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Presenting Gent’s new release, ‘Silence Of A Gun’. The track’s origins lie in the desire to convey the way in which relationship splits can hit in a silent, but deadly manner. This was visually conveyed within the video, by Andy (front man and Gent founder) being chased by a horse, with a gun. In an almost synchronistic way, events took a turn towards the bizarre, during the shoot, in that the aims of the physical sequences ended in the opposite aims happening. So all the different faces of the Gent were compelled to do the opposite of their planned moves. On this occasion, a female Gent was employed and again, her originally planned lead role was forced, by necessity of events, as they unfolded, to evolve into something else.

Shot in Peterborough, the inclement weather conditions on the day necessitated a re-shoot, in King’s Lynn, 2 days on. Ever think Gent are plagued by fate?

‘SOAG’ follows ‘Warning Sign’, the previous release. Both videos were produced by Tembo Visuals.

Silence Of A Gun – Video – Introing with a combo of live band shots and images of a character in a horses head mask, beside a woman in a park. Cutting to Andy walking alone, through the park and then being chased by both those characters, with toy water pistols, representing guns. Eventually, mindlessly turning on each other, as Andy is driven against a wall, with nowhere to go. A fun, but revealing demonstration of how real-life events can unfold. Fits the music well.

‘SOAG’ audio track – Laid-back intro, with a soft rock essence and a plucky feel. Effortlessly capable and something of a film soundtrack about it. Light touch on the guitars. Gently rocky vocals, pleasingly melodic. Still carrying that sense of mysterious intrigue familiar to Gent. Ending smoothly and steadily, it’s a mid-paced number, loosely delivered, in a freestyle technique. Pleasant listen, with relaxed tones and a well honed air. Gent have clearly built their sound, to a tighter, yet easily conveyed signature.

7/10 *******

For fans of The Clash, The Stranglers, The Velvet Underground, The Stereophonics.


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