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A potent mixture of melodic and symphonic metal, featuring traditional touches, Timeless Haunt is a quintet of high octane Pennsylvanian musicians, whose musical histories go way back. ‘Haunted Symphony’, their debut production, was well received. They now present the follow up 7 track album, ‘Dark For Life’.

Geisterton – Hauntingly atmospheric intro, centred around natural backdrops, of thunderstorms, in darkened skies and unexplained kettle-like whistles, with morbid death vocals, adding an enhanced edge to the sinister feel. Ending on a crack of thunder.

Embrace The Haunt – Short, spooky riffs and melodies open, with drums matching the beat. It’s a bit X-Files-esque. Clear lyrics feature gritty expressions. Taking its time, to convey its steadily timed message. Growing ever darker and more funereal, spacing out the drum hits, to meet the funeral bells, it’s very dark territory, altogether. Still, the riffs suddenly grow more enlivened, 3/4 in, taking the opportunity to showcase a lighter, still complex side. Lyrics very pointed, from then on. Well-defined ending.

Dark For Life – Singular, down tuned bass intro, with playful drumming. Moving into a shadowy sound and atmosphere, before becoming gentler, with emotive vocals. Faster pace hitting, 1/4 in, taking on a more theatrical sense to the delivery. It’s very well co-ordinated. Fluidly, swimming back into a more melancholic tone, then alternating between moods, always displaying full, honest emotions. Keyboard segments add a little intrigue. Riffs growing lighter, but still as potent. A choral section adds strength and volume. Definitive ending, again.

Sinful Girl – Deep, poignant piano intro. Sweeping emotions move through it, just as they do, in the following riffs, as both melt into each other. Group vocals enter, with every bit as much stark emotion. Impressively pitched and sustained power scream. It’s followed by more dark lyrics, gradually emerging, into the light. Very bestial masculinity in those vocals. Dalek-like lines come next, in a deeply sinister lyrical image. Lighter, sci-fi, spacey keyboard tones follow. The various vocal styles and tones intermingle. Eventually, moving into a lighter instrumental sound, within the still overtly explicit lyrics. Good steady fade-out.

Pain – Opening on a gently played steel string, amidst another natural backdrop. Gentle vocals depict the scene. Duets overlapping, more sharply, co-mingling, with the softer solos. A deep profundity’s very accessibly delivered. Pleasant riffs add light and electric sounds interplay with acoustic, reinforcing the depths within the song’s meaning. Ending on a heartfelt whisper, on the shoreline.

526 – Full on drum and riff intro, taking things back into electric territory. Strong, gravelly vocals. Dark backing animalistic growls add powerful support. It’s quite an epic sound, with dramatic overtones. Good power screams, again. It’s a very well worked combo of tones. Ratcheting up the power, breaking into real speed riffs, in part. The strength of the backing choir adds greater accessibility to the images. Ending on a drastic keyboard tone.

Not For Me – Deep, dull, thudding bass line opens, with softer cymbals behind it. Very Sabbath-esque Devil’s tri-tone in there). Descending into a rain-like pitter-patter piano section. Measured vocal tones follow. Growing slightly darker, with more serrated edges to those riffs and again, that Iommi-esque guitar tone makes itself known. Breaking into velveteen riffs, emphasising the melody, before returning to the creepy gothic sound. A sharply electrified riff joins the fray, building it back up to higher pitched melodies. Taking it up to the skies, closing on a well-built, dramatic drum section.

Overall – A well constructed album, with a lot to be said for it, in both performance and production terms, ‘DFL’ has the art of delivery down, along with the creation of atmosphere. It experiments, successfully, with a variety of sounds, styles and techniques. Yet, it’s just missing that spark of excitement. So not quite there, in the catchy hook stakes, but still a flawlessly conveyed album, with a specialist skill in mood evocation.

9/10 *********

For fans of Arapacis, Solitary, Herzel, IDDQD, Dark Ocean Society, Dark Years From Now, Starscape.


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