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After 3 years of radio silence, Night return, with their next release, the 2 track ‘7 “‘, following 2017’s ‘Raft Of The World’. Revealing a fresh sound, ‘7 “‘ is a live studio production, featuring new drummer Linus Fritzson (Ambush).

Originally known as R.O.C.K., this Swedish-based band began by reflecting their main influences, Judas Priest and Saxon. 2012 brought their debut release, since when, their sound has grown to a traditional old school rock and metal combo. They’re now developing their sounds, into more diverse arenas.

With this new release, Night move more intensively, back to the 70’s, 80’s and disco eras, which was what the live production aimed to capture.

A new album is anticipated this autumn. Now returning to working with original ‘ROTW’ producer Ola Ersfjord, (Primordial, Dead Lord, Imperial State Electric), ‘7 “‘ precedes the forthcoming album and it’s hoped it’ll whet fans appetites for more.

Feeling It Everywhere – Eerie sci-fi-esque intro gives way to a pop rock sound, with echoes of early soft rock influences. Certainly plenty of rhythm here and it’s melodically strong, building the mood up, to gradually stronger beats and unusually melancholic atmospherics, becoming lighter, as it progresses. A brief track, with a rapid pace, a bouncy beat and an abrupt end.

Kings Of The Night – Darker, yet more hopeful, uplifting intro. Very drum focused, striking riffs and a clearer power angle. Surer vocals, still haunting melodies, but with lighter arrangements. Going for it, with more involved riffs, around the mid-section. Moving between shades of light and dark, alternating the pace, here and there, growing more confident, towards the end. There’s a definite tang about it, blending power metal feel, with sci-fi-esque, tech metal and early old school influences. It’s an acquired sound, with a complex aspect.

Overall – Progressively speaking, ‘7 “‘ is a definite departure away from ‘ROTW’. Clearly heading in a new direction altogether, there’s a much more spacey element to this. Good musicianship, with intriguingly unusual tones, it’s somewhat of an acquired sound.

6/10 ******

For fans of Solitary, ‘War Of The Worlds’, Dark Ocean Society, Dark Years From Now, Dead Happy Electric Six, Chaos Over Cosmos.

Released 3rd April 2020, on The Sign Records. Available digitally and on 7 ” vinyl.

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