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Already having built widespread global acclaim, Baleful Creed now present their 3rd album, ‘The Lowdown’.

Formed 2009, the Belfast-based band began with cover songs and rapidly evolved, into an originals outfit. Inspirations include Black Sabbath, Danzig and Fireball Ministry. That same year, their debut EP, ‘Killing Time’ landed.

Following a change of recording studio, next came the bigger sounds of ‘Buried Beneath’ (2011) and ‘III’ (2012), both of which were produced by Neal Calderwood, at Manor Park. This EP trio was at that point, available exclusively from the band’s Bandcamp Page.

The final 2 EP’s were eventually combined, re-mixed and mastered into a complete debut album, aptly self titled, introducing the world to the hard stoner rock sound that is Baleful Creed. This time, echoes of A.I.C., Kyuss and Soundgarden were thrown into the mix. ‘Baleful Creed’ was launched on 29.12.13.

The following year, the band’s base was updated and 2015 saw BC writing and recording new material, continuing throughout 2016. On 6 June 2017, their next album, ‘Seismic Shifter’ hit our shores. Produced back at Manor Park Studios, ‘SS’ shows a more ingrained, solid sound.

Bringing things up-to-date, this upcoming album, ‘The Lowdown’, showcases BC, at their finest, evolving into more creative arenas.

Amongst their achievements so far are: playing support for Firebird, Praying Mantis, Massive Wagons, Stone Broken, Those Damn Crows, Jex Throth, Void Moon and Dio tribute band Rising; appearances at Winterstorm, Loverocks, Crazy Cowboy 4, Wildfire, Rockwich and ComMUNIon Of Rock Fests, explosive sets on tour, featuring on Planet Rock and 5 x chart-topping tracks on Hard Rock Hell Radio.

As ‘TL’ launches, this year, it’s set to be a big hitter, especially amongst their army of fans in what’s known as ‘BC Global Family’. Recently tagged, at their debut London show as ‘band of the day, crowd of the day’, BC are primed to blow your ears off, with the long-awaited album, ‘TL’.

Mr Grim – Opening with that unmistakably heavy drum stoner riff sound typical of BC). Straight away, there’s an even stronger edge to these vocals, pouring grit into the mix. That easily rolling rhythm gets into you, without missing a beat. Catchy melody to the chorus, it’s a tight, cohesive track, delivered with effortless craftsmanship.

The Phoenix – Boom! Even heavier intro. Getting right into the stoner vibe. Mid-paced rhythm, just rocking along, with plenty of vocal gravel. That drum beat stands out here and an easy relaxed flow moves through the track, till the tight, concise ending.

Pilot My Head – Solid beat introing, this is a looser feel. More of a light-hearted vibe. Still got that effortless presentation about it. A lot of consistency in those vocals, never losing that gritty sound. It’s got a great groove to it and it ends so heavily, with a bluesy, gravel soaked vocal). Effective, melodic, crunchy and very Line Of Fire-esque.

Riled Up – Taking it up, instantly, into higher territory, the upbeat feel works perfectly, with the faster paced rhythm. The immediacy just gets you and you just couldn’t fail to be uplifted by this dizzying track. The ideal backing track to a car chase movie. Coming to a skidding halt, stacked with energy, this has got to be a standout track.

Tramalapam – Sliding in, on a sleek, bluesy riff, backed by a powerful stoner essence. Relatable lyrics (for some). A strong Kyuss atmosphere, with a hint of Down and a touch of Corrosion Of Conformity. You’ll get into that chorus, before you know it. Sailing along, on a free, laid-back arrangement. Bringing that riff up and down the scales, gorgeously, in that bluesy stoner way, it rocks along, so sexily, till the cool ease of the fade-out. Buzzing with rocky thrills.

Confused – A lighter, but still well timed touch on the drums, it’s a seamless intro. Don’t be fooled by that, though, cos this track racks up the heaviness factor, in no time). Here’s where the heavier blues angle lies. Just going for it, with flawless exhilaration. The fun factor’s just as audible, even through the fuzzy section surrounding the finale, where keys blend with the rest.

One Shot – Mysterious film script opens, before moving, smoothly, into a deep groove and catchy melody, bound to get you humming along. A real strength sings out in this. Another hook-loaded track, filled with huge stoner blues rock emphasis. Fading out idyllically, on a bass buzz. Again, very C.O.C.-esque, memorable and catchy as hell.

End Game – Huge heavy intro, massive determination in those lyrics. Great narrative themes. Like a shot of adrenaline, it’s an energy packed track, screaming with authenticity and maximum crunch. A briefer, but incredibly powerful track.

Line Of Trouble – Beautifully smooth bass intro, taking it straight into more contemplative territory. So cathartic, it’s a sound that’ll get into your soul. That melody’s to die for. Very intriguing lyrics, with such conviction within them. Slight touch of wah-wah and the track soars. Over too soon, this is one addictive track, with a well-defined ending.

Southgate Of Heaven – Kicking it off with a solid drum hit. Segueing into a really bluesy sound, with a raunchy edge. Accessible rhythm, with great blues piano sections incorporated into it. There’s a real kick to this track and it lifts the mood, immediately. Fabulous harmonica section in there. So catchy, huge blues essence and a massive swing to the groove. Flying on, to a propeller-like outro, this is a perfect finale.

Overall – ‘The Lowdown’ is everything I expected it to be and more. A clear sign of Baleful Creed’s ever-growing ease with their own sound and another line, marking their progression, to even more versatile arenas. It’s got blues, stoner, hard/heavy rock and groove-laden melodies to kill. BC’s star has just risen higher. ‘TL”s the ideal mood lifter, to unwind with and forget all the bullshit. Grab a copy now.

10/10 **********

For fans of Down, Corrosion Of Conformity, Kyuss, Line Of Fire, Danzig, Trucker Diablo, Black Stone Cherry, Alice In Chains.

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