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Minatox 69 formed in 2010. The Italian quartet launched their debut album, ‘La Foca Nel Deserto’ that year and a 2nd guitarist completed the line-up, in 2012, when the next release, ‘Hot Line’ landed.

Italian tours came next and the band pressed pause, for several years, while other individual projects were pursued. They returned in 2019, releasing a new EP, entitled ‘Zero’ and signing with Mad4Music Management.

Attracting much media attention, including extensive airplay, ‘Zero’ opened the door for numerous live performances, with such legendary bands as Sepultura, Lacuna Coil, After The Burial, etc.

Forthcoming album, ‘Collapse’ showcases Minatox 69, at their best. Produced at SPVN Studio, Milano, Italy, by Stefano Orchid Santi.

This new track, ‘Nothing New Under The Sun’ is intended as a social critique of current society, the perceived forced international communion and the consequent loss of individuality. It also examines digital and societal change, from the perspective of whitewashing and camouflaging the unchanging status quo. The song’s abiding message is that as we, as a society, are both cause and effect of the entrapment we’re moving towards, our one hope for genuine transcendence from this point, lies within ourselves and our awareness of this scenario.

Nothing New Under The Sun –¬†Instant raging death vocals. All accompaniments carry the same degree of enraged aggression. Timed to perfection. Very driven performance, including touches of melody and keeping the vocals audible, however extreme they get. Conveying the furious mood, consistently and rhythmically. Intense, complex riffing, racing pace, all the way. Relentless rage, from start to end. A brief, but dramatic track, with significant impact.

9/10 *********

For fans of Eternal Fear, Skreamer, Pantera, RATM, Linkin Park, Fightstar.


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