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Announcing ‘Angels Don’t Sleep’, the debut studio album from Russian artist Helena Aleksandre. A combo genre, incorporating folk, rock, metal, prog and instrumental. Out now, on Sliptrick Records.

An album with a lot of variation, diversifying into symphonic and acoustic sections, featuring solos and gentle feminine vocals.

Produced by Alex Gorshkov (Barbarity), at Step Hatred Studio, spring and summer 2019.

I Killed My Fear – Powerful intro, gentle, yet filled with strength. Huge symphonic sound, moving from acoustic, into full electric riffs and drum beats, with ethereal vocals. Strong narrative threads add meaning to the melody. Quite fitting vocal style, showcasing a natural talent and passion for this style of music. Slight mediaeval touches add another dimension to the more modern riff refrains, alternating the pitch, pace and sound, in a dizzying array of styles and techniques. Returning to a softer tone, at the end.

Where You My Angel – Singular drum hits open, onto a fantastical landscape. A very visually evocative track. The vocal power really comes across here. It’s a breathier sound, littered with uplifting notes and stacks of creativity. The drums are more prominent, providing a stronger percussive backdrop. As light as it is heavy, there’s a lot to be said for this track. Ending on a softly delivered tinkle of light percussion.

Tears Of Rain – A rain and thunder storm intro’s, amongst acoustic riffs, growing heavier, bleaker and more intense. Though there’s clearly a more melancholic streak in here, the light still breaks through. A gentle, acoustic-based instrumental. Brief, but reflective.

Tell Me For What – A mid-paced, mediaeval sounding intro, with Baroque styles featuring. Something very natural about the atmospheric backdrop. Beautifully emoted vocals, hitting the higher pitches, without an issue. Great blend of light and heavy textures, again. It’s a cohesive track and a very cohesive band. An intriguing world comes alive through this song. Such a diverse sound, including melodically haunting riffs, ethereally magical vocals and glimpses of other worlds and eras.

Point Of Collision – A slightly darker intro. Similarly paced, with more magical sounds. Again, it transports you elsewhere. Gathering greater tension, in parts. Just needs a little more work on the production, around the mid-section, to iron out some of the chaos around the pace and rhythm. Maybe a little more attention to the tonal symmetry. Still a very beautiful, melodic track, though. Closing on an eerily mysterious echo.

Polar Night – Gorgeously shrill glockenspiel intro). Gentle, but colourful acoustic riffs follow. Moving down, into a sloping lower key. Still playing with the tones, creating a very touching chord progression. A much briefer, but no less magical track.

You Can Find A Way – Cymbal hits and drum beats open, onto a slightly jazzier riff refrain. Again, mediaeval sounds infect the vocals and guitars. Telling a tale, through effortlessly versatile vocals. Deftly handled pitch changes once more showcases the skills behind those vocals. Drums growing heavier. Riffs singing, through them. Dare I say it, but this is a voice very much reflective of Kate Bush – a sound I thought never to hear replicated anywhere, but Helena nails it. Ending on a meaningfully whispered vocal, blending with the closing acoustic riff.

Angels Don’t Sleep – Rain intro’s, with an instantaneous accompaniment. Very olde worlde, sung in Russian. A fragile sound, holding a lot of magic. Spaced out drum beats add more power to the background, giving the vocals chance to shine. Always so melodic, easily alternating the patterns of sound, pace and timbre. Filling the atmosphere with magical tinkles and visuals. It’s a perfect winter’s tale, ending in a return to the natural sounds.

Overall – A truly timeless, tactile album, enabling full accessibility to the magical worlds within. Featuring quite an astonishing repertoire, for a debut, it does perhaps try to squeeze a little too much into ‘Points Of Collision’, resulting in a bit of a chaotic sound, but then that resonates with the track title. On the whole, ‘ADS’ is a beautifully performed album, with a powerful atmosphere and vocals to match.

9/10 *********

For fans of Kate Bush, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Delain, Farseer, Ice War, Within Temptation, Nightwish.

Released 24th November 2020.

Grand Sounds PR

All composition, lyrics and lead guitar – Helena Aleksandre

Vocals – Vera Moore

2nd Guitarist – Stasy Short




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