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Introducing ‘Believe In Sound’, latest album from UK-based alt/folk rock band Scars Of Sense.

Transcend Ur Reality – Heavy intro, immediate and fresh. A tasty violin, drum and riff combo. Vocals surprisingly aggressive. Still retaining that gentle feel, though. Like an edgier, rawer version of The Levellers. That same sense of mystery present in their earlier work’s still clear. It’s just stepped up a mark, with the stronger vocals.

Re Set – Next Level – Similar sounding track. Clear lyrics, through still aggressive vocals. Narrating a tale of everyday life. The violin does give it a zestier angle. Again, it’s very Levellers-esque. Accessible rhythms. Good flow. An intriguing blend of folk/alt, with extremity.

Tales Of Not So Old – A softer sound now, violin introing, with a strong atmosphere and potent visuals. Quite protest-like, it’s a cohesive fit. The narrative thread’s even more powerful here. Then moving into a snazzier riff section, before returning to the previous sound. It’s a great imaginative track.

Trash – More of a poignant intro now. Very passionate vocals. Moving into a fiery lyrical thread. The vocals flit easily, from soft and gentle, to angry extreme and back again, with the violin segments fitting in well. There’s a very intuitive form going on here.

The Long Road – Opening with a heavy drum roll. It’s another clear protest, Levellers-esque feel. The sound of such otherwise incongruent combinations transcends the usual perceived boundaries of rock and it works so well. Drums growing stronger, rumbling on, through the track, alongside the riffs, violin and vocals.

Temporary World – Introing with a powerful folk essence. Once more, the lyrics rail at society. Vocals growing slightly edgier and stronger, in places. Riffs a tad more fiery here. Violin tones lowering, to accommodate the change of mood. Pace quickening, as the violin pitch heightens. Always, an easy rhythm. Vocals staying heavy. Ending abruptly.

Heal The Hurts – Moving into a slightly heavier realm, whilst not losing that crucial folky feel. It’s a sound that just works. Becoming harder and more pronounced, in places, the structure’s always strong and supportive; the connection, cohesive. Clear messages, throughout.

Berlin – A little snazzier and faster, introing a slightly stronger edge to the vocals and accompaniments. Still, very much Levellers-esque. A delightful summery sound. Something of a Pogues-esque sense to it. Just a gorgeous, capable, colourful track, with a lot of feeling woven through it. Defined, Celtic ending.

Call Of My Spirit – Another beautifully light intro, with heavy edges surrounding it. A perfect outdoorsy, festival vibe. Brief backing vocals add to the strength of the track. Lots of violin input, still working with the aggressive vocals. Slightly echoing an old classic Offspring favourite. Coming together, in a culminating close, the tight-knit end’s notable.

Shine – Straight into an unhesitant intro. Again, it’s the same kind of sound. A pleasant feel, mixing all the various aspects well. Another resonant lyrical message, relatable to most. That angle of the violin’s almost physical. Just a great showcase of how such disparate sections of sound can unite, as one, in a very workable format. Ending definitively.

Overall – ‘BIS’ is a classic showcase of how the band’s sound has grown more refined, without losing its tangible essence. It’s a great, enjoyable listen, especially at this time of year, with its summery festival vibes. A rare example of how well string instruments can work with rockier aspects and metallic edge. Give it a whirl, for a lighter listening experience.

8/10 ********

For fans of The Levellers, The Pogues, The Pixies.

Produced by Graham Waller.

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