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Introducing 3rd 5 track album from The Kadeem Ward Project, ‘Dilemma Of Dispersal Ageing Or A Continuum To Departure’.

Twilight (Vision II) – Random percussive intro. Experimental, from the outset. Showcasing a combination of gentle acoustic riffs, stringed instruments and repetitive melody, picked out in a plucky fashion. Quite jazzy, in some respects and tricky to pin down and categorise as strictly one thing or another. Lots of wah wah use. Could do with greater development, though it does gain slightly more intensity, in places. Competent performance, but more variation needed. Could pass for trance music. The psychedelic tone grows more prominent, towards the end, as a slight funk element becomes audible. It’s overlong, though and wanders into the ambient mood music arena. A track this length needs a lot more pitch and rhythm alternations. Musicality wise, it’s very capable and clearly technically proficient, just over-extensive, stretching out the sameness, to the death, resembling a never-ending ‘Pink Panther’ theme.

Separation Destiny – (Vision II) – Opening with a low bass tone and some cymbal action. Again, very mesmeric. Running along much the same lines as the previous track. Slight Latino tinge to it. A bit of a continental flavour, with the same sense of endlessness. Yes, it’s ably delivered, but it just takes forever, with very little deviation from the same rhythm, tone and melody. Staying largely in that down-tuned key, a little more cymbal work enters the equation, but that bass note must have holes worn in it, by now. The riffs lift a bit, playing with the possibility of raising the mood, before moving into a raindrop effect. Longer than most prog tracks, put together. A bit more wah later on …. much later on. Could have done with that touch of colourful riffage much earlier. Unfortunately, it comes far too late and it’s just interminable, reverting back to the agonising bass note and a random 2 chord strums ending.

Glaciated Sama-Bajau Beacon (Vision II) – Introing on a more colourful wobble section. A distant sense of detachment enters here. The horizon is visible. (If seemingly unreachable). A strange rhythmic arrangement permeates this. There’s perhaps more funk feel to it and a lighter tone, but it’s still very samey. A drum presence adds a stronger beat, but once again, it becomes mesmerically trance-like. Some higher pitched riffs play over the top, seeming a bit mis-placed. Those tones just don’t gel with the ambient mood and may have been better alone. Evolving, briefly, into a Portishead-esque sound, they seem to be playing a different track altogether. Again, they’re musically well capable. Just better suited to another background accompaniment. The riffs are going off in a totally different direction to the rest and would perhaps be better as a solo instrument.

Entropy (Vision II) – Opening with a catchy beat and a funkier, more upbeat riff tone. A trippier track, with a stronger psychedelic theme. More tolerable and uplifting, but still echoing that chant-like hypnotic surrealism. Slightly more freestyle, experimentalism comes to the fore. Like being trapped on a vividly hallucinogenic helter-skelter, indefinitely. Still, it confirms my earlier suspicions, on the riff angle. Definitely better as the main focus. Fading out on more of the same riffage.

Gloat (Vision II) – A slightly tighter, more mysterious intro. Combining funky beats with a lot of wah and some cymbals, in amongst the lighter riffs. Something of an improvisation feel to this, with a jam atmosphere. Still not deviating much from the same repetitive melody, even the lighter tones considered, it’s a bit of a chore. Skilled artistry taken into account, it really is vastly overstretched. Merging psychedelia with prog, it travels off in no particular direction. Just going its own hazy way. Pleasant atmospherics aside, this just stretches on, into infinity and beyond. Too much, even for the most ardent fan.

Overall – Stretching way beyond the limits of all human endurance, this has to be the longest 5 track album in existence. Pathologically intense, the level of repetition and focused monotony is extraordinary and the track lengths, interminable. Whilst the musical proficiency and stamina are commendable, as is the inventive improvisation, this production is tedious, beyond description and intolerably long.

4/10 ****

For fans of The Eden Project

http://www.musicbykadeemward.bandcamp.com/album/dilemma-of-dispersal-aging-or-a-continuum-to-departure (Free Download).

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