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Out now, online, ‘Renegade’ is the 2nd single from UK-based rock band Tarraska.

The track evolved, from an acoustic number, to a full electric beast, loved equally, by fans and the band themselves. It follows previous release, ‘Trailblazer’, comprising almost 6 minutes of complexity and depth, which rocks just as hard as ‘Trailblazer’.

Co-produced, by Gareth Matthews and Tarraska, at Absolute Studios, Bournemouth, final mastering by Grant Berry, at Fader Mastering, Manchester. Featuring Jack Lande, Ben Parker and Shaun Brown.

Lyrically, this track tackles the delicate subject of forbidden love and all the risks surrounding it.

The band’s aim was to self release and self fund a stream of singles, then a debut album. However, Covid lockdown prevented it, so with ‘Trailblazer’ already out and ‘Renegade’ recently launched, post lockdown, a 3rd single and album are planned for January 2021.

Renegade – Edgy cymbal hits intro, quickly followed by blazing riffs and a deep melody. Softer vocals than might be expected, but very, very skilled and handling the track well. It’s one with a strong classic vibe and a more complex breakdown than ‘Trailblazer’. Good anthemic threads, deftly moving between tones and tempos. The same driving groove as before and some great paradiddles. A smoothness to the riff pitches adds a special element and there’s a memorable catch to the chorus. This is something with potential for timelessness. Fading out with more melodic riffage, the vocal message hits, with the overall depth of the underlying arrangements. Possibly, it needs just a touch of extra work, on the timing of the more complex riffs, towards the end, but otherwise, ‘Renegade’ is an impressively high quality track, which lifts and engages, from start to end.

9/10 *********

For fans of Dire Straits, Toto, B.O.C., Chris De Burgh, Phil Collins, Van Halen, Boston.


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