shout. It just beams rays of metallic glory.

Truth Hammer – Speed riffs open up, taking it into real catchy territory. Rhythms to die for. Startling effect. It’s a proper rock ‘n’ roll train. Couldn’t get much heavier than this. Always keeping that anthemic thread and the hard as steel essence. Enough to blow your brains out and still have you begging for more. Getting faster and heavier and finally, closing on the hardest, most gravel-soaked vocals you’ve ever heard! That’s immense!

I Am Rock – A new direction now, introing with steel string riffs and a solo voice, shouting it out, for all its worth, before segueing into yet another astoundingly strong metal-entrenched melody. True transportation to the land of metal). Those drums provide the perfect foundation for this rhythm, working in complete tandem with the riffs and humongously impassioned vocals. Still retaining that AC/DC feel. Airbourne fans’ll obviously dig this, too. Alternating the rhythm, to the guise of a chugging rock ‘n’ roll train, at the close).

Kingsbury Run – Kicking off with another rhythmic drum roll. Setting the scene for more of the same. Eye-poppingly migrainous metal heaven! Clear mosh pit fun to be had here. It’s just a hit and this entire album is clearly all killer, no filler. Get lost in this and thrash it out, to your heart’s content. Insanely good).

Stand – Right in there, with more blistering metal epicness. A feast for the senses. Not wasting a single second or a single opportunity to showcase their utter devotion to and heartfelt passion for the craft and catharsis that is metal. So damn catchy and contagious, it’s untrue. Some fabulous twiddly para-diddles in there, destined to take you higher. Closing on a staggeringly powered roar.

Pollution – Rapid-fire drum roll opening. Riffs firing their way in there, like a deadly machine-gun attack. Climbing up to another level of aceness, we have here, metallic gold. Once again, we hear those AC/DC-esque echoes and it’s just glorious. No other word for it, but powerful and that’s a massive understatement. Those vocal roars are something else. The whole thing’s incredible and reels you in.

Kingdom Of Lies – Introing on a really catchy riff, sliding into the skid. Proper hard-core party rock. Sleek, slick breakdowns, taking it fully into mosh pit metal territory. Blistering finger-picking going on there, screaming with high-class melodies and a siren-like edge. Razor sharp vocals, harder than hell accompaniments and all you need, to take you to metal paradise.

Overall – Stone the god damn crows, it’s rare you’ll ever hear anything this heavy, this powerful or with this level of stamina. This is the kind of album exceeding all your wildest expectations and it keeps on delivering. Truly earth-shattering stuff.

10/10 **********

For fans of AC/DC, Airbourne, Kyrbgrinder, KLOGR, Line Of Fire, Trucker Diablo, GraviL, Motorhead.

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