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Tarraska – ‘Trailblazer’   1 comment

Hailing from the UK’s South Coast, Tarraska are a straight out rock band, whose sound has grown heavier, over time.

Playing live since 2014, all original material, they’ve played multiple venues, including one big festival show.

‘Trailblazer’ is their debut single, launched on 6th May 2020. Already gathering more than 100 airplays, internationally, plus much positive acclaim, it’s achieved 60 K+ listeners, in more than 50 countries.

Composed by band members Jack Lande and Ben Parker, ‘Trailblazer’ was co-produced by Gareth Matthews and the band, at Absolute Studios and GMmix, Bournemouth, with mastering by Grant Berry, in Manchester. Featuring Jack, Ben and Shaun Brown.

A multi-influenced track, aiming for an ultimately classic hard rock sound, with lyrical allusions to Lemmy Kilmister’s life, as a misfit, judged for his individuality, ‘Trailblazer’s title leads back to that and attempts to capture the sound of a trailblazer.

Originally, the band had aimed to launch a series of DIY singles and then a debut album, till Covid lockdown scuppered it, but the track had already been recorded, prior to the pandemic, so then, the focus was shifted to production and release, mid-lockdown. Producing the following tracks was delayed till August 2020.

Tarraska have now returned to the studio, completing ‘Renegade’, the next single.

Trailblazer – Instant electrifying hard hitter, fast-paced, energetic and solidly rocky. Very real lyrics, plausibly and passionately performed. Great sharp riffs, heavy drums and a big atmosphere. It certainly captures the sound of the title and it’s very catchy, with big hit stamped all over it. Lots of hooky melody. Visually evocative, with that delicious feel, beloved of all classic rock fans. ‘Trailblazer’ makes a powerful statement.

10/10 **********

For fans of Black Stone Cherry, Black Country Communion, Danzig, Furyon, Matt Mitchell And The Coldhearts, Boston, Live, Heaven’s Basement.

The band can be reached on:

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I Am Pariah – ‘Charm Before The Storm’   Leave a comment

Stoke-on-Trent nu-metal core experimental band I Am Pariah now present their new 3 track EP, ‘Charm Before The Storm’. It follows on the heels of their 2018 EP release, ‘Procreate/Annihilate’.

Having already performed live, with Phoxjaw and Light The Torch (Howard Jones – ex Killswitch Engage), on their debut UK tour, the band created ‘CBTS’ in their own individual studios, during Covid 19 lockdown and the EP was produced by Sam Bloor, at Lower Lane Studios.

It aims to capture the changing moods of humanity, at this time, through a combination of melody, metal core and nu-metal, with contemplative, challenging lyrics.

Although initially composed pre-Covid, it evolved, with the overtaking global events, as did the manner of its recording.

The main message of ‘CBTS’ is to recognise the speed with which unpredictable change can occur, in any direction. It also explores various strands of our present social climate.

Now signed with Unearthed Music, for live shows, a new line-up will be announced in 2021.

Suck It Up – Surreal aspect to the drum intro, then an explosion of metal hits. Pretty standard metal core vocals, but well delivered. Lyrically meaningful. Good rhythms. Combining different shades of moods well and the passion comes across. Those nu-metal strands are audible, though it’s much more metal core than nu. A decent melody, with enough catch to make it a worthwhile listen. Ending as explosively as it began.

Sicko – A bigger sound, with more impact. Slight sleaze elements and clearer vocal aggression. Alternating between spoken and sung sections, speeding it up, towards the mid-point. It’s definitely passionately felt. Stronger collective cohesion. Relatable, accessible lyrics. More powerful drumming and vocals increasingly extreme. Ending on another drum blast.

Kill The Modern World – Softer opening. Immediately, a melancholy tone enters, amongst the lighter-hearted melodies. The most contemplative track yet. The mood dips are audible. Thoughtful expression. Well placed keys. Riffs growing sharper and more frantic, with more thinking space breathing between the lyrics. Notable and well approved Linkin Park-esque finale!)

Overall – A thoughtfully constructed EP, ‘CBTS’ definitely does what it aims to do, both lyrically and instrumentally. Carefully structured, allowing for thought space, between the vocals, it blends the nu-metal, melody and metal core elements well. Reflecting shifting moods notably skilfully, it’s a versatile, worthwhile listen.

8/10 ********

For fans of Death Blooms, Deified, Centrilia, Linkin Park.

Pre-order –

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Lil Grin – ‘Digital Hater’   Leave a comment

‘Digital Hater’ is the new video from Siberian trap-metal core duo Lil Grin. Containing a combination of down tuned riffs, electronic rhythms and a diversity of vocals, it’s out now, online.

Written in response to the widespread phenomenon of Internet trolling, specifically aimed at musicians, ‘DH’ is a call to musical solidarity and support, to encourage others to continue being individual and original, within their music.

Independently produced, cover art by Alla Abramenko.

Initiated by Denis Tavakov, LG began life as an electronic band, influenced by computer games, but following Alla Abramenko’s arrival, on vocals, the sound diversified and gradually, incorporated heaviness, track and glitch sounds, resulting in the current definition of trap-metal core. It’s inspired by Korn, Meshugga, Incubus and Atilla.

Digital Hater – Opening with electronic beats and Russian lyrics, featuring an unexplained white symbol. A combination of metal atmospherics, whispered and sung vocals, blending male and female parts. Difficult to get much from the track’s meaning, without an English translation or any real visuals, as it’s a lyric video. There’s a mild doom aspect to the closing section. Most of the sound’s based around computer game simulations and is largely auto produced. Whilst they do throw what they’ve got into it, there’s no real passion or musical flair detectable here and it’s all a bit disappointing. A short foray into an artificial world, holding no discernible appeal.

4/10 ****

For fans of Dark Years From Now, Chaos Over Cosmos.

Digital Stores:   (Google Play)   (Deezer)

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Geoff Carne And The Raw Rox Band – ‘Big Town’   Leave a comment

After a long hiatus from the rock industry, Geoff Carne has come back home, to his blues rock roots. Influenced by such bands as Free, Bad Company and Whitesnake, his debut solo album, ‘One To One’ arrived in 2014. Not long after, he was reunited with drummer Mick Hatz and a new band was soon founded.

2016 saw the launch of the ‘Get Close’ album, plus other EP’s, singles and Youtube ‘Live At Superfly specials’. These included a cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Babooshka’. The final ‘Caught On The Outside’ single came out, immediately before MH’s retirement, in February 2020.

Geoff continued on, as a soloist, performing numerous live acoustic shows, launching a 3-part EP, during February and April 2020. The songs were later revived, by The Raw Rox Band, at the behest of producer Paul Mex. TRRB all being vastly experienced session musicians, with past involvement with the London studios housing such renowned names as the Island, Jive and EMI Record Companies.

TRRB are a quartet, now offering up ‘Big Town’, a 10 track collective. Track 2, ‘Hold On’ is accompanied by a video; both are available now.

Are You Ready – Bong drum intro and into a surprisingly soft rock sound, but with a good strong basis. Very early Stones-esque. Plausible vocals, if gentler than expected. The rhythm’s loose and easy, changing down a pace, at the end.

Hold On – Percussive intro, opening the door to another easy, laid-back groove. Again, there’s a gentle poignancy to it, well delivered, though it may benefit from a tad more variation. Pleasant melody, driving itself along, quite effortlessly. Ending on a fitting drum hit.

She’s On Fire – Bursting open, on a slightly more uplifting sound. Once again, it’s very early rock, with a soft blues tinge to it. It does gel together well, but it just needs a bit more energy. As accessible as the melodies are, it sounds tired and could do with pepping up a little.

Big Town – A little warm-up chat opens, onto a similarly colourless sound. The passion’s there. It just needs a lot more drive, to bring it out. This track’s even blander, though it is well performed, with a steady, consistent groove. The energy’s just missing.

A Heartache – Soft drum intro. A little more light in here. Musically proficient, with a bit of a repetitive streak. It’s got another easy melody, but it just isn’t doing it. It needs to find its spark. There’s a dull mood about it, which doesn’t encourage engagement. Fitting sound, given the title, though.

Feel The Blues – Now that’s a believable intro! More of this energy would help the rest. A fresh sense of conviction enters here and it’s all the better for it. Still needs a slight lift, but generally, much more engaging. Ending just as convincingly, that’s a hook to hold onto.

Good Man Down – Lifting the mood some more, it’s a far bluesier intro. It’s plain that the blues is where this band’s spirit lies). Visually evocative, with a decent swing about it. Some tasty riffs, really emphasising the blues factor. That’s more like it! An audible roll, within the rock).

Midnight Blue – Mid-paced beat intro’s. Now, the mood dips again. It’s got something of a traditional feel to it. Just alternating the tone a bit, it’s definitely more down than up, but the lighter areas are well placed. Quite a good rhythm, growing slightly more prominent, at the end.

Are You Strong Enough – A distinctly more fun theme to this intro melody, somewhat reminiscent of Clapton’s ‘Lay Down Sally’. Slightly more kick to the drums and again, the riffs take on that blues tinge, injecting a little more energy. Travelling down that well worn blues path, serving the track well. Still missing that extra spark of driving force, but a much more plausible sound, conveying emotion well. Once more, it’s a bit repetitive, lyrically, but breaks down well, into a decent outro. Just needs a bit more life.

Free – Simple acoustic intro, moving, with slight hesitation, into a stronger electric sound. Rhythm growing more confident, as it gets into its stride. A palpable sense of relief in the vocals and the keys are a well-placed addition, adding a bluesier edge. Again, it really needs greater lyrical variation, but ends smoothly, on an unusually toned slide riff solo.

Overall – Carrying a similar blues theme, throughout, ‘BT’ is largely an easy listen, with a simple basis, proficiently delivered. Just lacking the natural spark of energy needed to lift it higher and bring it to life, although the latter few tracks, with a stronger blues emphasis do move it in the right direction. An unusually gentle album, providing a relaxing listen, which just needs an injection of energy, to bring it to life.

7/10 *******

For fans of early Rolling Stones, Buddy Guy, Perry Foster, Chuck Berry.

Label – Advision UK.

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I Am Pariah – ‘Suck It Up’   Leave a comment

Ahead of their November 2020 EP release, ‘Charm Before The Storm’, I Am Pariah present their lyric video for the first track, ‘Suck It Up’.

‘SIU’ explores complex, misleading relationships, with the band’s own individual experiences in mind. In particular, its main message is concerning the sheer folly and dangerousness of advising someone in crisis to ‘suck it up’. It looks at how times have changed and how the now ever increasing complex demands on people, along with the sometimes illusory nature of love can necessitate a more open approach to seeking and providing help/support/channels of communication.

Suck It Up – Intriguing wild drum beats opening. Then into a typical classic rock sound. A little downbeat, in places, but the grind aspects compensate. Decent vocals, well-suited to the style. Steady pace, faster, in sections. Effective whispers yield to screamo vocals, slipping, easily, between the softer and heavier sections. Good balance of hard and lighter styles. A fairly short track, with an abrupt, but acute ending. Standard nu-metalcore fayre, well delivered, with enough potential catch to stack up.

8/10 ********

For fans of Death Blooms, Centrilia, Deified.

Official Lyric Video – ‘Suck It Up’ – WARNING – FLASHING IMAGERY!

Pre-save ‘SIU’ –

Pre-order ‘CBTS’ –

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Battering Ram – ‘Rage’   Leave a comment

Battering Ram has arrived, in the form of a pure hard rock band, from Sweden. Their debut album, released this year, proved a big hit, throughout the industry. Clocking up a vast number of listeners on Spotify, they recently featured on 5 of their most prominent hard-rock playlists. BR now introduce their latest single, ‘Rage’. (Launched August 21st, 2020).

Rage – Big explosive drum intro, moving straight into a fun, catchy melody. Precisely timed, fast-paced rhythms. Slightly moody lyrics, energetically conveyed. Classic relatable themes, accessibly delivered. It’s a good traditional rock sound, with hooky vibes. Well-placed tension, at the end. Neat, tight, confident execution. An upbeat production, with dimmer traces and punky hints, seamlessly performed. One for your summer playlist.

9/10 *********

For fans of Kenny Loggins, Uriah Heap.

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Danny Adams – ‘Soul Horizon’   Leave a comment

From solo acoustic artist, to electric rock songster, Danny Adams presents his debut album, ‘Soul Horizon’, newly released. (DIY). An epic tale of life, seen from various perspectives, told through hard-hitting sounds and hooky melodies, accompanied by a lyric video of the title track.

Composed on tour and recorded in the natural environment of the seaside, ‘SH’ deals with all of life’s ups and downs, as well as introductions to “the unknown”. It’s hoped to assist with healing, in whatever capacity listeners need it.

Soul Horizon – Bouncy drum roll intro. Very Smiths-esque melancholy vocals. Powerful atmospherics. Grey bleakness, with hope woven through. Still a strong energy, even amongst the morose mood. Good bridging section. Taking it up, into a new, brighter feel. The sadness still lives within it, but the hope overpowers it, at the end. Clash-like vocals, with Smiths-like poignancy.

Blood Letters – Upbeat riff intro. Steady, quick paced drums follow. Deep, dense lyrics, again emulating that Smiths/Clash combo. Melodically lighter, while keeping a heavy beat going. It’s the rhythm that stands out here, as the USP, working well with the melody. Riffs getting faster, past the mid-section. Definitely a catchy feel to it, very rocky, ending abruptly.

The Superheroes – Well integrated riff intro, moving it into a diagonal direction now. Immediate groove. Grunge flavour, carried off well. Another decent beat. Clear narrative strength. Vague 80’s sense to the sound. Streamlined and structured effectively. A more hopeful track, ending on a quick slide riff. Echoes of NG26’s ‘Defiant’.

Broken Tendencies – Powerful, punchy intro riff. Moving right into a contemplative lyrical stance. Mid-paced number, with a little more energy. Thoughtful and gathering pace and assurance. The grungy emphasis adds to the heaviness, through the solemnity. Ending with a heavy riff and drum hit.

Rock Boy – Bang to that intro, moving it into a higher mood, whilst massaging the vague greyness, through the overtaking climbing uplifting tones. Catchy hook to the lyrics and the passion shines through. Abrupt, but affecting ending.

SUCKERPUNCH! – Drum hits open. Faster paced track, with a very clear driving sound. Audible classic early rock strand to this one. It’s well structured and arranged, with a neatly synched, anthemic group vocal. Well-placed sound effects add to the atmosphere. Riffs carefully sustained. A very cohesive sound, altogether. This is the fun wildcard, so far. Explosive drum finish, after that impressively orchestrated group vocal.

Upside Down – Strong riff intro, fairly Brit-rock, in essence. Smooth vocals, combining grunge, doom, alt and Brit rock. It’s got a good vibe and rhythm to it. Definitely melodically winning. That crushing tone’s always consistent and unites it all. Great coherent finish.

Unda – Quirky, sci-fi-esque intro, taking it into another arena now. Still retaining the powerful melody, reverting to an 80’s flavour, again, only this time, more INXS, Human League, Duran Duran feeling. Everything merges notably well. Good use of that steady rhythmic beat. Introing new sounds now, still a vaguely melancholic backdrop, played out through other more uplifting surrounding tones. Coming to a darker phase now, blending shades of light and dark, including Latin-esque acoustic riffs, it’s nothing, if not experimental. Impressive blend of sounds and instruments. Compression palpable. Atmospherics growing stronger. It’s a rare talent, to pull off such a workable combo of accompaniments and it certainly stands out. It’s a sound that grows stronger, as it develops. Becoming fluid now, mixing it up with powerful drum beats and pointed keys, as it fades out, on a solitary note.

Overall – An innovative and inventive album, combining many different sounds, styles and genres, ‘SH’ reveals an impressive talent for experimental rock, merging diverse strands, via strategic techniques and audible passion and patience. Enough to engage fans right across the entire rock spectrum, ‘SH’ proves DA to be an accomplished and intriguing artist.

9/10 *********

For fans of The Smiths, The Clash, NG26, Oasis, The Virginmary’s, The Beatles, INXS, The Human League, Duran Duran, Ricky Warwick, Santana, Soundgarden.

Official Lyric Video for ‘Soul Horizon’ (I Will Find You) –

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Wreck-Defy – ‘Powers That Be’   1 comment

Introducing ‘Powers That Be’ – eviscerating new album, from Canada’s extraordinary thrash metal warriors, Wreck-Defy. WD features guitar wizard Matt Hanchuck, ex- Annihilator vocalist Alan Randall, ex-Testament bassist Greg Christian and ex-Malevolent Creation drummer Alex Marquez. Launched on October 9th, 2020, via SubLevel Records, the video for single ‘Skin’ is already out and available on YouTube. ‘PTB’ can be pre-ordered, digitally, on SubLevel Bandcamp and on all other online platforms.

Beyond H8 – Explosive intro! Maximum power metal, from the start). Speed riffage to kill, with a huge thrash flavour. That Testament sound is immediately audible. Straight into the delicious embrace of melodic wizardry, flying through the atmosphere, with beautifully energising riffs. Technically massive, while lifting the melodies higher than heaven. An enormous metallic sound, ending on an obscure, comedic reference I’ll avoid spoiler alerts on). Just a gloriously heavy metal dream.

Powers That Be – Banging blizzard of opening drumming and breaking it down into the sexiest classic thrash metal refrain. Powerful lyrics, turned up to the max. That voice is just so impossibly metallic, it actually matches the visceral accompaniments, like for like. It sprints along, in the heaviest way. No compromise. No surrender. Metal, to the bone). A delicious blizzard of riffs rains down on you, infecting you, with its steel. Gorgeous harmonies. Faster and faster, to the end. This is one heavy slab of edible metal, that’ll steal your soul, for life.

Skin – Extraordinary power intro. Speed’s the central crux, from the off. Absolute chemistry, the collective sound’s so gigantically metallic, it’s almost superhuman. Great catchy vibe, heaps of hard lined melody and razor sharp riffage, to blow your mind. Drumming intensity to kill. Solid team of soldiers, united in metal.

Drowning In Darkness – Crazed steel intro’s, moving, seamlessly, into a looser, mid-paced rhythm, throwing in slight grungy elements and unmistakably metallic. Insanely heavy stuff. True passion lies within. Always keeping that gorgeous steel girder, integral to the structure. Real feeling in those lyrics, moving through a series of moods and taking you with it, as it does. Building it up and up, to a point of such palpability. Proof right here of the magic metal can work.

Space Urchin – Right into a blizzard of high octane speed metal, stacked with scrumptious melody. An edge of narrative to this, again, it’s unbelievably metal, with the fullest sound. Fabulously catchy tones meld with vicious lyrics, delivered with such heaviness and explosive rhythm. Brilliantly paced, ending with sexily controlled timing.

Scumlord – Beautiful riff opening, onto a darkly atmospheric tale. Like a visible cloak of blackness, covering the narrative. Pounding drums beat out a fittingly consistent rhythm. Intensifying the riffs, to screaming pitch, faster and faster, executing that section with cutting precision. It’s a blizzard of delicious darkness. Sporting a rare combination of heavy thrash metal, grunge and doom, amongst the persistent melody and keeping it going, with huge momentum, till the end.

Freedomless Speech – Electrifying riff intro, supported by unhesitant drums. Tearing into the track, with impressive speed and intensity. Very lyrically apt for our present times, bound to appeal to most. Pounding out the pace, with complete conviction. Just so metal, searing with thrash atmosphere. Loving that massive melodic riff, just past the mid-section. Bridging it, with sheer perfection. Tasty bit of whammy in there, too and such passionate conviction in those lyrics, vocalised with absolute cutting-edge. Unforgettable ending.

Goodbye To Misery – Sharp, yet spacey intro, breathing life into the air. Then into a gorgeous blend of vocals and steel surrounds. Utter metallic magic. Beautiful lyrical and melodic power. In complete intuitive synch, throughout. Such incredible energy in that sound. Gigantic thrash feeling, chasing it on, to the exuberant ending.

I Am The Wolf – Bang! Straight in, with a merciless drum intro, riffs right behind them. Steel emphasis, like nothing else. That physicality runs right through the track, like a well won victory. Blitzkrieg riffage races on, at lightning fast speed. It’s a mix of majorly masterful melodic metal, with equal parts steel, thrash, melody and catch, coming to a crashing crescendo, at the end.

On The Other Side – Coming in on a gradual, but quick paced, poignant line, filled with entrancing charm and pain, both equally conveyed. A brief, but profound farewell, to a loved one, beautifully performed and thoughtfully placed, as the finale.

Overall – Carrying the now fabulously familiar steel emphasis, like no other, ‘Powers That Be’ is explosively metallic, beyond imagination. Shot through with metal reinforcements, loaded with 100% conviction, it surpasses all others, in power alone. With this new offering, Wreck-Defy have excelled, securing their extraordinarily heavy signature sound, in metal media minds, for ever.

10/10 **********

For fans of Testament, Kyrbgrinder, Boltthrower, BERDOO, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, March In Arms, Almost Dead.

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FORE – ‘Open Door’ – Pennywise Cover   Leave a comment

Introducing ‘Open Door’, Pennywise cover, by punk rockers FORE. The band came to life in spring 2020. It features a mix of members, current and past, of Kreator, Massacre, Venom Inc and Old James. Having already launched several singles, prior to the debut album, ‘Hombres’, independently released on August 7th 2020, online and on CD, their sound emulates that of bands such as Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Offspring and NOFX.

Marking the launch of ‘Hombres’, OD was also recorded and released at the same time as the former. Produced by Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg, at Smoke & Mirrors Productions, Spring Hill, Florida.

Open Door – Right in there, with an instant Offspring-esque punk sound. Light-hearted, upbeat, melodic fun. Great rocky track, with lots of roll, played at breakneck speed. Over and done with, before you know it, it’s a short, sharp hit of bouncy pop punk rock, guaranteed to reel you in and trap you in the punky vibe.

10/10 **********

For fans of The Offspring, C.S.O.D.

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Project X – ‘Breathe’   Leave a comment

A rock trio, formed in 2020 lockdown, Project X now present ‘Breathe’, their new track, included as the B-side of the vinyl edition of their DIY release single, ‘One’. ‘Breathe’ was launched as the follow up digital single, through Tune Core Distribution. Project X are presently preparing a new EP.

Breathe – Creeping down tuned bass intro. Straight into a lively riff, from there. Low, haunting vocals, well complemented by a heavy drum backing. This track knows where it’s going. Great grungy melody, dark lyrics, well vocalised. It’s a good strong structure, tying it all together. Something almost mesmeric about the sound. An instinctive rhythm, with a very rocky feel. Hinting at seductive intrigue, it’s a catchy track, set to go places.

8/10 ********

For fans of Courtney Love’s Hole, Skunk Anansie, L7, Lush, Mostly Autumn, The Bangles.

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