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‘In Retrospect’ is the new 6 track EP from Yriel, prog metal band, based in Estonia. Formed in 2017.

Launched on May 7th, 2020, ‘IR’ follows 2 earlier singles, released in April.

This new material has formed into a new project, more fitting for this sound than the former music.

It’s a diverse sound, with many soundalike comparisons. Deep and contemplative, ‘IR’ takes a philosophical stance, covering both inter-and intra-personal themes. The unpredictable, versatile nature of the tracks makes for an intriguing listen.

‘IR’ was produced by Risto Virkhausen and designed by Fengarm. It features founding member and guitarist Ivo Laanelind (ex-Tankist), bassist Margus Traumann (also ex-Tankist and Loits), vocalist Kris Kirs and drummer Tanel Palmroos.

Extra contributors: – Henry Torm (guest solo, track 4), Hains Tooming (violin, track 6), Ruslan Petrov (cello, track 6).

Available internationally, on all digital platforms.

Pagan Bishop – Crushing intro! That’s one heavy sound. Darkly deep metallic vocals. Just a very full, steel sound. The blackness is audible. Still, it’s melodic, but very forceful. Some slightly lighter riff sections, growing more intricate. Massive metal mayhem. A bit like a much heavier Stiltskin.

Traitor – Rapid fire riff intro. A huge burst of metal. Imagine a mash up of Metallica and Kyrbgrinder. That’s how this sounds. Lots of motion within it, like a fast, chugging speed train, chasing a gigantic boulder, in its path. Interesting vocals. Quite versatile, in their own way. A bit of death roaring accompanies the rest, as it races to a halt. Just an intensely palpable experience.

Hypothesis – A surprisingly gentle change of direction now, with soft, classical acoustic riffs, played quite beautifully, in a pure instrumental.

The Final Crescendo – Chaotic sounds intro, like a night-time street chase. Soon moving into a speeding pace. Very intense lyrics, throwing in some unexpected, impressively hit screams. Again, a lot of darkness. There’s something unique about this sound. Slight sense of a more metallic Nick Cave. Very real. More melody in here, but never losing that hardened form. Ending on screeching feedback riffs.

Close To Home – Cymbal action opening, onto a gentler sound, but it does move back into the same darkness again. Just a little more light within the structure. As before, it still doesn’t lose that fulsome, chunky steel emphasis. A cacophony of voices assails you, before the aptly placed steel string riffs take over, yielding to pleasant vocal harmonies. Very slightly ominous, still, it’s definitely heavier and more emphatic than most prog. Sharpened riffs end it.

Sated – Opening on clearly ominous Gothic riffs, then giving way, to a glimmer of light. A vague feel of a metalled up Crash Test Dummies here. Always a polished edge to those riffs. Though the general emphasis is lighter, it still retains a modicum of sinister atmosphere. The death growls return, between the more melodic sections. Vocals holding that last note well.

Overall – A very unusual sound, with a real physicality to the arrangements, ‘IR’ is more intense than you might expect. Though still versatile enough to showcase lighter aspects, it’s generally, quite a dark EP, with a palpably crushing delivery. Complex, in places, it’s as unpredictable as claimed, taking you on an enlightening journey.

8/10 ********

For fans of Stiltskin, Kyrbgrinder, Metallica, SAEPHE, Crash Test Dummies, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Chugger.



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