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Formed in 2009, Rawfoil began in Italy, as a duo, expanding into a quintet, playing simple classic thrash metal. They then incorporated Iron Maiden, Metallica and Helloween covers into their material.

With some later line-up changes, came new material and their debut, independent, 3 track demo was released late 2011. Live appearances followed, during which, they played alongside countless other underground bands, from Italy and further afield.

From 2014, more line-up changes eventually resulted in the strong, well-honed thrash metal sound of today.

Their debut album launched in 2016, produced by Alex Azzali, at Alpha-Omega Studios, Como.

2020 brings a new 4 track EP, entitled, ‘Tales From The Four Towers’.

People Who Don’t Drink Are Not People – Introing with a verbal exchange, in Italian, exploding, into a fiery thrash riff fest. Blind rage plays out, in an angry blur of metal. Definitely more shouty than sung, but there’s just enough riff melody to make it accessible. The pace is typically fast, injecting a bit more melody, around 3/4 in. Drums growing more prominent, with a bit of cymbal action, towards the end. Just another blur of frantic thrashing, returning to the initial verbal exchange. It certainly makes an impression.

Cult Of The Ignorance – Drums intro, fast and furious. Another blitzkrieg of metallic energy. Lots of vocal aggression. Fiery riffs characterise the track. A short burst of explosive sounds. Just as powerful and group vocals add an edge.

Braindead Diver – Opening with an audio clip of a dive into water. Soon moving into another thrash fest of raging aggression. Slightly more heightened melody in the riffage here. Consistent vocal rage, more collective than is usual. It’s just a speed arena of continued blazing thrash riffs.

Thick Slices (As My Mother’s Like) – An opening spoken language oration. Then right into the racing thrash riffs. This is even faster, like a thrash race. Lots more shouty group vocals. Riffage getting more intense, throwing in a bit of whammy and vibrato, before returning to wholesale rage. Vocals intensifying and finally, back to the Italian language section, at the outro.

Overall – An intense, racing blitzkrieg of thrash, worthy of the classic old school bands. High levels of energy and consistent good sound quality, throughout. More rage than melody, but true migraine inducing thrash, with impressive levels of stamina.

10/10 **********

For fans of Hammerstroke, Bullriff Stampede, Exodus, Testament, Slayer, Warpath, Pantheon UK.


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