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Due for release this summer, ‘Back From The Grave’ is the 2nd album from Sweden’s heavy power metal band, Carnal Agony. A melodic trip into infectious beats and catchy speed metal anthems, ‘BFTG’ is the album destined to put CA on the metal map.

The Rebirth – Opening slowly, with a comforting low melody, like a warm fire, in the dark. Then the power breaks through, but it ends far too abruptly. That sudden cut off’s like a disruptive noise, shattering the peace.

Back From The Grave – Sudden, exhilarating intro. Very Priest-esque. Call and response vocals narrate the tale. Very strong stuff, with enjoyably melodic piercing riffs and a notably dramatic vein. A round of drumming bridges the track, as the vocal volume lifts. Good cohesive ending, leaving mystery and intrigue behind.

The Cellar Door – Strong intro, riffs and drums blending well. Hints of of Ozzy’s ‘Bark At The Moon’ hidden in that riffage. Aptly creepy, Lordi-esque vocals here. It’s a group anthem. So cosily melodic. The music lives and breathes within this track. Well-placed bass line, throwing up that sinister tone, before the upbeat melody overtakes. Involving and synchronised, to the end.

The Witching Hour – Immediate blast of drums, with that ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ sound. The beat just works. Controlled tone to the vocals, but still reassuringly melodic. Lyrically impassioned, fitting the sound, snugly. Liking the ‘whoa’ shouts, adding that anthemic element. Riffs flying freely, from the mid-section, with that Van Halen-esque sense. It’s a really strong, catchy song, demanding and capturing attention.

Werewolf Of Steel – Instant vocal intro, delivered with complete cohesion. Quick paced, with another narrative style. It’s warm and engaging, even with the creepy lyrics and it always retains the entertainment value. Still serious enough to showcase the skill inherent, but the comedy aspects are audible, adding that extra sense of mystery. Above all, just a really uplifting melody, with a powerful hook.

Luna – Gentler, more solemn intro, then bursting into a big melody. Mythological strand to the vocal narrative and so cheerfully conveyed. Slight echoes of ‘Greensleeves’ in here, only with a much more modern, upbeat interpretation. You just sense the lightness of mood, within it, quite beautifully portrayed. Softly strummed chords end it.

For The Horde – Powerful intro! Great catchy fast-paced beat, from the start. Those bestial vocals combine well with the rest and the anthemic chorus works as well. Slight Lemmy-esque vocal sound. Great riff solo, adding a bit of whammy and vibrato, around the mid-section. Drums battling their way through the visible forest clearing, as the voices unite, as one, in a tribal form.

Love Will Tear You Apart – Coming straight in, with a film score worthy anthem, containing a strong fighting streak. Again, the lyrical narrative carries a lot of strength and evocative quality. Once more, it’s hugely melodic and very convincing. You just want to join in. Great catchy lyrics, guaranteed to hook you in, right from the off. That guitar sings to you, every bit as much as the vocals). Again, it’s still got that Lordi-esque sound entwined within it, adding to the fun, addictive factor and this is a stand-out track, with hit potential stamped all over it.

Higher – Electronic synth intro, but luckily, soon moving back into masculine vocals, with a slight pop-rock aspect, but still, some grit enters into them. Okay, it may seem cheesy, but that’s what makes it real and contagious. It’s just a huge light-hearted melody, with an infectiously upbeat mood).

The Nightmare Never Stops – Single drum and cymbal blast intro. Then right back into another visually evocative narrative. It’s so accessible, with that catchy blend of light within dark, tempered with comedy and enhanced by creative riffs and a touch of old school resonance. It’s pretty much the perfect blend of sounds, conveyed with the utmost audio quality and it’s enough to make you pray for Halloween.

Bane Of The Light – Slightly darker intro, soon moving back into that gorgeously light delivery. Another Halloween track, with genuinely inviting atmosphere. Irresistible lyrics, with more sumptuous melodic riffage, hinting at that ‘Bark At The Moon’ sound, again. Just a joy to hear the audible enjoyment and enthusiasm so clearly.

Raise The Dead – A single drum hit opens, onto a blizzard of riffage, this time, bringing that same ‘BATM’ essence forward, even more. Gritty monster roars still create accessible melody. Strong legendary emphasis to the lyrics. A call to arms, sure to pull you in. Low down bass notes leading to another speed riff, taking it higher. Still retaining a strong catchy hook, throughout. Beautifully arranged. You can almost sense yourself being transported to another realm. Just slightly too quick to end, a little abruptly.

The Ascension – Smooth, contemplative intro, moody and velveteen. Gentle fretwork brings it to an end.

Overall – A truly delightful album, strewn with melody and catchy contagion, ‘BFTG’ is a metallic balm to the senses. Aside from a couple of abrupt starts and ends, it’s a flawlessly high octane quality production, with shining light featured, throughout and it leaves you wanting more.

9/10 *********

For fans of Helena Aleksandre, ARDDUC, Ice Sword, Emerald Shine, Farseer, Celtic Frost, SuidAkrA, Illucia, Misticia, Silent Winter, Lordi, Survivor, Ozzy’s Osbourne’s ‘Bark At The Moon’ era.

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