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A traditional rock duo, from Toronto, Canada, Walkers Cay is titularly inspired by an out Island in the Bahamas, Gary visited in the 1990’s, as a private pilot.

Other strings to Gary’s bow include gold and platinum records status, for his contributions to numerous original bands, as a musician, producer and arranger.

Mike adds his vast experience, as a professional recording engineer, specialist in Pro-Tools and tech expertise, as a control technician, at a nuclear power plant, for 30+ years.

WC’s music is classic rock, echoing that of bands like Styx, Journey, Def Leppard, Toto, Heart and more.

Their latest single ‘Tell Me’ hit number 1 on the South African iTunes and Google Play charts.

Gary Le Barr – vocals, rhythm guitar, keys.

Mike Swain – lead and rhythm guitars.

Represented by MTS Management Group.

Why Oh Why – Buzzing intro, moving into a cautiously delivered steel string riff, growing stronger, till it leads into a notably Extreme-esque section, echoing ‘Hole-Hearted’. The following vocals are surprisingly proggy and Pink Floyd-esque. The sound explodes, from there, into a startlingly powerful refrain. Very colourful, verging on psychedelic. Intriguing lyrics just adding a further element of suspense. Really strong riffage drives it on, to a revealing melody. Impressively confident expression, with a natural fade-out. This is a highly original track, packing a lot of punches and filled with versatile diversity. Much like a rainbow burst of vivid sound.

10/10 **********

For fans of Kiss Of The Gypsy, Heart, Pink Floyd, Extreme, King Of The Hill.



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